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Author: Chapman, Vannetta
Cozy Mystery

Who killed Russell Dixon?

When Agatha Lapp’s brother and sister-in-law are tragically killed in a buggy accident, Agatha relocates to the new Amish community in Hunt Texas, nestled in the Texas Hill Country. She’s there to make a success of her brother’s dream–an Amish B&B. Agatha is friendly, efficient, and capable. She’s also a fifty-five year old widow who has learned to be independent.

Then she discovers Russell Dixon’s lifeless body in Cabin 3. She runs next door where retired detective Tony Vargas lives. The police determine that her guest died of natural causes, but as Agatha and Tony put together the events of the previous two days they become convinced that the police are Dead Wrong.

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Author: Christianson, Julie
Sweet Romantic Comedy

The second dumbest thing I ever did was let my brother’s best friend kiss me …


Yeah, I shouldn’t have kissed Natalie Slater.

Not on the porch. Or at the beach. Or in the storage closet. Especially not the storage closet. But to be fair, she kissed me first. Six months later, I’m still thinking about it.

Trouble is, I’ve made promises that tie me to our small town, while Natalie can’t wait to escape. I’ve got no business pursuing her or my secret ambitions. My future’s set, and good people here are depending on me. Too bad my gut’s not listening to reason, and I’m being pulled toward different dreams: the career I’ve always wanted, and the woman whose smile I can’t forget…

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Author: Bennett, Luanne
Humorous Fantasy

My name is Jesse Ames. Eleven years at the FBI taught me two things—how to stay alive when a gun is pointed at my head, and that I never want to work for anyone else ever again. When I moved to Atlanta and started my own PI firm, I swore I’d never make my living chasing down missing or philandering spouses. But the rent is due, so when a woman knocked on my door and offered me a boatload of money to track down her missing husband who helped himself to a family heirloom on his way out, I had a hard time saying no. Seemed like easy money.


The local vampire cartel has also taken an interest in my case, and now I’m neck-deep in the shady blood trade questioning who the bad guys really are.

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Author: Young, Adamina
Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Her blade cut him. Her charm might finish the job.
Pippia Mctavie’s mother died in childbirth, and while her father, Laird McTavie, isn’t cruel, he doesn’t dote on her because she reminds him of his lost love. As a result, Pippia was raised by her nanny and her father’s warriors and has spent more time knife-throwing blindfolded than gossiping or dancing like other lasses.

Her uncommon behavior is causing her and her father to grow further apart, but the Laird has a task in mind for his daughter. The Mctavies have been in a brutal war for years, and since he has no son to help him win the fight, the Laird will use his daughter to create an alliance!

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Author: Taylor, J
Humorous Fiction

From: Pamela Wilson


Date: 20 Dec 2021 13:43

Subject: Very exciting news! Prompt response required!

Dear Family and Friends,

We cordially invite you to join us at Midwinter Lodge from 27 December to 2 January, in the glorious wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, for a Christmas and New Year’s break to remember.

Midwinter is an extremely luxurious hunting lodge that sleeps eighteen comfortably and is featured in April 2020 Your Home magazine. Facilities include open fires, Aga, private river access, and manicured grounds with a fire pit. Small dogs are allowed in the house. Outdoor shoes are not.

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Author: Steele, Victoria
Cooking Poultry

Do you eat a lot of chicken? Are you looking for fresh and exciting chicken recipes?

Chicken is about as versatile an ingredient as you can find. It works well hot or cold, can be used in soups, stews or with an almost endless variety of sauces. It is also reasonably priced and readily available, so you can afford to eat it several times a week.

If you are tired of using the same chicken recipes, 101 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes, chicken cookbook will blow away some of the cobwebs and give you great new ideas, including:

Kung Pao Chicken
Skillet Chicken and Tomatoes
Chicken Breasts with Bacon
Honey Baked Chicken Recipe
Supreme Foil Baked Chicken
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Angelic Chicken Recipe
And many more…

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Author: Polzine, Michelle
Regularly $9.99, Today $4.99
Baking Desserts

Admit it. You’re here for the famous honey cake. A glorious confection of ten airy layers, flavored with burnt honey and topped with a light dulce de leche cream frost­ing. It’s an impressive cake, but there’s so much more. Wait until you try the Dobos Torta or Plum Kuchen or Vanilla Cheesecake.

Throughout her baking career, Michelle Polzine of San Francisco’s celebrated 20th Cen­tury Cafe has been obsessed with the tortes, strudels, Kipferl, rugelach, pierogi, blini, and other famous delicacies you might find in a grand cafe of Vienna or Prague. Now she shares her passion in a book that doubles as a master class, with over 75 no-fail recipes, dozens of innovative techniques that bakers of every skill level will find indispensable (no more cold but­ter for a perfect tart shell), and a revelation of in­gredients, from lemon verbena to peach leaves.

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Author: Ledwidge, Michael
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Heist Thrillers
In the full-throttle, noir-soaked tradition of Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly, the acclaimed young author of Bad Connection unleashes an ambitious and edgy new thriller pulsating with raw, urban energy.
Decorated NYPD Officer John Coglin always thought his picture on the front page of the newspaper would be one for the scrapbook.
That was before he had the bad luck to be forced into a witness-free, kill-or-be-killed confrontation with a drug-dealing thug. It’s of no help to him that the incident took place during the run-up to a bitter mayoral election campaign, and that his adversary was sixteen years old and black.
Now, instead of another commendation, Coglin is staring down the barrel of a media- and politics-stoked murder rap.

A Tale of Two Castles (affiliate link)

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Author: Levine, Gail Carson
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Children’s Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Newly arrived in the town of Two Castles, Elodie unexpectedly becomes the assistant to a brilliant dragon named Meenore—and together, they begin to solve mysteries.

Their most important case concerns the town’s shape-shifting ogre, Count Jonty Um, who believes someone is plotting against him. Elodie must disguise herself to discover the source of the threat amid a cast of characters that includes a greedy king, a giddy princess, and a handsome cat trainer.

Readers who loved Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted and Fairest will delight in this tale of a spirited heroine who finds friendship where she least expects it and discovers that goodness comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Author: Monroe, Lucy
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Romantic Erotica

Savannah has returned to Greece with the intention of making her peace with the Kiriakis family. But Leiandros Kiriakis still believes the lies about Savannah and is set on making her pay for the past.

Savannah is reluctant when Leiandros demands that she share his home. As for Leiandros, now he has Savannah right where he wants her. And in a short time, he’ll be giving her an ultimatum: if she doesn’t want to lose everything she holds most dear, then she’ll agree to be his wife!

Mistletoe in Juneau (affiliate link)

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Author: Rose, Dahlia
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Alaskan Christmas romance

Danni’s a social media influencer who’s way out of her element. She sort-of broke up with her boyfriend-slash-manager, and she escaped her fast-paced life in New York to spend Christmas with an old friend in Juneau, Alaska. Danni takes in the beauty of the scenery and the warmth of the community…and she’s drawn to the local sheriff.

Before Declan was an Alaskan State Trooper, he was in the Army. An IED explosion cost him his leg…and his fiancée, who couldn’t deal with the injury. He knows Danni’s a city girl, while he loves the Alaskan wilderness. Could two very different people find what their hearts are looking for?

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Author: Sleeman, Susan
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Inspirational Private Investigator Romantic Suspense

The Justice Agency: Family and law enforcement go hand in hand

Photographer Jennie Buchanan unknowingly captures a drug cartel meeting on film. And now she has become a killer’s next target. Even worse, her only protection from the danger that threatens her life is the man who threatens her heart. Dodging bullets almost seems safer than facing the feelings stirred up by seeing ex-FBI agent and ex-boyfriend Ethan Justice again. Ethan vows to safeguard Jennie from the deadly men on her trail. And for a second chance at Jennie’s love, he’s willing to risk anything to expose the truth—about the drug smugglers, the past and the future together he still wants.

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