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Author: Lovelace, Merline
Military Thrillers

An exciting world of political intrigue, action-adventure, and steadfast passion…

Ten years ago, USAF Special Agent Cleo North ignored her gut instinct—and a young sergeant ended up brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Knowing she missed vital clues in the case has haunted her ever since.

Now a civilian security specialist, Cleo accepts an offer to provide protection to a self-centered actress attending the premier of her contentious new movie at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Unexpectedly, the gig reunites Cleo with her old partner, Special Agent Jack Donovan, and gets her up close and personal with a man she now suspects was involved in the decade-old murder she’ll never forget.

But as Cleo plunges headfirst into an unsuspecting tangle of violence and lies, she must quickly decide who the real victims are—and who’s covering up that first deadly mistake.

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Author: Bold, Kate
Women Sleuths

When a notorious serial killer escapes from a prison transport, it crosses the jurisdictions of the U.S. Marshals and the FBI’s BAU. The two departments are forced to come together on a new joint task force to hunt down the fugitive serial killer and bring him to justice. Alexa, to her dread, finds herself forced to confront the thing she fears the most—entering a killer’s mind. Doing so again, she knows, may just drag her down for good.

Alexa and her new partner, each territorial, don’t take well to each other. Between their tension and all the clues leading to dead ends and the bodies piling up on the killer’s spree, Alexa knows that she, up against a ticking clock, can’t afford to get this wrong. Especially when she realizes that she herself may be the next target.

To find this diabolical killer, Alexa will have to do what she fears most—enter his twisted mind, before he can strike again. It’s a life-and-death game of cat and mouse, and it’s winner takes all.

Showing off the Goods (affiliate link)

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Author: Parker, Weston
Military Romance

My guy best friend needs a best man, and he’s asking me—a girl.

Not that I’m surprised. We’ve been inseparable since birth. Who else was he going to ask?

Juggling this wedding and being a single mom is going to be a feat.

But I got this.

All is rolling smoothly until my friends shake up another tradition.

Seems the bride is asking a guy to be her maid of honor.

And not just any guy either. Her brother. My ex.

Unfortunately, this guy is hot as hell.

He’s also a demon that crawled right out of those fiery pits. The same pits he sent our relationship to when he chose the military over me.

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Author: Schwarz, Bianca M.
Regency Historical Romance

In the twilight of a November evening, Sir Henry March, a man of wealth and charm — and a secret agent for the Crown — comes across a badly beaten Eliza Broad, desperate to escape her cruel stepfather. Knowing she has nowhere to go, Sir Henry takes her to his home to recover, and introduces her to a world of culture, art, and literature she never knew existed. But Eliza’s brutal world follows her to London, where elite aristocratic salons coexist with the back alleys of the criminal underworld.

As romance blossoms between them, Eliza unearths an old secret that leads them into the dark, sadistic world of sex trafficking, and allows Henry to finally identify a traitor responsible for selling military secrets and causing the death of thousands.

A natural at the spy game, Eliza proves herself a worthy partner in the fight for truth and justice. But with time running out, and the fate of one girl hanging in the balance, Henry and Eliza must find a way to outwit a nasty pimp and eliminate a dangerous enemy agent.

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Author: Penhall, Chris
Women’s Friendship Fiction

She was renovating her house, but maybe now she can renovate her whole life . . .

Alice Dorothy Matthews is nothing if not sensible. She leaves the adventures to other people, in particular, her best friend Kathy, who’s living it up in Portugal. Alice is renovating her house in London while her insufferable ex, Adam, travels the world.

Alice tells herself she’s fine just the way things are. But then a postcard from Buenos Aires turns her life upside down . . . Her ex wants to sell the house that they bought together.

So Alice does something spontaneous for the first time in many, many years. She joins Kathy in sunny Portugal.

Alice feels alive for the first time in forever. She remembers how she used to be carefree and adventurous. Can she find her way back to the person she used to be?

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Author: Yelich-Koth, Christa
Psychological Thrillers

Some people can’t let go of a grudge. Homicide Detective Sean Trann is learning this the hard way. He made the mistake of interrupting the killing spree of Boston’s most notorious serial killer, Spider. Intent on finishing what he started and infuriated at Sean’s previous involvement, Spider has decided to use those closest to Sean as pieces in his twisted game.

But when the true motive behind the killings is revealed, can Sean stay professional when his loved ones are on the line?

You Can’t Catch Me (affiliate link)

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Author: McKenzie, Catherine
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Crime Fiction

Do you want to play a game?

Twelve years ago Jessica Williams escaped a cult. Thanks to the private detective who rescued her, she reintegrated into society, endured an uncomfortable notoriety, and tried to put it all behind her. Then, at an airport bar, Jessica meets a woman with an identical name and birth date. It appears to be just an odd coincidence—until a week later, when Jessica finds her bank account drained and her personal information stolen.

Following a trail of the grifter’s victims, each with the same name, Jessica gathers players—one by one—for her own game. According to her plan, they’ll set a trap and wait for the impostor to strike again. But plans can go awry, and trust can fray, and as Jessica tries to escape the shadows of her childhood, the risks are greater than she imagined. Now, confronting the casualties of her past, Jessica can’t help but wonder…

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Author: Guadagani, Raymond A
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Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals
In 1974, the brutal murder of Anita Fagiani Andrews, a fifty-one-year-old former beauty queen and mother of two, shook the small working-class town of Napa. Detectives, criminalists and forensic experts raced to identify who’d struck Anita down in her own bar, but despite their efforts, the case went cold. Decades passed, during which the town grew into a world-renowned wine region and tourist destination, but the case remained an open question. After thirty-seven years, thanks to DNA evidence, the killer–imprisoned for a different murder–was finally found and brought to justice. Join author and retired judge Raymond A. Guadagni as he tells the story of the shocking murder, the investigation and the subsequent trial over which he presided in 2011.
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Author: Leahy, Kate, Lee, John, Zada, Ara
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Bread Baking
This cookbook not only reveals how to make the ubiquitous and doable flatbread lavash, the UNESCO-recognized bread of Armenia, but also shares more than sixty recipes of what to eat with it, from soups and salads to hearty stews paired with lots of fresh herbs. Stunning photography and essays provide an insider’s look at Armenia, a small but fascinating country comprising dramatic mountains, sun-drenched fields, and welcoming people. With influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean as well as from Russia, the food of Armenia is the next cuisine to explore for people who want to dig deeper into the traditions formed at the crossroads between the East and West.
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Author: Pendleton, Don
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Action Thriller Fiction

The last great kingpin of the East Coast, Augie Marinello walled himself up in a Long Island fortress protected by stone walls, guard towers, and a pack of Dobermans trained to kill on command. But no fence in the world is high enough to keep out Mack Bolan, the one-man army whose crusade against the Mafia has brought organized crime to its knees. When the Executioner decided it was time for Augie to die, he died, and now another man has stepped into his place: David Eritrea, who has the potential to be far more dangerous than Augie ever was.

Eritrea has dreams of rebuilding Augie’s empire bigger than before and reuniting the five families of New York under a single leader: himself. Unfortunately for the would-be don, the Executioner has other plans.

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Author: Binns, Brigit
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Seasonal Cooking

More than 90 simple and wholesome recipes showcase the best ingredients and flavors of every season in this beautifully illustrated cookbook.

Each season has its own delicious bounty. And Cooking in Season is the ultimate guide to enjoying the freshest, most flavorful ingredients all through the year with simple yet sublime recipes. Illustrated with lush color photography, this cookbook explores seasonal approaches to soups, salads, tarts, flatbreads, entrees, desserts, and even cocktails.

Spring recipes include Shaved Artichoke, Celery & Fennel Salad and Grilled Lamb Chops with Spring Herb Salsa Verde. In summer, it’s time for dishes like Grilled Peach Flatbread with Mozzarella, Pickled Onion & Arugula and Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops. Autumn’s offerings include Cider-Braised Chicken with Acorn Squash Ragout and Apple Fritters with Cardamom Cream. And in winter, you’ll enjoy Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Brussels Sprout Hash, Grapefruit Sorbet with Candied Ginger, and so much more.

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Author: Hagerty, James R.
Death & Grief
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

In this surprisingly upbeat book about a usually downbeat subject, The Wall Street Journal’s veteran obituary writer, James R. Hagerty, shares his unique skills with those who want to have the last word by crafting their own stories in their own voices—with flourish, honesty, and even humor.

Someday, your life story is likely to be boiled down to a few lines. If you leave things to chance, your obituary is almost sure to be solemn, formulaic, and full of errors—an obligatory final chapter written in haste by others. James R. Hagerty, longtime obit writer for The Wall Street Journal, knows how to get the job done right: Do it yourself, starting now, while you still can.

In this heartfelt and reassuring guide, Hagerty explains how to preserve your personal history—from crafting a brief obituary for newspapers and websites, to a more thoughtful and detailed mini-memoir for those close to you.

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