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Author: Flynn, Joseph
Police Procedurals
Out for a day’s adventure exploring the dry bed of Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, two young boys stumble upon a skeleton. It might be all that remains of a fugitive named Randy Bear Heart. Wanted for robbing three banks and killing three cops, Bear Heart was never brought to justice. The FBI is called on to determine how the outlaw avoided arrest for twenty-five years and who put him in the lake wearing chains. The BIA — Bureau of Indian Affairs — gets the very same job. Special Agent John Tall Wolf is put on the case because one of the dead cops was a Native American who worked at the Mercy Ridge Reservation. The FBI wants John to “coordinate all your efforts” through SAC Gilbert Melvin. John is having none of that, saying, “I’ll conduct my investigation as I see fit.” He doesn’t even get along with his own boss, Marlene Flower Moon, head of the BIA’s Office of Justice Services.
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Author: Ellis, Hannah
Small Town Romance

Take a trip to Hope Cove, the wonderful seaside village in Devon. The perfect escape for stunning scenery, glorious sunshine and the County’s best scones!

For Leo, it’s a place to return to. His hometown is now the place he’ll raise his daughter. The surprise daughter who was a result of a fling with a woman he barely knows. Thrust into the world of single parenting, he’s in over his head, but at least he’s surrounded by old friends to help him out.

For Caitlin, it’s a place to visit as a favour to a friend. All she has to do is check that the baby her friend gave up is being well looked after, then she’ll leave again quickly.

At least that was the plan.

When she feels an immediate attraction to Leo, all plans go out of the window. Drawn into spending more time with him and baby Alice, Caitlin finds herself falling head over heels for the pair of them.

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Author: Chase, Chrissy
Cozy Crafts & Hobbies Mystery
Crystal Shores was an idyllic community on the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Seattle and Oregon. They had a new Police Chief, and a Mayoralty Race about to startThere were five hopefuls running for Mayor and Howard K Dobbs thought he was a shoo-in. The fact he and his proposed Resort Development were extremely unpopular didn’t faze him. He planned to buy and bulldoze his way into the Mayor’s Office.But somebody decided he’d be better off dead….It was up to Police Chief Thea Monroe to find out who, and she had a ton of suspects, most of the town in fact, but there were four suspects front and center in Police Chief Monroe’s mind.This was the first test of her deductive abilities since she took over the Crystal Shores Police Department and she wasn’t going to fail.

Christmas Star Cottage (affiliate link)

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Author: LeBlanc, Kathryn
Clean & Wholesome Romance

The Holiday Cottages are special places, where travelers stay for a getaway in Sprucewood, Colorado. There, they find their spirits renewed, relationships kindled, and unexpected dreams coming true.

Molly Parker is on a mission to uncover the origin of a rare quilt pattern. The reclusive researcher is charmed by the idyllic small town, dazzling winter wonderland, and handsome guide. Can she look up from her quilting long enough to see the possibility of love?

Job-focused and suspicious, Nate has sworn off of superficial relationships. His grandmother always said he’d know ‘the one’ immediately when he met her, but failed relationships have left him empty-hearted. Will Molly Parker be more of the same?

Will the charms of Sprucewood open their hearts to the possibilities of love right in front of them?

Little Cafe in Wonderland (affiliate link)

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Author: Smith, Lotta
Romantic Comedy

All the magick in the realm can’t make the food in Wonderland palatable, but maybe a little bit of Honey can!

Princess Hanako, Honey to her friends, is moments away from launching a career as a reality TV star when a mysterious portal whisks her away to another world.

Magick may rule in Wonderland, but no amount of hocus pocus can fix the terrible food. Cooking for her new family gives Honey a purpose, and hunky Alex from the Order of Falcon is nothing short of delicious, but when her popular café is burgled Honey begins to wonder what the powers that be really have in store for her.

Whipping up a fix for a ho-hum menu is a piece of cake, but can she keep Wonderland eating out of her hand forever?

Grace Me With Your Presents (affiliate link)

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Author: Franks, Pippa
Humorous Family Life Fiction

With a yearning for another child as she approaches her forties and a daughter who has just flown the nest, Grace Carter must take stock of her life and confront a secret from her past.

A family crisis drives Grace back to Eskton, the (once) sleepy village just outside Whitby, where she grew up. While caring for her aunt after a fall, she encounters Terence (Tippy) Tippleton, the ‘bad boy’ of the village; Alfie Hammond, the Know-it-all grocer; an alcoholic vicar, and a transvestite farmer. She’s almost too busy to miss her husband and their life in London. However, the physical distance between them highlights the emotional distance, and she vows that once they’re back together, she will reveal the secret that’s been smouldering in the back of her mind for far too long.

Grace falls in love with the village and its quirky inhabitants. Can she convince her husband that life will be better away from the hubbub of the city? Will she even have a husband once the truth comes to light?

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Moore, Christopher G.
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International Mystery & Crime

A farang is dead, and the Bangkok police have a confession the next morning from a young paint-thinner addict. He claims he killed Ben Hoadly, an expat Brit—but American PI Vincent Calvino has his doubts when he sees heavy bruises on the kid’s face.

In no time Calvino is working both sides, out to find the killer for Hoadly’s wealthy father, and eager to clear the addict’s name for a beautiful friend who runs a charity in the slums. With the help of his best friend, Pratt, a Shakespeare-quoting Thai police colonel, and his loyal assistant, Ratana, Calvino plunges into the dangerous world of addicts, dealers, fortune tellers, inexpensive hit men, oversexed foreigners, and professional bar girls . . .

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Blades, Becky
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Creativity Self-Help

Master the art of the start with this new way of thinking, with exercises to help you unleash your ideas and create more.

In Start More Than You Can Finish, writer, artist, and entrepreneur Becky Blades offers a powerful new mindset for our modern world: acting on more ideas makes us happier – and reveals our highest creativity. She empowers readers to become “stARTists”– initiators with a bias for action and the courage to ignite ideas and introduces the concept of “stARTistry,” spotlighting the 4-step starting process:

  • 1. Imagine
  • 2. Think
  • 3. Decide
  • 4. Act

Diablo Lake: Moon Struck (affiliate link)

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Dane, Lauren
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Small Town Romance

A powerful witch comes into her own in this small-town romance filled with family ties, shifters and magic.

Three years ago, Katie Faith Grady left Diablo Lake, heartbroken and humiliated by a man who didn’t deserve her in the first place. Her return—to help run her family’s soda fountain while her dad recovers from a heart attack—awakens the powerful magic that is her birthright.

It also puts her directly in the path of a certain werewolf she’s never been able to forget.

Deputy Jace Dooley is a lot of things: alpha wolf, former bad boy, excellent mechanic. His new role of neighbor to the beautiful witch he’s been in love with since forever is a welcome plot twist…but Jace’s chief instinct is to protect. And a witch with as much raw power as Katie won’t be claimed on anyone’s terms but her own.

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Author: Shane, Lizzie
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Christmas Romance
Pine Hollow has everything Ally Gilmore could wish for in a holiday break: gently falling snow in a charming small town and time with her family. Then she learns some Grinch has pulled the funding for her family’s rescue shelter, and now she has only four weeks to find new homes for a dozen dogs! But when she confronts her Scroogey councilman nemesis, Ally finds he’s far more reasonable — and handsome — than she ever expected.
As the guardian of his dog-obsessed ten-year-old niece, Ben West doesn’t have time to build a cuddly reputation. But he does feel guilty about the shelter closing. So he proposes a truce with Ally, agreeing to help her adopt out the pups. As the two spend more time together, the town’s gossip is spreading faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. And soon Ben is hoping he can convince Ally that Pine Hollow is her home for the holidays. . . and the whole year through.
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Author: Tracy, Brian
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Personal Money Management
The subject of “money” remains one of the most fascinating, thought provoking, emotional, polarizing and well researched subjects in the world. Scores of books, articles, blog posts, and speeches have been written on what money is, how to earn it, how to spend it, who has it and who does not and a myriad of other topics related to the effects that it produces. And yet, despite the constant focus and interest on the topic, there is one word that describes the average person’s views around money: confusion. Now let world renowned bestselling author and business consultant, Brian Tracy, teach you the “science of money” . . . tested and proven not just for years, but for millennia. If you simply study the ideas in this book, and apply them to your life and your business, you too, can become financially successful.

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