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Author: Keelyn, Patricia
Contemporary Romance

She’s come home to put her life back together.

With a broken engagement behind her and a baby on the way, Maddie Adams needs a safe place to have her baby and heal her broken heart. Then she runs into Nick Ryan, her once-best friend and first love, and her life once again becomes entwined with his. And though the sparks between them are as strong as ever, she does her best to ignore them. Nick betrayed her once, and she can’t risk it happening again. Not now when she has another life to consider.

Nick Ryan grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Back then, the only person who believed in him was Maddie Adams, a girl with everything going for her. Then he messed up and lost her. Despite that, he achieved his dream of becoming a doctor and returned home to practice medicine. But he made other mistakes along the way, mistakes that cost him his wife and left him with an angry teenage son.

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Author: Ryan, Carrie Ann
Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance

Dust of My Wings – Book 1
When chemist Lily Banner finds a vial of angel dust, angelic warrior Shade Griffin will have to do all in his power to protect the ancient secrets of the paranormals. Only when he finds Lily, his world shifts and his allegiance changes, forcing the ones who want Lily put down to take action. The war between the realms is on the edge of a blade and only Shade and Lily can stop it.

Her Warriors’ Three Wishes – Book 2
Jamie Bennett has known Ambrose Griffin was hers from the moment she knew things that went bump in the night were real. Ambrose has held himself back because he can’t afford to lose anything else. But when Jamie is kidnapped and sent to the hell realm, the warrior angel will not only risk a war to find her, he’ll find his heart—in Jamie and Bailin. When Bailin, a demon from hell, meets the two people who could fill his heart and his soul, he’ll need to fight for something he hasn’t felt in over a century—hope.

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Author: O’Connor, K.E.
Cozy Animal Mystery

With its stunning turrets and beautiful rose gardens, I always thought Audley Castle was perfect, set in the idyllic English village of Audley St. Mary. It’s a place I love to call home. But behind the trimmed hedgerows, stately gardens, and birdsong, a killer is waiting…

After being forced to close my charming café in this quaint little village, I’m thrilled to get a job in the Audley Castle kitchens, making divine treats for visitors and serving the Audley family who live in the castle.

The joy fades when I take my beloved dog for a walk, and he leads us to the body of a family friend, Kendal Jakes. Seemingly caught in the act of tampering with evidence by the castle’s security team, I become the number one murder suspect! It’ll take more than my skills with a piping bag to solve this crisis.

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Author: Babbington, Polly
Contemporary Romance

One long summer. One gorgeous old shop. One second chance at love.

Get ready to be swept away to Darling Island, the sparkling little place perched on the edge of the English coast where the old ferry crosses a glittering sea, sunshine shimmers, and love is most definitely in the air. From contemporary romance author, Polly Babbington comes the loveliest romantic treat to get lost in at any time of the year.

Emmy is all sorts of okay with her life, but that’s about as good as it gets if she’s really honest with herself. One day on a trip to Darling Island in search of the perfect birthday cake, her okay life takes a little turn in a way she most definitely hadn’t seen coming.

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Author: Brookover, David
Prehistoric monsters in North Dakota . . .
Bone Creek Private Preserve outside Bismarck, North Dakota is known for abundant dinosaur fossils, but its reputation also includes unexplained disappearances and horrible deaths. It’s one giant cemetery where the dead don’t always stay dead, according to the local sheriff.
Teddi McCoy flies to Bismarck to conduct a basic missing persons investigation, but it soon escalates into a fight for survival against extraordinary prehistoric beasts and treacherous double crosses. In Washington D.C., Jackson Lafevre and Rance Osborne are simultaneously investigating a mysterious 300 year old medicine man and assassin.
When Teddi and Jackson recognize they’re chasing the same sinister madman, they conclude they’re helpless against his powerful sorcery and savage dinosaurs. Magic help arrives from the FBI’s former Orion Sector operatives, Nick Bellamy, Neo Doss, and Crow.

Mistletoe and Molly (affiliate link)

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Author: Dailey, Janet
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Holiday Romance

After ten years away, Jonas Concannon is back in Randolph, Vermont, and the only thing rivaling the beauty of the peaceful, snow-laden village is Bridget O’Shea. She was once his first love. Today, she’s a single mother with plenty to keep her busy—like making sure little Molly’s Christmas is as merry as possible.

But amid the holiday bustle, Bridget can’t deny the heartwarming feeling she gets when she learns that Jonas hasn’t given up on their long-ago love. If they can recapture the magic of the past, Jonas, Bridget, and Molly may receive a gift greater than anything under the tree . . .

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Author: Liess, Lauren
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Interior Decorating

Down to Earth picks up right where Lauren Liess’s critically acclaimed Habitat left off. While Habitat walked readers through the decorating process step-by-step, Liess’s latest title takes a step beyond the basics and invites readers to incorporate the main components of her familiar design aesthetic: nature, easy living, and approachability. With evocative photos and substantive design advice, Down to Earth focuses on creating a lifestyle that inspires creativity and functionality.

Throughout the book, Liess shows readers how to incorporate six guiding principles in six unique homes: a new farmhouse, a classic American historical home, a lakeside contemporary house, a modern villa, a turn-of-the-century American Foursquare, and a cedar and glass house on a bluff. While each home has a different architectural style, fingerprints of Liess’s down-to-earth style are evident throughout.

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Author: Mansfield, Stephen
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Company Histories

The history of Guinness, one of the world’s most famous brands, reveals the noble heights and generosity of a great family and an innovative business.

The history began in Ireland during the late 1700s when the water in Ireland as well as throughout Europe was famously undrinkable, and the gin and whiskey that took its place was devastating civil society.

It was a disease ridden, starvation plagued, alcoholic age, and Christians like Arthur Guinness, as well as monks and evangelical churches, brewed beer that provided a healthier alternative to the poisonous waters and liquors of the times. This is where the Guinness tale began.

Now, 246 years and 150 countries later, Guinness is a global brand and one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

The Wives of Los Alamos (affiliate link)

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Author: Nesbit, TaraShea
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Military Historical Fiction

They arrived in New Mexico ready for adventure, or at least resigned to it. But hope quickly turned to hardship as they were forced to adapt to a rugged military town where everything was a secret-including what their husbands were doing at the lab. Though they were strangers, they joined together-adapting to a landscape as fierce as it was absorbing, full of the banalities of everyday life and the drama of scientific discovery.

While the bomb was being invented, babies were born, friendships were forged, children grew up, and Los Alamos gradually transformed into a real community: one that was strained by the words they couldn’t say out loud or in letters, and by the freedom they didn’t have. But the end of the war would bring even bigger challenges, as the scientists and their families struggled with the burden of their contribution to the most destructive force in the history of mankind.

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