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Author: Shawn, Melanie
Contemporary Romance

As legal guardian of her nephews for a year and a half now, you’d think Allison would have this kid-raising thing figured out. Nope. She’s yet to gain access to the secret internal lie detector other parents seem to have, and is still losing the battle against the mysterious teen boy odors marinating in their room. Did she mention they’re twins? As in double the trouble (thank goodness for forgiving town sheriff). Really, she’s just out of her depth here.

To be fair though, this wasn’t meant to be a solo mission. Nooo. She was supposed to have had a co-pilot to help out from day one. Kade McKnight, real life action hero hunk extraordinaire, would’ve been the perfect male authority figure for the boys…had he not vanished off the face of the planet.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Dessert Baking
Here is a Preview of the Dessert Recipes You Will Learn:
Bananas in San Paulo
Cookout Bananas
Skillet Buttery Bananas
Banana Appetizer
Yellow Jacket Crepes
Bananas and Fish
Colada Skillet Bananas
Lemony Banana Chutney
Blueberry Pancakes South Carolina Style
Fresh Spinach, Mango, and Coconut Smoothie
Illinois Style White Pie
Country Orange and Rhubarb Pie
Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pie
Caribbean Rolled Oats Muffins
A Muffin That Is A Doughnut Too
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Author: Keevil, Roger
Traditional Detective Mysteries

Freshly-promoted Detective Inspector Dave Copper has just married his fiancee, forensic investigator Una Singleton. But as the newlyweds jet off for a honeymoon in a tropical paradise, murder is never far away.

After a prologue featuring many familiar friends from the Inspector Constable novels, Dave and Una arrive at the Jacaranda Lagoon Hotel intent on spending a carefree holiday together. But after the dramatic discovery of a dead body, and in the midst of a tropical storm, the couple are reluctantly drawn into investigating the crime, and soon discover a web of guilty secrets and deceit.

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Author: Lowe, Sheila
Psychic Thrillers

When identical twins inherit a Victorian mansion from a stranger, the bequest changes everything they knew about their past.

The house at Herron Pond is no stranger to tragedy. Accidental death. A devastating fire. Suicide.
Are the reports of supernatural activity the persistent gossip of visitors and staff? Or are the chilling tales true?

Jessica Mack is not afraid of ghosts. She has been communicating with the spirit world since last year, when she was forced to surrender to her psychic gifts. Since then, she has used those gifts to help the FBI, and to answer voices from the Other Side asking for favors. Most of the requests are poignant — “tell my wife I’m sorry for the way I behaved.” “Let my son know I love him.”

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Author: Brown, Stella
Bread Baking

Do you love the smell of freshly baked bread and would like to fill your home kitchen with it?

Would you like to make delicious breads, buns, cakes and more at home quickly and easily?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!

Sourdough baking is an extraordinary culinary art: A symphony of simple ingredients-flour, water and salt-that results in an extraordinary, long-lasting product with a robust flavor, inviting aroma, soft heart and crisp crust.

Fragrant, highly digestible, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, the sourdough technique requires a bit of experience, but with the right advice from an expert you can easily make it in your own home kitchen!

Love Thine Enemy (affiliate link)

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Author: Fountain, Nora
Historical Romance

Paris, 1939

The clouds of war are gathering in Europe, but some remain hopeful a diplomatic solution can be found, especially eighteen-year-old Helen Latimer, visiting from England.

Paris has always been one of her favourite places, but as she walks down the street on her first day and sees a tall stranger with cornflower blue eyes and hair the colour of wheat, she is hit by what the French call un coup de foudre, and her life is changed forever.

Maximilian von Engelberg is a German, but despite being proud of Germany, he is against the Nazis, unlike his brother Herman, who is with the SS. He, too, hopes war can be averted, but knows it is a matter of time. He also knows he should stay away from Helen Latimer, but he can’t help himself.

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Author: Goertzen, Vanessa
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Craft Patchwork

Open a sweet new range of possibilities with rolls of precut strips and these eighteen quilting projects.

Raid your fabric pantry! The bestselling author of Charm School is back with eighteen innovative projects using precut 2 1/2” strips. Vanessa Goertzen’s fabric recipes will help you cook up basic, beginner-friendly strip-pieced blocks and more advanced designs: triangles, stars, log cabins, hexagons, and even curves. Use convenient fabric rolls, or create your own stunning strips from yardage. Whether you are newer to quilting or have lots of experience, you’ll spend less time cutting, and more time creating.

• Sweet and simple! Sew eighteen jelly-rific quilts made from 2 1/2” precut fabric strips

• Learn precut shortcuts with bestselling Charm School author Vanessa Goertzen

• Start with basic quilt blocks, and build your skills to piece triangles, hexagons, curves, and more

It Started One Christmas (affiliate link)

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Author: Mallery, Susan
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Holiday Romance

One crisp December night, Keira Carlesso takes in yet another stray—this time, a man. Dalton is a brilliant scientist with no home for the holidays. As Christmas works its magic, two strangers become friends, then best friends, then something much, much more…

Susan Mallery’s heartwarming charmer proves that true love is the greatest Christmas gift of all!

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Author: Reed, Richard
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Motivational Self-Help
If I Could Tell You Just One Thing . . . curates invaluable wisdom from fifty of today’s most remarkable, diverse, and influential voices in an engaging collection of profiles. Paired with a specially commissioned pen-and-ink portrait, each essay and its illuminating nugget of life advice is gathered together and is sure to surprise, entertain, and encourage readers—and leave a lasting impression.

In Defence of History (affiliate link)

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Author: Evans, Richard J.
Regularly $13.99, Today $1.99
Study & Teaching of History

In this volume, the renowned historian Richard J. Evans offers a fervent and deeply insightful defense of his craft and its importance to civilization. At a time when fact and historical truth are under unprecedented assault, Evans shows us why history is necessary. Taking us into the historians’ workshop, he offers a firsthand look at how good history gets written.

In staunch opposition to the wilder claims of postmodern historians, Evans thoroughly dismantles the notion that a realistic grasp of history is impossible to attain. He then goes on to explain the deadly political dangers of losing a historical perspective on the way we live our lives.

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Author: Gruber, Ruth
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Biographies of Journalists
Drawing from hundreds of notebooks accumulated throughout her career, Gruber’s breathtaking memoir spans some of the most significant events of the twentieth century, covering the years 1941 to 1952. She details her eighteen months spent surveying Alaska on behalf of the United States government, her role assisting Holocaust refugees’ emigration from war-torn Europe, and her relationships with some of the most important figures of the era, including Eleanor Roosevelt and Golda Meir.
Gruber describes these eleven years of her inspiring life with clarity and insight, providing an extraordinary inside look at some of the twentieth century’s turning points.

Mindbridge (affiliate link)

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Author: Haldeman, Joe
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First Contact Science Fiction

In the far future, the accidental scientific breakthrough known as the Levant-Meyer Translation changes everything. Suddenly people can leap instantaneously across the universe, albeit temporarily, enabling teams of Tamers to explore far-flung worlds and prepare them for possible human habitation. But one expedition doesn’t make it back alive.

Jacque Lefavre achieves his lifelong dream of becoming a Tamer when he joins the Agency for Extraterrestrial Development. On his first exploratory mission to a planet known as Groombridge, Lefavre and his team encounter something truly extraordinary: a small, nonsentient creature that, when joined with another of its kind, creates a telepathic “bridge.”

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