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Author: Babbington, Polly
Contemporary Romance

Because summer in the Pretty Beach Hills is always a good idea.

One day in the beautiful hills tucked safely behind Pretty Beach, a love story is about to occur…

Poppy cannot wait to escape on her annual jaunt to her holiday home in the hills of Pretty Beach, where she gets to enjoy every little thing the beautiful place has to offer. This year though, something fabulous is waiting for her. Something she very much didn’t see coming.

Get ready to fall in love with the second in Polly’s new series of novellas. In Summer in the Pretty Beach Hills, we meet Poppy and get to know more about the sweet little village near the sea. We explore the old cottages with their beautiful window boxes along the main street, pop into the corner shop to say hello, and delight in all the English summer feels.

The Ultimate Bundt Cookbook (affiliate link)

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Author: Rogers, Amelia
Baking Cakes

Are you tired of ordinary desserts that lack excitement and flair? Do you dream of delighting your taste buds and impressing your guests with stunning, mouthwatering creations? Look no further! “The Ultimate Bundt Cake Cookbook” is here to guide you through a delectable journey into the world of Bundt cake baking, offering a meticulously crafted collection of recipes that will transform your kitchen into a haven of sweet indulgence.

Revolutionize Your Baking: Bid farewell to bland desserts and welcome a world of exquisite flavors and designs. This cookbook empowers you to master the art of Bundt cake making, turning your ordinary kitchen into a sanctuary of baking excellence. Prepare to craft cakes that rival the most renowned bakeries, delivering pure joy with every luscious bite.

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Author: Dark, Rylie

FBI Special Agent Maeve Sharp never got over her sister’s disappearance when they were teenagers, the case gone cold, the feeling that just maybe she is still out there, somewhere. It ruined her family and destroyed her father who, once a decorated cop on the LVPD, now sits alone in a dilapidated trailer in the middle of nowhere, refusing to reconcile with her. It wrecked her brother, too, leading to lockup after lockup, as he pleads with Maeve to help get her out. And it wrecked her mom most of all, who in her dying days can think of nothing else.

Maeve though she got away from it all when she transferred to Quantico and made a career for herself.

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Author: Clarke, J.J.
Psychological Mystery Thriller

In an elite FBI academy, Kate Anderson, a new college grad, is stalked and terrorized by a corrupt deputy sheriff. Unable to stop the harassment because of his powerful connections and threats to her family, Kate is forced to try desperate measures to protect herself and her grandparents. As her terror increases, she discovers an underground network of women helping victims escape abusive men.

Meet Dirty Sally, Sister Anne, and a trucker nicknamed The Black Angel,—women who orchestrate Kate’s escape. When the deputy is shot, Kate is accused of the crime, and goes on the run rather than risk an unjust conviction.

Take a high-tension ride with Kate through Missouri and Georgia as she avoids capture, relying on friends, the network, and grit to stay one step ahead of the law. With a bounty on her head, will Kate evade the marshals? Can she keep up the disguise? Will she ever see her family again?

Love Lost Her Way (affiliate link)

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Author: Addicott, Julie Anne
Psychological Literary Fiction
From the outside, my life was picture perfect. On the inside, something sinister lurked. I thought he was sick. I thought I could fix him. All I wanted was for him to love me. I was used and abused. Sold to the highest bidder. Unloved. Unseen. Unheard. Until Declan. He was my saviour. He helped me believe in the power of unconditional love. Then, he was gone. When love is lost, and there’s no hope left, how do you go on? Love Lost Her Way is a highly detailed, fictional account of the effects s*x trafficking and severe abuse has on children. If this theme makes you uncomfortable, please reconsider reading this novel.

Quicksilver (affiliate link)

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Author: Koontz, Dean
Regularly $9.99, Today $2.99
Suspense Action Fiction

Quinn Quicksilver was born a mystery—abandoned at three days old on a desert highway in Arizona. Raised in an orphanage, never knowing his parents, Quinn had a happy if unexceptional life. Until the day of “strange magnetism.” It compelled him to drive out to the middle of nowhere. It helped him find a coin worth a lot of money. And it practically saved his life when two government agents showed up in the diner in pursuit of him. Now Quinn is on the run from those agents and who knows what else, fleeing for his life.

During a shoot-out at a forlorn dude ranch, he finally meets his destined companions: Bridget Rainking, a beauty as gifted in foresight as she is with firearms, and her grandpa Sparky, a romance novelist with an unusual past. Bridget knows what it’s like to be Quinn. She’s hunted, too. The only way to stay alive is to keep moving.

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Author: Manning, Michael G.
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Kelvin Wiltshire lives the life of a simple cook in a remote village on the far side of Trendham. The townsfolk think little of the man, and his son, and believe him to be just another refugee from the Terabinian war. On cold winter nights they share rumors of the bloody conflict and the mysterious death of Will Cartwright, the mighty mage who had the power to command storms. They like the new cook. They fear the fallen king.

But the two men are one and the same.

Haunted by nightmares from his past, Will has chosen a life of exile, hoping to erase the blood from his soul by forging a simple life. Service and family might ease his pain, but beneath his scars are deeper wounds. A queen and wife turned into a lich. Friends poisoned with hate. While he seeks peace in isolation, his absence has left a void, and an ancient foe craves a return to power.

Let Me In (affiliate link)

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Author: McGowan, Claire
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99
Domestic Thrillers

For Helen and George, the remote fixer-upper in Cornwall was supposed to be a dream home, and a way to leave behind the problems they’re both running from. But something about the place feels wrong from day one. And why does Helen have a creeping feeling she’s seen this house before?

Her unease only deepens after renovations begin, when the builders find sinister dolls hidden in the walls. As Helen digs into the house’s past, she discovers that the previous owner was not only rumoured to be a witch; she was also imprisoned for a brutal triple murder thirty years earlier.

When a horrific accident almost ends in tragedy, Helen worries that the house’s secrets are to blame, and as events spiral out of control she discovers George has been lying to her.

Foe: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Reid, Iain
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Psychological Thrillers

Severe climate change has ravaged the country, leaving behind a charred wasteland. Junior and Henrietta live a comfortable if solitary life on one of the last remaining farms. Their private existence is disturbed the day a stranger comes to the door with alarming news.

Junior has been randomly selected to travel far away from the farm, but the most unusual part is that arrangements have already been made so that when he leaves, Henrietta won’t have a chance to miss him. She won’t be left alone—not even for a moment. Henrietta will have company. Familiar company.

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Author: Ashta, Lucia
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Dark Fantasy Horror

Win the trials, earn a crown—or fail and lose everything.

The heir of Embermere has unexpectedly died, and now a new prince and princess must be crowned.

I’ve been hiding out with the dragons, but then mysterious fae show up at the dragons’ stronghold and abduct me at the King’s command.

The royals of Embermere are hosting the Fae Heir Trials to find their successors. The winners will marry and become the next to rule the fae lands. Turns out I’m the King’s illegitimate daughter and the wicked queen intends to kill me off during the challenges.

I find myself thrust into a barbaric tournament where death is all but guaranteed. I’m competing against the most gorgeous, deadly fae warriors of the realm. Determined, agile men who’ve been training to claim this chance all their lives—including clan leader Rush Vega.

The Thorn Birds (affiliate link)

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Author: McCullough, Colleen
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
20th Century Historical Romance
The Thorn Birds is a chronicle of three generations of Clearys—an indomitable clan of ranchers carving lives from a beautiful, hard land while contending with the bitterness, frailty, and secrets that penetrate their family. It is a poignant love story, a powerful epic of struggle and sacrifice, a celebration of individuality and spirit. Most of all, it is the story of the Clearys’ only daughter, Meggie, and the haunted priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart—and the intense joining of two hearts and souls over a lifetime, a relationship that dangerously oversteps sacred boundaries of ethics and dogma.

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