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Author: Mortain, James D
Crime Thriller

A deadly game of cat and mouse. A wish list for murder. One person stands in the way.

When the body of a young woman sparks a manhunt on the streets of Bristol, striking similarities to another murder suggest there is only one detective for the job—old-school maverick DI Robbie Chilcott.

Bitter from a promotional snub and professionally embarrassed by his last failed murder case, DI Chilcott has a chance to restore pride and get even with a brutal serial killer. But after the investigation deepens and the body count rises, realisation dawns that Chilcott is hunting a systematic and lethal adversary.

As a pattern to the killer’s chilling purpose takes shape, Chilcott establishes a shocking truth—the victims aren’t random—they have been chosen for who they are.

Boss On Notice (affiliate link)

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Author: Locke, Zoey , Arkadie, Z.L.
Billionaire Boss Romance

I have the worst boss in New York City.

And I am sick and tired of breaking his dates, picking up his dry cleaning, doing his job for him; and recently, he hit an all-time low when he disrupted my beauty sleep so that I could bring him cold water while he jogged through my neighborhood. I didn’t think he paid attention enough to know where I lived!

I will take some accountability here. After all, there’s a method to this man’s madness.

My boss’s name is Orion Lord. And when Orion asks me to shoot for the moon on his behalf, he’s never a jerk about it. He does it while seducing me with his spellbinding smirk and hypnotizing me with his sultry eyes.

Breeder (affiliate link)

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Author: Bristol, Cara
Dystopian Science Fiction

An Alpha commander rules over a violent planet until a lowly breeder slave changes his world.
Commander Dak, is one of five rulers of planet Parseon, a caste society that has enslaved its women and outlawed love. As Alpha he is responsible for maintaining the “Protocol” in his province. In need of an heir to secure his legacy, he purchases a female breeding slave intending to impregnate her, produce a son, and then discard her.

But the gentle Omra instead bears a quiet strength and perceptiveness that opens his eyes to brutality and arbitrary nature of Parseon culture. As Dak falls in love with her, he begins to question the truths he once held immutable.

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Author: Barclay, Celeste
Medieval Historical Fiction

A warrior determined to step out of his family’s shadow…

Liam Mackay journeys to Orkney to oversee the transfer of control from the Norwegian king to his grandfather, Laird Liam Sinclair, Earl of Caithness. Honored with the mission from his namesake, Liam is determined to prove to his parents, Tristan and Mairghread Mackay, he is no longer the “wee” lad they think. No one in the Sinclair or Mackay clans believed the transition would be smooth, but Liam never imagined he’d be caught in the midst of a woman’s perilous attempt to escape being ripped from her homeland.

A farmer’s daughter determined to control her future…

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Author: Reed, Autumn
Contemporary Romance

Eight years ago, I believed I’d finally found a place to call home. My mother’s marriage to Vincent Sharpe meant security and three stepbrothers who were already my best friends.

But Mom’s mysterious death one week before the wedding turned my world upside down. The day of her funeral, I was whisked away to live with my aunt in Kansas, and I never heard from the Sharpes again…

Until a devastating tornado leaves me destitute.

Now, Vincent is offering me the opportunity of a lifetime—he’ll pay for my tuition and expenses at an exclusive university. All I have to do is move back in with him and his sons.

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Author: Atchity, Kenneth

This pocket guide will help you expedite the transformation of your show business dreams into realities.

This little book aims to help you figure out how to get your story told on big screens or small. It’s not going to give you rules and regulations, because they simply don’t exist today. Any rule that could be promulgated has and will be broken. What this book offers instead is nearly thirty years of observation of how things happen in show business, the business of entertainment (better known around the world as Hollywood). Dr. Ken Atchity’s Hollywood experience ranges from writing to managing writers to producing their movies for television and theaters. He’s seen the Hollywood story market from nearly every angle, including legal and business affairs.

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Author: Ranney, Karen
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Scottish Historical Romance

Alec Landers spent his boyhood summers falling in love with Leitis McRae on the Scottish Highlands. The now-grown Earl of Sherbourne has returned to this troubled land a British colonel, and therefore a foe to the bewitching lass who still holds his heart.

Agreeing to become an enemy colonel’s prisoner in her uncle’s stead, Leitis is confused by the traitorous passion she feels whenever her captor is near. But Alec dares not reveal to her who he was—or his dangerous secret identity as Raven, the outlaw defender of the Scots—even if protecting his lady costs him her love . . .

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Author: Wells, Greg
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Healthy Living

In his new book, Dr. Greg Wells offers concrete strategies on how to get better and stay better—not just for a few weeks or a few months, but for life. Optimal well-being is obtained through a commitment to the “holy trinity” of healthy living—eating better, moving better, sleeping better. Together these lead to peak physical performance.

With tremendous insight into the physiology of the human body and the reasons mankind has evolved the way it has, The Ripple Effect exposes exercise and diet myths, inspiring you and leading you on a clear path to achieving a health and fitness transformation. With small—and very achievable—daily changes in your life, you’ll see the incredible effects of aggregate gains that professional athletes know.

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Author: Howe, Irving
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History of U.S. Immigration

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, two million Jewish immigrants poured into America, leaving places like Warsaw or the Russian shtetls to pass through Ellis Island and start over in the New World. This is a “brilliant” account of their stories (The New York Times).

Though some moved on to Philadelphia, Chicago, and other points west, many of these new citizens settled in New York City, especially in Manhattan’s teeming tenements. Like others before and after, they struggled to hold on to the culture and community they brought from their homelands, all the while striving to escape oppression and find opportunity. They faced poverty and crime, but also experienced the excitement of freedom and previously unimaginable possibilities. Over the course of decades, from the 1880s to the 1920s, they were assimilated into the great melting pot as the Yiddish language slowly gave way to English; work was found in sweatshops; children were sent to both religious and secular schools; and, for the lucky ones, the American dream was attained—if not in the first generation, then by the second or third.

Glimmering (affiliate link)

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Author: Hand, Elizabeth
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Dystopian Science Fiction

Climate change, rampant viruses, blackouts, fundamentalists—the end of the end has arrived. Glimmering, the 1994 dystopian novel by Nebula and World Fantasy Award–winning author Elizabeth Hand, is now timelier than ever.

When the confluence of a solar storm and the collapse of the Antarctic ice shelf ignites the atmosphere like grease, those who are able hide behind their walls and masks, seeking the promise of a seductive—and dangerous—future. As the earth erupts in flames, department store heir and editor Jack Finnegan faces his own inevitable death from AIDS in his family’s decrepit mansion near the Hudson River—that is, until an old friend offers him a miraculous cure . . .

Eight Bright Lights (affiliate link)

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Author: Gibbs, Sara
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Romantic Comedy

Hannah is stuck – in South Devon and her dead-end job. But when her estranged father dies, she suddenly finds herself in Tel Aviv. With only her insufferable – yet irritatingly sexy – host for company, can she pick up the pieces of her father’s life and make it home in time for her cousin’s wedding?

More preoccupied with securing her dream job writing for an iconic fashion magazine, Rachel is already a distracted bride. But when an article unlocks a long-held family secret, will her simple Christmas wedding become much more complicated?

Spontaneously quitting her job was not wedding planner Ella’s idea – neither was burning bridges with her terrifying boss. Left with only one client – and no money – how will she pull this wedding together, when everything else is falling apart?

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Author: Beard, James
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Cooking, Food & Wine Reference
James Beard was the “dean of American cookery” (New York Times), and he put practically everything he learned about cooking into this single magnificent–now classic–cookbook. JAMES BEARD’S AMERICAN COOKERY includes more than fifteen hundred of his favorite and most successful recipes, as well as advice on dozens of cooking questions, from choosing meats and vegetables to preserving fruit and making real cheeseburgers. A celebration of the roots of cooking in the American style, this repackaged edition features the original text and color illustrations, and a new foreword by Tom Colicchio. Like Mastering the Art of French Cooking and The Joy of Cooking, it is a standard reference no kitchen is complete without.

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