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Author: Forbes, Mary Jane
Cozy Mystery
She’s got an eye for fashion. He’s got a knack for solving crimes. Can two total strangers solve the perfect murder?
Gillianne “Gilly” Wilder has an eye for design and big dreams of taking on the fashion industry. After years of scrimping and saving, she’s a few paychecks away from her first semester at Seattle’s prestigious school of design. But before her first class begins, her small Washington hometown takes a bloody turn when a dead body washes ashore. And Gilly can’t help but get distracted by the handsome reporter who comes to investigate.
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Author: O’Russell, Megan
Coming of Age Fiction

Things not to do when you find out you’re a wizard:

#1 Do not destroy your dad’s apartment with magical fire. You WILL NOT get the security deposit back.
#2 Do not form an alliance with the guy who is trying to murder you. This will end badly.
#3 Do not drag the girl you’re desperately in love with into your wizard mess. You risk her watching you fail miserably.
#4 Under no circumstances should you get in the middle of an epic magical battle. Death will happen. Lots of death and bad things.

I found a magic cell phone, opened an app I shouldn’t have, burned down my high school’s theatre, and it was all downhill from there. A seer guarded by the undead is my only hope for keeping my mom alive, and I’m pretty sure the cops are after me for destroying my dad’s penthouse.

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Author: Potts, Meredith
Cozy Mystery

When Melody Clue’s life is threatened, her entire world is turned upside down.

For the private investigator, this is a nightmare scenario.

Especially since the threat came from an anonymous source.

Suddenly, Melody finds herself looking over her shoulder, wondering if trouble is just around the next corner.

Rather than taking this terrible situation sitting down, she decides to use her investigative skills to try to uncover where the threat came from.

Will she be successful? Or is she done for?

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Author: Kazmierczak, Pamela
Dessert Baking

Some Examples of the recipes include:

Apple Granola Crisp
Microwave Apple Crisp
Caramel Apple Crisp
Apple Chocolate Crisp
Apple and Pralines Granola Crisp
Apple Gingerbread Crisp
Apple Butterscotch Crisp
Apple Oatmeal Crisp
Apple and Peanut Butter Crisp
French Apple Tart
Caramelized Apple Tarts
Apple Crumble Tarts
Strawberry Apple Tart
Blueberry Apple Tart
Rustic Raspberry Apple Tart
Cranberry Apple Tart
Caramelized Onion Apples Tarts
Sweet Potato Apple Tart
Pumpkin Apple Tart

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Author: Holmes, Hazel
Police Procedurals

When Naomi Kiernan’s husband died, she lost more than her partner; she lost her purpose. Once a talented writer, Naomi can no longer breathe life into the words on the page. After accepting an invitation from her best friend to teach at La Habileté, a prestigious art school, Naomi notices some peculiar behavior from her students. It doesn’t take long for Naomi to uncover the school’s haunting secret, but in doing so, she’ll unearth a past she’s been desperate to keep buried.

The Haunting of the House on Greenpond Road

A paranormal phenomenon, a mysterious curse, and an old town with a sinister past.

When Amber finds a miraculously low-priced house for rent, what she thought was the solution to all of her problems becomes the beginning of her worst nightmare.

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Author: Bonds, Javan
Humorous Science Fiction
At the end of the world, the zombies are sometimes not the scariest monsters. The evil that now hides among the sheep seeking to devour its very heart. Pastor Mike Brown and his wife, Lauren, are loved by the church congregation that rose from the ashes of the zombie apocalypse. The pair have convinced their followers that something they once thought of as demonic and forbidden is now acceptable if not ordained; Cannibalism. But a darker secret, now discovered, could destroy everything. As Guntersville Island’s fledgling government has attempted to solve the mystery of a growing number of missing children, its leader has been implicated in the very inhuman crimes it has sought to solve by none other than the messianic leader. It is forced into a war with the very people it has sought to protect.

Every Second (Kate Page) (affiliate link)

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Author: Mofina, Rick
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Domestic Thrillers

On a quiet night in their tranquil suburban home, the Fulton family awakens to a nightmare. Four armed men force bank manager Dan Fulton to steal a quarter million dollars from his branch—strapping remote-detonation bombs on him, his wife, Lori, and their young son.

The FBI moves swiftly with a major investigation while Kate Page, a reporter with a newswire service, digs deep into the story. In the wake of the Fulton family’s abduction, questions emerge, including one of the most troubling: is the case linked to Lori Fulton’s tragic past?

Working as fast as they can, Kate and the investigators inch closer to a devastating truth—it’s not only the Fultons’ lives at stake, but thousands of others . . . and every second counts in the race to save them.

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Author: Novak, Brenda
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Psychological Thrillers

She won’t be a victim ever again . . .

Four years ago, Skye Kellerman was attacked in her own bed. She managed to fend off her knife-wielding assailant, but the trauma changed everything about her life. As a result of that night, she joined two friends—also survivors—in starting The Last Stand, an organization to help victims of crime.

Now, Skye’s would-be rapist is getting out of prison. She knows that he hasn’t forgotten that her testimony cost him his reputation—and his freedom.

Sacramento detective David Willis, who investigated her case, believes this man is a clear and present danger, guilty of other crimes, as well. And he’s free to terrorize Skye again. Unless she can fight back. And, with David’s help, that’s exactly what she plans to do . . .

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Author: Penney, Elizabeth
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Cozy Mystery

Librarian Molly Kimball and her mother, Nina, need a change. So when a letter arrives from Nina’s Aunt Violet in Cambridge, England requesting their help running the family bookshop, they jump at the chance.

Thomas Marlowe—Manuscripts and Folios, is one of the oldest bookshops in Cambridge, and—unfortunately—customers can tell. When Molly and Nina arrive, spring has come to Cambridge and the famed Cambridge Literary Festival is underway. Determined to bring much-needed revenue to the bookstore, Molly invites Aunt Violet’s college classmate and famed poet Persephone Brightwell to hold a poetry reading in the shop. But the event ends in disaster when a guest is found dead—with Molly’s great-aunt’s knitting needle used as the murder weapon. While trying to clear Violet and keep the struggling shop afloat, Molly sifts through secrets past and present, untangling a web of blackmail, deceit, and murder.

For Letter or Worse (affiliate link)

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Author: Hatch, Esther
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Regency Historical Romance

Every word in his old letter spells mortification.

There was only one reason young Harrison Chase moved away from his idyllic country upbringing to the long dark hours of working in a London factory—he was bound and determined to make his fortune and deserve a chance to court Christine Stone. But as years passed and his dream of making a fortune came closer into view, he realized there were a lot more important things in life than young, unrequited love.

In the middle of his charge to reverse the Corn Laws, and make food affordable to workers struggling to feed their families, his housekeeper helpfully mails a letter she finds languishing amongst his things. Not just any letter—a six-year-old love letter to Christine. With no other choice, he rushes back to his childhood home on Christine’s family estate.

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Author: Bunch, Will
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Social Classes & Economic Disparity
Today there are two Americas, separate and unequal, one educated and one not. And these two tribes—the resentful “non-college” crowd and their diploma-bearing yet increasingly disillusioned adversaries—seem on the brink of a civil war. The strongest determinant of whether a voter was likely to support Donald Trump in 2016 was whether or not they attended college, and the degree of loathing they reported feeling toward the so-called “knowledge economy” of clustered, educated elites. Somewhere in the winding last half-century of the United States, the quest for a college diploma devolved from being proof of America’s commitment to learning, science, and social mobility into a kind of Hunger Games contest to the death. That quest has infuriated both the millions who got shut out and millions who got into deep debt to stay afloat.
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Author: Bernstein, William J.
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International Economics

How did trade evolve to the point where we don’t think twice about biting into an apple from the other side of the world?

In A Splendid Exchange, William J. Bernstein, bestselling author of The Birth of Plenty, traces the story of global commerce from its prehistoric origins to the myriad controversies surrounding it today. Journey from ancient sailing ships carrying silk from China to Rome in the second century to the rise and fall of the Portuguese monopoly on spices in the sixteenth; from the American trade battles of the early twentieth century to the modern era of televisions from Taiwan, lettuce from Mexico, and T-shirts from China.

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