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Konrath, J.A.
Police Procedurals

Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels is having a bad week. Her live-in boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer, chronic insomnia has caused her to max out her credit cards with late-night home shopping purchases, and a frightening killer who calls himself ‘The Gingerbread Man’ is dumping mutilated bodies in her district.

While avoiding the FBI and its moronic profiling computer, joining a dating service, mixing it up with street thugs, and parrying the advances of an uncouth PI, Jack and her binge-eating partner, Herb, must catch the maniac before he kills again…and Jack is next on his murder list.

Whiskey Sour is the first book in the bestselling Jack Daniels series, full of laugh-out-loud humor and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

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Halliday, Gemma
Funny Romantic Mystery
Struggling LA shoe designer, Maddie Springer, lives her life by three rules: Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. But when her boyfriend suddenly disappears–along with $20 million in embezzled funds–her life takes an unexpected turn from Manolos to murder. Now her every move is under scrutiny by the LAPD’s sexiest cop, dead bodies are dropping around her faster than last season’s trends, and the deeper she digs the more she realizes maybe she didn’t know her man as well as she thought. With the help of her post-menopausal bridezilla of a mother, a Venice Beach psychic, and her wanna-be actress best friend, Maddie finds herself stepping out of her stilettos and onto the trail of a murderer. But can she catch a killer before the killer catches up to her…
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Konrath, J.A.
Police Procedurals


Twenty years ago, a young cop named Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels arrested one of the most sadistic killers she’d ever encountered. She has since retired from the Chicago Police Department in order to raise her toddler daughter.

But old grudges never die. They fester until the right opportunity comes along.

While on vacation in the Wisconsin north woods, Jack learns–too late–that her old adversary is out of prison. He has revenge on his mind. And he’s bringing an army with him.

Outnumbered, outgunned, and cut off from the outside world, Jack Daniels is about to learn the meaning of last stand.

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Press, BookSumo
 Seasonal Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Winter Recipes You Will Learn:
Buffalo Soup
Rustic Style Chicken
Savory Garlic Chicken Breast
Chicken Breast Dump Dinner
Onion Soup Roast
Roasted Veggies Salad
Veggies Roast with Italian Sausage Soup
Potato Roast
Roasted Garlic Stock
Pancakes for Autumn
Dutch Style Pancakes
Classical American Cheese Potato Soup
Sunday Night’s Potato Soup
Green Onion Cheddar Cheese Potato Soup
How to Roast a Turkey
Mediterranean Turkey Breast
Rosemary Garlic Country Turkey Breast
Paprika, Orange, Nutmeg, Spicy Turkey Breast
Eastern European Style Mashed Potatoes
Mascarpone Russets
French Style Mashed Potatoes
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Gibson, Rachel
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Small Town Romance

Daisy Lee Monroe thought she’d brushed the dust of Lovett, Texas, off her high-heeled shoes years ago, but she’s come back home only to find that little has changed. Her sister is still crazy, and her mom still has pink plastic flamingos in her front yard. And Jackson Lamott Parrish, the bad boy she’d left behind, is still so sexy it hurts. She’d like nothing better than to avoid this particular man, but she can’t. Daisy has something to say to Jackson, and she’s not going anywhere until he listens.

Jackson learned his lesson about Daisy the hard way, and now the only word he’s interested in hearing from Daisy’s red lips is good-bye. But she’s popping up everywhere, and he doesn’t believe in coincidence. It seems the only way to keep her quiet is with his mouth, but kissing Daisy had once been his downfall. Is he strong enough to resist her now? Strong enough to watch her walk out of his life again? Is he strong enough to make her stay?

Cause of Death (affiliate link)

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Deaver, Jeffery
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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Jon Talbot is a history professor who makes sense of the past by examining facts. He also knows how to speculate about the what-ifs. Jon’s doing both following the death of his wife, Pax. Driving home late from a volunteer assignment, she plunged off a mountain highway and died. The police find nothing suspicious about the facts: a deer in the road, a blown tire, a broken neck. But the what-ifs are leading Jon down a twisting trail of secrets. After five years of marriage, he is finally getting to know his wife.
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Merson, Michael
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On an ordinary day off, Deputy Brody Katz makes a startling discovery in the South Platte River—a woman, beaten and shot, barely clinging to life. Rushing her to safety, he sets off a high-stakes race against a sinister conspiracy.
As the woman awakens, her haunting nightmares become fragments of clues. With every revelation, it’s clear someone powerful wants her permanently silenced. Thwarted at every turn by shadowy figures, even the law seems powerless against the malevolent forces at play.

Her last hope is Brody, a steadfast guardian willing to risk it all. As the walls close in, he becomes her final line of defense against a relentless enemy.

Love’s Bounty (affiliate link)

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Bittner, Rosanne
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Western & Frontier Romance

Life hasn’t been easy on young Callie Hobbs. After her father’s sudden death and her mother’s murder, there isn’t much left for her on the outskirts of Rawlins. Alone with a ranch to run, Callie could sell it all, cut her losses, and find a suitor in town.

But Callie knows only one thing will bring her peace: Seeing her mother’s killers hanged. To find them, she turns to the most ruthless bounty hunter on this side of the country: Christian Mercy.

Distant and brooding, Christian Mercy is far from the ideal travel companion. But as their journey unfolds, Callie finds herself falling for those blue eyes that flicker with something deeper than she could have ever anticipated.

He wants redemption. She wants revenge. And as they close in on their targets, Callie and Chris bite back a fear worse than death. Could their love for one another douse the burning rage that keeps them going?

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Art History

Travel through time to discover the paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects that enrich our world.

Are you seeking a lavishly illustrated timeline that showcases a glorious gallery of art from all around the world? Then Art Year By Year may be the book for you!

Over 500 images of art movements such as the Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Impressionism, and Pop Art are explored and explained, accompanied by striking visual detail that truly brings the artwork to life. Further featuring biographies of the key figures behind some of the world’s best-known artworks, from Botticelli and Hiroshige to Goncharova and Morisot, Art Year By Year has something for everyone to admire.

Mammoth (affiliate link)

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Varley, John
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Time Travel Fiction

The discovery of a perfectly preserved frozen mammoth in the Canadian wilderness gives wealthy visionary Howard Christian the opportunity of a lifetime: to clone it. But what really piques Christian’s curiosity is what he finds next to the mammoth: a metal box—and the mummified body of a man wearing a watch.

Working to discover the box’s purpose and clone the mammoth, a top physicist and an elephant veterinarian will be flung thousands of years into the past and back again—bringing a baby mammoth along for the ride—in this “imaginative and engaging” adventure that shows “Varley . . . in top form” (San Francisco Chronicle).

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