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Cottage at Bella Beach (affiliate link)

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Author: Wentworth, Kate
Family Life Fiction

When 53-year-old Emma Sinclair’s husband walks out on her after draining their accounts, she has no idea what to do. The only place she knows she can turn are her three best friends who’ve been together through all life’s ups and downs.

Then she receives a letter from a lawyer informing her that her estranged mother has died and left her a cottage in Bella Beach, a town she’s never even heard of. The only catch? She has to claim it in person. It’s just the opportunity Emma needs to get a fresh perspective on things and decide what to do next.

With her three best friends in tow, she heads to Bella Beach and the mystery that was her late mother. Question is, will she be strong enough to follow her dreams and embrace a brand-new life? Or will old secrets destroy her fresh start?

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Author: Senol-Akin, Selin
International Mystery & Crime

Sometimes our demons are necessary, to appreciate heaven

Kaitlin Maverick has become a bored housewife. After leaving a thriving life in Toronto to accompany her husband, Paul Maverick, on his professional pursuits in the scenic yet slower-paced life in Stavanger, Norway, Kaitlin’s newlywed bliss subsides faster than she would have thought.

Lacking stimulation and purpose, Kaitlin impulsively gravitates towards the thrills that ensue the moment she runs into mysterious Finn Du Feu and his peculiar group of friends working and living in the Scandinavian woods. What begins as self-exploration through enticing experiences soon turns into a sinister web of lies- and otherworldliness. Kaitlin spirals down wicked paths, as mystifying encounters make her question everything and everyone.

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Author: Durham, Laura
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Annabelle Archer is D.C.’s premier wedding planner for happy couples and marital bliss… until a string of murders puts a bloody blemish on her otherwise spotless record. In all her years in the marriage business, she’s never confronted a wedding day disaster as daunting as her guest list’s climbing death rate. Armed with nothing but her impeccable taste and an eye for detail, she’s determined to take down any killer who dares to ruin her client’s big day.

From socialite circles to catering kitchens to drag queen competitions, there’s no place Annabelle won’t go to bring the culprits to justice. With danger lurking behind every picture-perfect gazebo, Annabelle must catch the culprits or the next ceremony she’ll attend will be her own funeral.

Murder in the Mix Books 1-3 (affiliate link)

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Author: Moore, Addison
Werewolf & Shifter Mysteries
My name is Lottie Lemon and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety. And for some reason those sweet, fluffy albeit paranormal cuties always seem to act as a not-so-great harbinger of deadly things to come for their previous owner. So when I saw that sweet orange tabby twirling around my landlord’s ankles, I figured Merilee was in for trouble. Personally, I was hoping for a skinned knee—what I got was a top spot in an open homicide investigation. Throw in a hot judge and an ornery detective that oozes testosterone and that pretty much sums up my life right about now. Have I mentioned how cute that detective is?
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Author: Shore, Hailey
Contemporary Romance

Can’t take the heat? Then don’t kiss the chef.
Celebrity chef Antony Renard has been banished to Calico Cove while his bad-boy reputation gets a makeover, but just because he’s famous—and hotter than a french fry—doesn’t mean he gets whatever he lays those ice-blue eyes on…namely, me.

This food truck girl knows he’s out of my league and probably has a trail of broken hearts that lead back to his kitchen in California. The chemistry that flares hot between us doesn’t matter. We’re total opposites. He’s a control freak and I hate rules. He dates models and I date…um, no one.

Yet the more Antony comes around demanding to try my delicacies, the more I begin to crave his wicked charm. And the more I want…just a taste…of him.

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Author: Beaglehole, Iris
Psychic Suspense

Welcome to the enchanted village of Myrtlewood, where magic brews in every cup of tea and mystery lurks around every corner.

Join Rosemary Thorn and her teenage daughter, Athena, as they unravel the mysteries of Thorn Manor and the strange happenings in their new home. From mysterious disappearances to fiery Beltane celebrations, nothing is as it seems in this whimsical magical small town.

With a good dollop of humour and a main character facing the challenges of midlife, the Myrtlewood Mysteries will leave you spellbound.

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Author: Joy, Kristine W.
Sweet Small Town Romantic Comedy

I signed up to marry a stranger on reality TV. Turns out, the bride is someone I know. And I’m pretty sure she still hates me for what happened between us in high school…

I knew the terms: marry a stranger on the spot, handpicked by “experts” just for me.

But that’s not what’s happening.

My bride is no stranger. And she’s wearing a black dress reminiscent of the one she wore the last time we spoke … at prom.

Surely she’s gotten over what happened at prom by now.

Except … it only takes me about five minutes to realize she hasn’t. And now, I’m married to the one woman I did wrong in my life.

Something in Return (affiliate link)

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Author: Rivera, Michele L.
Opposites Attract Romance Comedy
By day, nineteen-year-old Taylor Silva is your average barista, but by night, she moonlights as an aspiring poet and lady-killer. Perfectly satisfied with her routine of work and casual encounters, she thinks she has her life under control. That is, until the day her new roommate, Zoey moves in. Zoey Peterson is the embodiment of everything that Taylor is not. Where Zoey believes in romance and happily ever afters, Taylor has little faith in love and is determined to protect her heart. However, as the two women learn to coexist, they unintentionally grow closer. Now, Taylor has to figure out if she has the courage to share more than just a living space with Zoey.
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Author: Goodman, Deb
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Sweet Romantic Comedy
If falling in love with my best friend is wrong, maybe I don’t want to be right.
Oliver and I have this thing. It’s an annual, not-a-date thing where we meet up in my small town every August and he buys me a milkshake.
That’s all. Nothing else. Except maybe an innocent hug or two.
But that’s it! I can’t fall for this man. He’s always seen me as just a friend. And besides the fact that my grandparents hate him, we’re complete opposites. He’s busy touring the world, running the family resort company with his brothers. I’m busy with pajama day at the broke-down mobile library I’ve sunk my heart and soul into.
So, yeah. It’s time for me to, once and for all, move on from this silly crush that has claimed me for far too long.
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Author: Boothman, Nicholas
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Personal Transformation

Make instant, meaningful connections.

For interviewing, selling, managing, pitching an idea, applying to college—or looking for a soulmate—the secret of success is based on connecting with other people. And you can do it in 90 seconds or less through Nicholas Boothman’s program of establishing face-to-face communication.

A master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Boothman teaches us the concept of synchrony—how to synchronize our attitudes, body language, and voice tone in a way that instantly and imperceptibly makes us irresistibly likable to another person. He explains the different between open and closed body language. The power of communicating with what he calls a Really Useful Attitude. How to be an active listener. And how to identify and read the three most important sensory preferences.

Loch Down Abbey (affiliate link)

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Author: Cowan-Erskine, Beth
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Humor & Entertainment

It’s the 1930s and a mysterious illness is spreading over Scotland. But the noble and ancient family of Inverkillen, residents of Loch Down Abbey, are much more concerned with dwindling toilet roll supplies and who will look after the children now that Nanny has regretfully (and most inconveniently) departed this life.

Then Lord Inverkillen, Earl and head of the family, is found dead in mysterious circumstances. The inspector declares it an accident but Mrs MacBain, the head housekeeper, isn’t so convinced. As no one is allowed in or out because of the illness, the residents of the house – both upstairs and downstairs – are the only suspects. With the Earl’s own family too busy doing what can only be described as nothing, she decides to do some digging – in between chores, of course – and in doing so uncovers a whole host of long-hidden secrets, lies and betrayals that will alter the dynamics of the household for ever.

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Author: Bernstein, William J.
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Communication Reference

Writing was born thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia. Spreading to Sumer, and then Egypt, this revolutionary tool allowed rulers to extend their control far and wide, giving rise to the world’s first empires. When Phoenician traders took their alphabet to Greece, literacy’s first boom led to the birth of drama and democracy. In Rome, it helped spell the downfall of the Republic. Later, medieval scriptoria and vernacular bibles gave rise to religious dissent, and with the combination of cheaper paper and Gutenberg’s printing press, the fuse of Reformation was lit.

The Industrial Revolution brought the telegraph and the steam driven printing press, allowing information to move faster and wider than ever before through the invention of the newspaper. But along with radio and television, these new technologies were more easily exploited by the powerful, as seen in Germany, the Soviet Union, even Rwanda, where radio incited genocide.

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