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Author: Bailey, Kristen
Women’s Romance

It’s normal for your washing machine to get more action than you, right?

I wake up, bleary-eyed.

It’s been two years, six months and three hours since I last shaved my legs, and the llama-patterned knickers I’m wearing have seen better days.

We have seven minutes before the kids wake up, and my husband shuffles closer. ‘Ouch,’ he says, a piece of Lego sticking into his back.

Then, a light comes on in the landing. Small footsteps creep down the stairs. A little voice screams, ‘IS SOMEONE COMING TO MAKE BREAKFAST?!’

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Author: Penner, Stephen
Legal Thrillers
Criminal defense attorney Talon Winter takes on the case of her life–and her client’s.
Michael Jameson is a successful, forty-something, African American husband and father. And he’s just been charged with a 25-year-old cold case murder, a gang-related drug deal gone horribly wrong. Talon agrees to take the case, but the one question she needs answered is the one question Michael refuses to answer: Did he do it?
Michael insists it doesn’t matter. He’s not the same person he was twenty-five years ago. He’s built a new life in the intervening years, and nothing that happens now will bring the victim back. Instead, he poses a far more provocative question: Would the legal system reach back that far to take away everything built up by a successful White man?
Talon must battle the system itself–as well as a condescending prosecutor, reluctant witnesses, and even her own client–to achieve that most elusive of goals: Justice.
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Author: Benson, Jacquelyn
Gaslamp Fantasy

London, 1914. Lily’s visions could stop a killer… if she’ll trust a reclusive aristocrat with her darkest secret.

A monster stalks the gaslit streets of Edwardian London, draining the blood of the city’s mediums. Lily Albright knows who’s next.

Lily is plagued by visions of the future she can never change. When a mysterious fiend threatens someone she loves, she’s determined this time will be different.

But she can’t do it alone. To save a life, Lily must reveal her darkest secrets to someone she has little reason to trust—the reclusive Lord Strangford, a man haunted by his own occult powers.

From the glittering galleries of Bond Street to the rookeries of Southwark, Lily and Strangford plunge into a dark conspiracy that lies at the heart of England’s rising eugenics movement.

Parasyte Vol. 1 (affiliate link)

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Author: Hitoshi, Iwaaki
Science Fiction Manga
SILENT INVASION: They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade-and take control of-a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret-except an ordinary high school student. Shin is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?
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Author: Millsaps, Abby
Women’s Romance Fiction

Never let them get you to the second location.
Even if that location happens to be a lakeside mansion home to four hot-as-sin men.

After years of living in survival mode, I’m finally hitting rewind on the story of my life. There’s nothing standing in the way of my bright future at Lake Chapel University.

Or so I thought.

Being ambushed by four devastatingly attractive football players wasn’t on my bingo card. Ironically, they seem just as stupefied by me as I am of them.

There’s Decker: the brooding, scowling leader. Then Kylian: the iPad-wielding nerd. Next is Kendrick: the gruff, gorgeous jock. And finally, Locke: the huge, tattooed emo boy.

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Author: Brookman, Tessa
Historical British Fiction

An exiled Duke who returns to claim what’s his.

A wallflower who holds his fate in her palms.

One accidental kiss.

Lady Selina, despite her innocence, is no damsel in distress. So when her father tries marrying her off to a senile Lord, she escapes to Castle Valebridge and the only person who can perhaps help: her childhood love, Arthur. Except, the man she encounters there is not the tender boy she once knew…

Marcus, once banished and erased from history by a callous father, returns home under the guise of his late twin, hungry to reclaim the dukedom that was denied to him. But the unexpected arrival of Selina – a stranger from his brother’s past – threatens to complicate matters…

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Author: MacLeod, Charlotte
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Each December, the faculty of Balaclava Agricultural College goes wild with holiday decorations. The entire campus glitters with Christmas lights, save for one dark spot: the home of professor Peter Shandy. But after years of resisting the school’s Illumination festival, Shandy suddenly snaps, installing a million-watt display of flashing lights and blaring music perfectly calculated to drive his neighbors mad. Then the horticulturalist flees town, planning to spend Christmas on a tramp steamer. It’s not long before he feels guilty about his prank and returns home to find his lights extinguished—and a dead librarian in his living room.
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Author: James, Rosalind
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Billionaire Romance
No more wild rides. No more wild side.
Blake Orbison’s pro football career with the Portland Devils may have come crashing to an end, but not calling the signals anymore just gives him more time to devote to his business enterprises, including the latest and greatest: the opening of the Wild Horse Resort in scenic north Idaho. And that other one, too. Blake’s on the marriage track now, and he’s got a game plan. But when he runs into a trespasser leaping from his shoreline boulders into his lake, what’s a good ol’ boy to do but strip down and join her?

Only One Life: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Farley, Ashley
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Southern United States Fiction

Julia Martin grew up wealthy, but it wasn’t until she met her husband, Jack, that she knew true happiness. He made her feel worthy and loved. Their marriage was also an escape from her sister’s bullying, her father’s scrutiny, and her chilly and enigmatic mother. But when tragedy strikes on the night she gives birth, Julia’s happiness is shattered. She has no choice but to return home to her family’s South Carolina mansion, where the grief and guilt buried in her mother’s past await her.

As a young woman trapped in a bitter marriage, Julia’s mother, Iris, once needed her own means of escape. In Lily, she found a best friend. In the flower shop they opened, she discovered independence. Then came a transgression—unforgivable, unforgettable, and unresolved—that changed Iris’s life forever.

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Author: Roberts, Caroline
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Holiday Romance

Next stop: seaside, sunshine and romance!

When Lucy isn’t in her cosy cottage by the sea, she’s winding through the Northumberland coast with her loveable Dachsund Daisy, cooking up a storm at the local village celebrations. Inspired by her Italian Poppa, Lucy’s chasing a new dream with her pizza van business. And at one particular party she meets Jack, the brooding but gorgeous owner of the Cocktail Campervan.

Wary of repeating mistakes of the past, Lucy and Jack keep it strictly business. But as the summer drifts by in a swirl of garden parties, fun and fizz, and as the cocktail campervan creates the community they so desperately need, romance starts to blossom – one stop at a time…

In Too Deep (affiliate link)

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Author: Sommers, Rachael
Regularly $9.99, Today $4.99
LGBTQ+ Romance

This lesbian summer holiday romance comes with tangy cocktails, arched eyebrows, and a sweet side of mystery.

Lucy Holloway is dying for an escape. The high-flying lawyer’s life has just spectacularly imploded so it’s time to hit the reset button and soak up some sun, sea, and relaxation at a swanky hotel across the Atlantic.

Laid-back physical therapy student Elena Garcia is home for the holidays. Picking up a few shifts as a lifeguard at Sol Plaza, the hotel her father manages, sounds like fun. Speaking of fun…there’s also that sweet summer flirtation she’s having with a smoking hot American lawyer. But when their sizzling romance slides into real emotions, everything gets complicated.

Second Chance in Paradise (affiliate link)

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Author: Peel, Jennifer
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Contemporary Romance
Doctoral student Holland Reeves may have aced every class she’s ever taken, but when it comes to life outside her lab, she’s beginning to realize she doesn’t have one. In fact, she has more meaningful relationships with test tubes and pipettes than with people. Wishing to change that, she reluctantly agrees to attend an old friend’s wedding. The only problem is, it means she has to return to Paradise. The small coastal town that once upon a time lived up to its name, that was, until he—Porter Clairborne—left her without even saying goodbye. It’s fine, it’s all fine. She has better things to do than be ridiculously happy and in love. Things like finding a cure for heart disease.

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