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Author: Buroker, Lindsay
Epic Fantasy

An enforcer wanted dead for crimes she didn’t commit…
An assassin wanted dead for crimes he did commit…

Normally, they would be enemies, but they both seek the same thing: exoneration.

Unfortunately, a nefarious underground organization is attempting to kill the one man who could grant it to them, the emperor. If they want to win their freedom, they’ll have to battle powerful wizards, outscheme master schemers, and defeat bloodthirsty monsters, all while dodging friendly fire and evading the law. Exoneration isn’t easy.

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Author: Lee, Alan
Police Procedurals

Sinatra, a notorious federal marshal, is drafted into a domestic black ops group.
Their mission–arrest the untouchable.

An international terrorist slips through the East Coast and takes up residence inside an impregnable mountain chateau–within American borders but beyond legal reach. Her name is El Gato and she’s a top priority for both the DEA and FBI.

The situation is dicey and politically explosive, perfect for Sinatra and his team. Sometimes a scythe works better than a hammer.

Sinatra (real name–Manny Martinez) doesn’t realize the dangerous waters into which he wades. This terrorist holds the key to his past and his future. He and the mysterious El Gato have tangled before…

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Author: Shawn, Melanie
Romantic Comedy

Just when Chrissy Caldwell thought things couldn’t get any worse, life showed up and said, “Hold my beer.”

The past year had been a living nightmare, one she couldn’t seem to wake up from. Thanks to her husband skipping town with his twenty-one-year-old assistant and defaulting on the mortgage, Chrissy was moving back into her great-aunt’s dilapidated ranch-style home with her four kids—which was not in her life plan but she was trying to make the best of it. So when her mysterious neighbor, who according to her friends was a Zaddy, offered to help with renovations she figured, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

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Author: Behagen, Michael
Women’s Historical Fiction

She gave up everything to save his daughter. Now he wants her back.

Warsaw, 1945. Having survived the Holocaust and the death of his wife, Aaron returns to his ruined hometown. Three years ago, he and his wife Raizel made an impossible decision to secure their daughter Machale’s life. Having left her in the care of a local Christian family, Aaron and Raizel believed their choice would spare their daughter from the horrors to come. Now, standing alone in the ruins of his once peaceful home, Aaron assumes the worst.
Then a chance encounter sparks the hope of survival.

Warsaw, 1942. On her way to Sunday mass, Magda discovers the unconscious body of a young girl, laying on the banks of the Vizsla river. Without a second thought, Magda takes the girl in, risking more than her own life to protect the girl — and her incredible story.

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Author: Rain, J.R., Mallory, H.P.
Paranormal Women’s Fiction

The day the red fog rolled in, everything in Windy Ridge changed.

Neighbors and friends I’d grown up with got turned into wolfmen, lizardmen, gargoyles, and other unmentionables.

As for me? I got turned into a vampire.

Most folk thought the rapture was upon us but soon it was fairly obvious that we weren’t playing witness to some holy event. In fact, I was fairly sure we’d just witnessed something mostly unholy.

Regardless, life in our little town in the middle of the Ozarks returned to what passed for normal.

Until two human outsiders rolled into town.

Love Unscripted (affiliate link)

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Author: Collins, Emma
Lesbian Romance

As Riley Hill’s thirtieth birthday approaches, she’s finally ready to make some changes in her life.

She might be a world famous actress, but she’s far from where she wants to be.

Screenwriting has always been her dream, not acting.

There was also the small matter of coming out.

When Laura Foley is approached at a coffee shop by an attractive young woman who wants to turn her book into a movie, she’s both flattered and stunned.

This was the first time anyone had ever complimented her work in person and not via an online review.

The Shockwave Rider (affiliate link)

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Author: Brunner, John
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Science Fiction Adventure
Constantly shifting his identity among a population choking on information, innovation, and novelty, Nickie Haflinger is a most dangerous outlaw, yet he doesn’t even appear to exist. As global society falls apart in all directions, with corporate power run amok and personal freedom surrendered to computers and bureaucrats, Haflinger is caught and about to be re-programmed. Now he has to try to escape once again, defy the government—and turn the tide of organizational destruction, in this visionary science fiction novel by the author of The Sheep Look Up and Stand on Zanzibar.
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Author: Napoleon Hill Associates
Regularly $9.98, Today $4.99
Sales & Selling Management

In 1913, Hill began working for the LaSalle Extension University in Chicago, giving him valuable insight into what he liked doing and what he did well: teaching people how to sell — products, services, and above all, themselves. This book will give you the tools you can use to effectively sell yourself and your ideas.

The principles of practical psychology used in successful negotiation
How to create intelligent promotion in order to succeed
The strategy of professional salesmanship
The qualities the professional salesperson must develop
Autosuggestion: the first step in salesmanship
About the Master Mind
Initiative and Leadership
How to qualify the prospective buyer
How to neutralize the prospective buyer’s mind
The art of closing the sale

Shadowplay: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: O’Connor, Joseph
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British & Irish Literary Fiction
Henry Irving is Victorian London’s most celebrated actor and theater impresario. He has introduced groundbreaking ideas to the theater, bringing to the stage performances that are spectacular, shocking, and always entertaining. When Irving decides to open his own London theater with the goal of making it the greatest playhouse on earth, he hires a young Dublin clerk harboring literary ambitions by the name of Bram Stoker to manage it. As Irving’s theater grows in reputation and financial solvency, he lures to his company of mummers the century’s most beloved actress, the dazzlingly talented leading lady Ellen Terry, who nightly casts a spell not only on her audiences but also on Stoker and Irving both.
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Author: King, Russell
Regularly $14.99, Today $2.99
Occult Cults & Demonism

In 1981, ambitious young Ma Anand Sheela transported the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to the United States to fulfill his dream of creating a utopia for his thousands of disciples. Four years later, the incendiary Rajneeshpuram commune in Oregon collapsed under the weight of audacious criminal conspiracies hatched in its inner sanctum, including the largest bioterrorism attack in US history, an unprecedented election fraud scheme, and multiple attempted murders.

Rajneeshpuram explores how this extraordinary spiritual community, featured in the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country, went so wrong. Drawing from extensive interviews with former disciples and an exhaustive review of commune records, government and police files, and archival materials, author Russell King probes the charismatic power that Bhagwan (later known as Osho) and Sheela exercised over the community and the turbulent legal and political environment that left commune leaders ready to deceive, poison, and even murder to preserve their home and their master.

Seize the Fire (affiliate link)

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Author: Kinsale, Laura
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Fantasy Romance

Summoned to rule the tiny nation of Oriens, Princess Olympia St. Leger appoints the most celebrated man in England to escort her: recently retired war hero Capt. Sheridan Drake. Easily frightened, she is vastly relieved to have Captain Drake’s help—until she discovers he’s a scoundrel without a drop of honor in his body. In fact, nothing would make her happier than to forget him. Except she cannot seem to get his deep, stirring gaze out of her head . . .

Sheridan has no patience for hero worshipers; war is a game of survival, not gallant deeds. But Olympia, who comes to him with plump cheeks and eyes full of expectation, has money, something of which he is in great need. And though Olympia is impossibly naive, for reasons he can’t fathom, she touches him in some obscure, half-forgotten place, until the thought of losing her becomes even more impossible.

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Author: Shalvis, Jill
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Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Suzanne Carter has sworn off men…really! Her inability to take life seriously drives them crazy, so it’s best she leaves them alone. Then strong, handsome Ryan Alondo rescues her and she simply melts. Who could resist all that rough-and-tumble sexiness? But as tempting as he is, she’s not going to fall for his charms. Because there’s no way she wants to ruin a man this gorgeous.

From the moment Ryan sets eyes on Suzanne, he knows she’s the one for him. She’s fun and sexy and exactly what he needs in his overcrowded, responsible life. And the passion between them can’t be ignored. He just has to convince her he’s serious enough for both of them. Good thing he can be very, very persuasive…

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