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Author: Lee, Geneva, Lee Albin, Geneva
Contemporary Romance

A man with the world at his feet, and he stole a kiss from me.

It should have ended there, since I had no idea who he was. Except that kiss was caught by someone’s camera, and now the picture is splashed on tabloids all over the world.

I should have recognized him: Prince Alexander of Cambridge.

Royal bad boy. Exiled heir to the throne.

He’s controlling. He’s demanding. He’s dangerous.

He warns me to stay away—that the press and his family will destroy me. I should run, but I can’t. Because the last thing I expected was that I’d fall in love, especially since he never will…

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Author: Payette, Gregory
Private Investigator Mysteries

He knows he’s more than just another washed-up ex-cop. Solving a murder will help him prove it…

A straight-shooter who lives on a boat and likes a drink or two, Henry’s frustrated he can’t even land work as a dispatcher. And his job running security for a local baseball team is far from his idea of excitement.

But it pays the bills.

The morning after the season ends, Henry’s at his friend’s bar with a Bloody Mary in one hand and a phone in the other. He takes a call that could change everything…

Turns out a couple of fishermen pulled third baseman Lance Moreau’s body from the St. Johns River. And his teammate’s been arrested for the murder.

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Author: Babbington, Polly
Contemporary Romance

A beautiful spring day. A chance meeting. A love story in the Pretty Beach Hills.

Get ready to fall in love with the first in Polly’s new series of four novellas set in the hills of Pretty Beach. You’re going to utterly adore it.

Pip Toppleton is plodding along with her life in the Pretty Beach Hills. When one morning in her orchard a shirtless trespasser whisper-hisses at her, her life takes an unexpected turn.

As the man becomes more and more involved in her life and helps her with her terrarium-making business, A Little Jar of Delight, Pip begins to fall… very deep and very hard.

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Author: Fernsby, April
Psychic Cozy Mystery

Karis Booth has had psychic abilities for as long as she can remember. But this is the first time she’s used them to solve a murder.

Things are changing rapidly for Karis. As well as filing for divorce from her unfaithful husband, she decides it’s time to make peace with her estranged sister, Erin. With trepidation, Karis visits the café which Erin owns. To her great relief, Erin welcomes Karis back into her life with open arms.

During their reconciliation, a young woman, Carmel, calls into the café with a bread delivery. As Karis watches Carmel, she experiences a strong psychic vision. She sees two shadows following Carmel. Only one of the shadows belongs to Carmel — the other belongs to the person who is going to murder her later that day.

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Author: Dickson, H. Leighton
Epic Fantasy
Stormfall is a dragon born with a coat the colour of a starry night. When a violent storm strikes his island aerie, he is carried on hurricane winds into the complicated and sometimes cruel world of men. There, his journey takes him from fisher dragon to farmer, pit-fighting dragon to warrior, each step leading him closer to a remarkable destiny. But war is coming to the land of Remus and with it, a crossroads for the Night Dragon and the young soul-boy he allows on his back. How far is Stormfall willing to go in a war that is not his own?
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Author: Clements, Sally
Romantic Comedy

Matthew’s a runner…

…who bolted from marrying April’s sister.

Will he always let a woman down?

Seven years after being left at the altar, April’s sister June is getting hitched to a reliable man.

April’s making the dress—the cake is iced, and nothing, but nothing, will ruin her sister’s big day—or will it?

Cue the potential crisis.

June has chosen Matthew as her ‘something old’ and invited him to the wedding. Her father hates his guts, and just the sight of him in the church might give her mother a heart attack.

Add in the fact that so many sexy sparks are flying between Matthew and April there’s liable to be a fire, and this wedding is fated for disaster.

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Author: Kight, Kimberly
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Craft & Hobby Reference

A comprehensive, step-by-step resource for fabric design and printing—including tips from top designers.

If you’ve ever dreamed of showing your designs on fabric, textile aficionado Kim Kight, of popular blog True Up, is here to teach you how. Comprehensive and refreshingly straightforward, this impressive volume features two main parts.

First, the Design and Color section explains the basics with step-by-step tutorials on creating repeating patterns both by hand and on the computer. Next, the Printing section guides you through transferring those designs on fabric—whether it’s block printing, screen printing, digital printing or licensing to a fabric company—and how to determine the best method for you.

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Author: Goessel, Tracey
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Biographies of Movie Directors
The complete, definitive biography of Hollywood’s first superstar Douglas Fairbanks was the greatest leading man of his generation—the first and the best of the swashbucklers. He made some of the greatest films of the silent era, including The Thief of Bagdad, Robin Hood, and The Mark of Zorro. With Charlie Chaplin, D. W. Griffith, and his wife, film star Mary Pickford, he founded United Artists. Pickford and Fairbanks ruled Hollywood as its first king and queen for a decade. Now a cache of newly discovered love letters from Fairbanks to Pickford form the centerpiece of the first truly definitive biography of Hollywood’s first king, the original Robin Hood, the true Zorro, the man who did his own stunts, built his own studio, and formed a company that allowed artists to distribute their own wealth outside the studio system.
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Author: Moushey, Bill, Dvorchak, Robert
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Sexual Assault True Crime
In this incisive work of investigative journalism, Bill Moushey and Bob Dvorchak, along with Lisa Pulitzer, go behind the headlines, official statements, and court transcripts to tell the full story of the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the nation—a tale of power, privilege, money, and politics that leads from the football building on the Penn State campus to the administration’s boardroom to the highest echelons of the state capital and beyond. Eye-opening and fast-paced, Game Over exposes the lies, willful ignorance, and cover-ups that may have allowed a sexual predator to use his position and status to prey on vulnerable young victims for years. Its explosive new discoveries shatter the illustrious image of “Happy Valley”—State College, Pennsylvania, home to one of the nation’s most successful and highly lucrative college football programs.
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Author: Black, Jeremy
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Jewish Holocaust History
Brilliant and wrenching, The Holocaust: History and Memory tells the story of the brutal mass slaughter of Jews during World War II and how that genocide has been remembered and misremembered ever since. Taking issue with generations of scholars who separate the Holocaust from Germany’s military ambitions, historian Jeremy M. Black demonstrates persuasively that Germany’s war on the Allies was entwined with Hitler’s war on Jews. As more and more territory came under Hitler’s control, the extermination of Jews became a major war aim, particularly in the east, where many died and whole Jewish communities were exterminated in mass shootings carried out by the German army and collaborators long before the extermination camps were built. Rommel’s attack on Egypt was a stepping stone to a larger goal—the annihilation of 400,000 Jews living in Palestine.
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Author: Various Contributors
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Craft Patchwork

These precut fabric bundles aren’t just for quilters—create fifty fabulous sewing projects from your stash!

This unique collection of fifty quick and easy sewing projects includes contemporary ideas for DIY home decor, accessories, gifts, and more—all made using fat quarters. Projects range from instant fixes, like coin purses needing just one fat quarter, to quilts and wall hangings that require up to ten fat quarters—which will really bust your fabric collection!

Ten talented designers from across the blogosphere contribute their patterns—including cases and cosies, bags and baskets, pillows and playmats, quilts and clothes. Bloggers featured include Kaye Prince, Kevin Kosbab, and Cynthia Shaffer from the United States.

Kick the Latch (affiliate link)

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Author: Scanlan, Kathryn
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Animal Fiction
Kathryn Scanlan’s Kick the Latch vividly captures the arc of one woman’s life at the racetrack—the flat land and ramshackle backstretch; the bad feelings and friction; the winner’s circle and the racetrack bar; the fancy suits and fancy boots; and the “particular language” of “grooms, jockeys, trainers, racing secretaries, stewards, pony people, hotwalkers, everybody”—with economy and integrity.
Based on transcribed interviews with Sonia, a horse trainer, the novel investigates form and authenticity in a feat of synthesis reminiscent of Charles Reznikoff’s Testimony. As Scanlan puts it, “I wanted to preserve—amplify, exaggerate—Sonia’s idiosyncratic speech, her bluntness, her flair as a storyteller. I arrived at what you could call a composite portrait of a self.” Whittled down with a fiercely singular artistry, Kick the Latch bangs out of the starting gate and carries the reader on a careening joyride around the inside track.

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