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Author: Walker, Karen Sue
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

In the charming seaside town of Crystal Shores, bridal consultant Max Walters has her own life to worry about without dead bodies turning up. When friends or family are implicated or even arrested, she must step in to solve the case while making sure her clients look perfect on their wedding day!

Murder in White Lace

If you think a bridezilla is a handful, wait until you see the trouble she causes when she turns up dead. Max meets a handsome detective, a matchmaking cat, and a new assistant who turns up just when she’s needed. Are there too many coincidences, or just enough?

Murder in Crimson Velvet

Everyone is fed up with the local diva. No one claims they wanted her dead! Max steps in at the last minute to help with costumes for the community theater’s upcoming production. Besides dealing with overbearing personalities, Max has her hands full with a possible jewel thief and a budding new romance.

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Author: Miles, Alison
Cooking Reference
To enable you to prepare the perfect fondue for your unforgettable dinners, you will find in this book:
The different types of fondue preparation in different countries;
The 15 ingredients that can never be missing from your pantry to make a perfect fondue;
The recommended types of pot divided by material, ease of cleaning and instructions for preserving the metal;
The 11 mistakes you absolutely must not make when preparing your fondue;
Delicious recipes based on curious ingredients such as chocolate or peanut butter;
A section containing 12 fantastic recipes suitable for sharing with friends and family at a party;
Secret Tips on possible combinations that can be made and photographs of delicious fondues prepared by expert hands;
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Author: Simms, Emmanuel
Cultural, Ethnic & Regional Humor
In the exhilarating dance of modern relationships, Emmanuel Simms offers a bold and candid guide to understanding, navigating, and potentially taming the enigma known colloquially as the ‘Fuck Boy’. Through “12 Steps for Taming Your Fuck Boy”, Simms delves into the dynamics that make these relationships both enthralling and tumultuous. Drawing from a mix of personal anecdotes, humor, and practical advice, this book doesn’t just shed light on the allure of the Fuck Boy but also offers tangible steps for those hoping to find balance in such partnerships. Whether you’re caught in the throes of a whirlwind romance, seeking clarity, or just in for an entertaining read about modern love’s complexities, this book is your compass. Dive in and discover a blend of humor, wisdom, and raw truths that will resonate, provoke thought, and maybe even guide you to a healthier, happier relationship dynamic.
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Author: Martin, Tina
Romantic Suspense

New Orleans police officer, Elias (Eli) Leaumont, is secretly in love with the woman who saved his life. The woman who has been his best friend ever since that life-changing day. Four years in, their friendship is stronger than ever, bonded by an event that neither of them will ever forget.

Natalie thinks the world of Eli. She loves him dearly – as a friend – and made it clear to him years ago that she would never date a cop. However, they spend so much time together, most people already think they are a couple.
Then there’s the way Eli looks at her…

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Author: Lawless, Pauline
Women’s Literary Fiction

Fed up with chance encounters in dimly lit pubs, Viv boldly proclaims, “Online dating is the modern way to meet Mr. Right!” With her two mid-thirties housemates, Claire and Megan, all nursing wounds from the battlefield of love, Viv dives into the world of virtual romance. “Two perverts, two nerds, two frauds—usually married—and four genuine guys,” she calculates, confidently navigating the odds.

While Claire hesitates and Megan remains a staunch skeptic, Viv, fueled by her infectious joie de vivre, immerses herself in the online dating realm. Through a rollercoaster of dates—from the mundane to the downright bizarre—Viv believes she has found her elusive Mr. Right. Yet, as love’s journey unfolds, obstacles emerge.

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Author: O’Brien, Dominic
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Cognitive Psychology
Dominic O’Brien is the record breaking 8-time World Memory Champion and the current Senior World Champion. In the record books for memorizing 54 decks of playing cards after a single sighting of each card, Dominic can easily memorize a sequence of 2000 numbers in less than an hour. Still appearing regularly on television this champion is willing to share with you his ultimate tools for developing the perfect memory. Let him teach you how to harness and unleash your memory power so you will have unlimited capacity and be able to remember names, faces, numbers, birthdays, dates, appointments, speeches, or any sequence of numbers you want.

The Dark Side of the Island (affiliate link)

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Author: Higgins, Jack
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Espionage Thrillers

It’s been nearly twenty years since Hugh Lomax set foot on the Greek island of Kyros. During World War II, British Intelligence sent him there on a mission to take out a high-tech German radar station. Aided by the local resistance, he succeeded—but was also captured and spent the rest of the war imprisoned.

Now, he’s returned. But he is far from welcome.

When he reunites with someone he thought an old friend, the man threatens to kill him. The local authorities make it clear that he should leave and never come back. Because although he thought he had helped save Kyros, Lomax soon learns that his former comrades believe he turned traitor in captivity—a betrayal that cost many lives.

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Author: Chronicle Books
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It is sadly true that it is not always easy to fall asleep. This gently amusing, highly effective anthology of soporific dullness has been carefully curated to put readers to sleep as quickly as possible. With stultifying illustrations and pages of sheep to count, this giftable godsend for the under-rested features dozens of snoozy short texts, including “The Motion of Sand Dunes,” “The Administrative Bureaucracy of the Byzantine Empire,” “White Noise: A Technical Explanation,” and many dozens more—though good luck reading very far on any one evening. Insomniacs will also appreciate “A Staring Contest with Fifty Cats,” “Some Interesting Mathematical Theorems,” “The Dullest Entries from Interesting Diaries,” and other zzzzzzzz.
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Author: Rayne, A.E.
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Epic Fantasy Adventure

In Jael’s dream, she is dead. Her brothers, Axl and Raymon, too.

They are Furycks, rulers of kingdoms, heirs to the dynasty that has commanded Brekka for over eight hundred years, though Jael wakes from her dream with the chilling certainty that their end is coming.

She urgently seeks out her grandmother, Edela, certain that the wise dreamer will have answers, though discovering that she is missing, Jael sets out to find her. Her path soon leads to the home of her nightmares, then away from Osterland entirely, taking her to a place she fears she may never return from.

And in the shadows, her enemy waits, knowing that finally, after all this time, a reckoning is coming…

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Author: Wentworth, Patricia
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Espionage Thrillers

On a dark, foggy night, Hugo Ross encounters a beautiful woman. She claims to be running away and begs Hugo not to tell anyone that he’s seen her. Before boarding her train, she warns him not to take the job he’s applying for: secretary to eccentric inventor Ambrose Minstrel. The train pulls away, and the stunning stranger is gone.

Desperate for employment, Hugo ignores her warning and takes the job. He’s barely moved into Meade House when a message from Loveday Leigh is hand-delivered: He must leave immediately and burn the letter. When they finally meet again at Waterloo Station, Loveday is not the mysterious woman Hugo remembers. Odd happenings continue, and he enlists the help of the esteemed Benbow Smith, an enigmatic figure connected to London’s Foreign Office.

I Follow You (affiliate link)

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Author: James, Peter
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Domestic Thrillers

Marcus Valentine seemingly has it all: He’s a smart, charming, and successful doctor with a wife, three kids, and a job he loves. But something, or rather someone, is missing . . .

One morning, driving to work, he almost runs down a female jogger crossing the road. Marcus cannot take his eyes off her. She is identical to a girl he was infatuated with in his teens. A girl he has never forgotten.

Lynette had dumped him harshly. For years he has fantasized about seeing her again. Might that jogger be her, all these years later? Or is it just an incredible coincidence? Soon Marcus is consumed with thoughts of this woman. And when events take an unexpected turn, his obsession threatens to destroy them both.

But even then, he won’t stop. He can’t stop.

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Author: Vitale, Joe
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Starting a Business
In the simple, straightforward tone of an instructional manual, this little book offers big wisdom and little-known secrets for living a better life. Packed with life lessons most people will wish they’d learned earlier, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual presents practical steps readers can use to take control of their lives, overcome any obstacle, and find fulfillment. Each simple lesson is brought into focus with real-life examples and includes practical steps for putting those lessons to work every day. Full of uncommon knowledge and lighthearted humor, this book will help readers develop confidence, create winning strategies to get ahead, build rapport with others, develop time-management skills, and find wealth and happiness.

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