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Author: Carson, Daniel
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Hope Walker is a big city investigative reporter who finds herself back home in the quirky and lovable town of Hopeless, Idaho. Along with getting reacquainted with her Granny and her best friend Katie, Hope finds herself investigating dead bodies. It appears that murder has arrived in Hopeless!

This digital boxset (694 pages and 175,000 words) contains the first three mysteries in this funny cozy mystery series with over 580 5-STAR reviews!

A Hopeless Murder: It’s been one helluva morning… And Hope hasn’t even found the body. At least not yet. After a twelve year absence, investigative reporter Hope Walker is back home. In Hopeless, Idaho. And it’s not going well. It seems the town and its citizens haven’t changed much. Still weird. Still nosy. And a few of them? Downright hateful. And now Hope has a serious problem. Because one of the hateful is dead. And she’s the prime suspect.

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Author: Christie, Judy
Christian Romance

A coming-of-age story about a girl and a widow and their journey together.

An exhilarating novel about an orphan determined to make a better life for herself–and a widow who needs her help.

“‘Wreath’ grabbed hold of my heart and would not let go…A must-read …”–Best-selling author Janice Thompson

“From the first scene of ‘Wreath,’ when Wreath has to say goodbye to her beloved mother, this girl–this Wreath–drew me into her story and her struggle.”–Marybeth Whalen, author and co-founder, She Reads Book Club

Wreath Willis, 16, is finishing high school by day … and living in a junkyard by night.

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Author: Keyes, Martha
Sweet Regency Romance

With a dubious inheritance hanging in the balance, Kate Matcham is confronted with two offers: one, to become the mistress of a notorious scoundrel, and the other, a marriage of convenience. Reluctant to choose, she embarks on a final adventure—a visit to a childhood friend.

However, what should have been a last hurrah takes an unexpected turn when Kate finds herself falling for the very man her friend intends to marry, a gentleman of higher station harboring enigmatic secrets. As smuggling operations grip the county, shrouding everyone in deceit, Kate’s options dwindle. Torn between her deepening affection for a man of duplicity, her loyalty to her friend, and a long-standing promise to avenge her father’s murder, Kate’s path to destiny is fraught with peril and passion.

A-List Kiss (affiliate link)

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Author: Lowder, Brenda
Romantic Comedy

An irresistible new romantic comedy from award-winning author Brenda Lowder…

Eden Perry, television news reporter and superfan of the world’s biggest movie star, has the chance of a lifetime—an interview with the man of her dreams, the future father of her children, the world’s pinnacle of male perfection: action star Gavin Braddock.

Her entire future happiness will be secured if only she can get there.
But when she accidentally interrupts an FBI sting operation, she’ll have to make it past sexy, scowling Special Agent Matthew Decker first.
When Eden’s movie-star dreams start playing out in high-def reality, and her involvement with the prickly lawman grows, will she choose the action star she’s loved all her life or fall for the real-life man of action?

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Author: Green, Sienna
Drug Dependency & Recovery

Have you ever been asked, “Why Don’t You Drink Alcohol?” and felt like you were being judged as if you were an alien from outer space? The concept of asking someone why they don’t want the night to end in complete chaos and to write off the next three days broke, depressed and puffy-skinned seems crazy – yet alcohol is the only drug we have to justify not taking!

Maybe this sounds familiar…….

You’re on a night out, slaying life sober, and some moron asks you, “Oh – so why don’t you drink alcohol?” So naturally, you feel obliged to tell them why. But you’re not quite at that stage of oversharing every reason why you don’t want to add liquid chaos back into your life, and you struggle, so you say you’re on anti-biotics (again)!

What if there was an empowering little book that contained 101 ways to say I quit drinking alcohol that could diffuse any awkward responses?

In her first quit lit book, Sienna Green shares her unusual story of going alcohol-free and how being asked why she doesn’t drink alcohol for the millionth time motivated her to write 101 Ways To Say I Quit Drinking Alcohol.

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Author: Lewando, Chris
Crime Thriller

Saving the child wasn’t on Dee’s bucket list. It might be the only thing if the bad guys find her. The FBI want to find her, too, but the rights and wrongs of it aren’t so obvious… A compulsive and original crime-thriller. “If you love a good mystery with some WOW! moments, you need to read this book.”

No superhero, Dee is an unintentional heroine. Her feisty character and crusty sense of humor, bring an original voice to a character-led story as she finds an inner strength even she hadn’t known about. She didn’t want to be brave. She isn’t heroine material, after all. Reluctantly saving an unknown child isn’t on her list of things to do before she dies. but now, if the bad guys find her, it might end up being the only thing on her bucket list.

Cold Fire (affiliate link)

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Author: Stevens, Dustin
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Mystery Action

As a DEA agent, Jeremiah “Hawk” Tate was one of the best at taking down drug traffickers. Then the cartels struck back—and destroyed everything he held dear.

Five years later, Hawk has retreated from society and is living a quiet life as a Montana wilderness guide. He’s done with the DEA, done with the criminals, and done with the pain left over from his past. But his past isn’t done with him.

When a mysterious woman offers him an enormous amount of money to find her lost brother, Hawk knows he should walk away, but, with a flash of gunfire, he gets pulled back in. Surrounded by old enemies and allies, he must face off with a new player planning to flood the market with a lethal drug. This may be the chance for revenge Hawk never thought he’d get.

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Author: Hollins, Peter
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Applied Psychology

Whatever you want in your life, self-discipline is the missing piece. Goals will remain dreams if you make the mistake of relying on motivation and your best drawn plans.

The Science of Self-Discipline is a deep look into what allows us to resist our worst impulses and simply execute, achieve, produce, and focus. Every principle is scientifically-driven and dissected to as be actionable and helpful as possible. You’ll learn how top performers consistently exercise self-discipline, as well as what drives us on an instinctual, psychological level to act.

This isn’t just a book; it’s a roadmap to the human psyche and will allow you to accomplish exactly what you set out to do, every time. When you understand what drives your cravings and the true roots of self-discipline, you’ll be able to rise above your temporary discomfort and focus on what really matters. Discover every factor that impacts self-discipline for better or worse.

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Author: O’Sullivan, Patrick
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Space Exploration Science Fiction

One human. Six legs. All hero.

Merchant Academy grad Ciarán mac Diarmuid wants to do well by doing good. But when he rescues a mysterious stranger from foreign assassins no respectable merchant captain will hire him.

On a superluminal mission of epic proportions.

Now Ciarán must apprentice himself to the black sheep of the powerful nic Cartaí clan, a young woman who is almost certainly a pirate, aboard a sentient starship that is almost certainly insane, on a mission that will almost certainly get both him and his cat killed.

Across a galaxy more dangerous than anyone imagines.

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Author: Bakke, Gretchen
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Physics of Energy

A revelatory look at our national power grid–how it developed, its current flaws, and how it must be completely reimagined for our fast-approaching energy future.

America’s electrical grid, an engineering triumph of the twentieth century, is turning out to be a poor fit for the present. It’s not just that the grid has grown old and is now in dire need of basic repair. Today, as we invest great hope in new energy sources–solar, wind, and other alternatives–the grid is what stands most firmly in the way of a brighter energy future. If we hope to realize this future, we need to reimagine the grid according to twenty-first-century values. It’s a project which forces visionaries to work with bureaucrats, legislators with storm-flattened communities, moneymen with hippies, and the left with the right. And though it might not yet be obvious, this revolution is already well under way.

A Quiet Life: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Joella, Ethan
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Friendship Fiction

Set in a close-knit suburb in the grip of winter, A Quiet Life follows three people grappling with loss and finding a tender wisdom in their grief.

Chuck Ayers used to look forward to nothing so much as his annual trip to Hilton Head with his wife, Cat—that yearly taste of relaxation they’d become accustomed to after a lifetime of working and raising two children. Now, just months after Cat’s death, Chuck finds that he can’t let go of her belongings—her favorite towel, the sketchbooks in her desk drawer—as he struggles to pack for a trip he can’t imagine taking without her.

Ella Burke delivers morning newspapers and works at a bridal shop to fill her days while she anxiously awaits news—any piece of information—about her missing daughter. Ella adjusts to life in a new apartment and answers every call on her phone, hoping her daughter will reach out.

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Author: Benn, James R.
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
World War II Mystery

What’s a twenty-two-year-old Irish American cop who’s never been out of Massachusetts before doing at Beardsley Hall, an English country house, having lunch with King Haakon of Norway? Billy Boyle himself wonders. Back home in Southie, he’d barely made detective when war was declared. Unwilling to fight—and perhaps die—for England, he was relieved when his mother wangled a job for him on the staff of a general married to her distant cousin. But the general turns out to be Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose headquarters are in London, which is undergoing the Blitz. And Uncle Ike wants Billy to be his personal investigator.

Billy is dispatched to the seat of the Norwegian government in exile. Operation Jupiter, the impending invasion of Norway, is being planned, but it is feared that there is a German spy amongst the Norwegians.

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