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Author: Minger, Miriam
Ancient World Historical Romance
Ronan was a legend among men…and the last thing he needed was a troublesome woman. Yet this fierce Irish warrior took a deathbed oath to protect a chieftain’s rebellious daughter. Triona was a hellion of a woman…who would let no man rule her. Raised in the ways of a warrior, she defied Ronan’s every command. So he planned to marry her off, to be rid of the wild lass forever. But in the heat of battle–enflamed by her passionate spirit–Ronan decided he wanted this beautiful, impossible woman for himself!
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Author: Ackerknecht, J.J.
Superhero Fantasy

Infinite power at your fingertips, and a target on your back.

Anya Nowicki, along with thousands of people around the globe, has found herself a host for alien technology known as the Archive. The Archive allows its hosts to alter their minds and bodies in an instant through holographic menu systems. With the touch of a button, anyone can become super strong, gain magical abilities, purchase a giant robot, or become a master in any of an almost infinite number of skills that range from advanced combat techniques to fidget-spinning. However, Anya has also become the target for nightmarish, shape-shifting creatures that have come to Earth following the newfound extraterrestrial tech. The Archive can grant their hosts great power, but it may not be enough to survive the horde of murderous aliens hunting them down.

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Author: Zaber, Katie
Dark Fantasy

You can travel the same path countless times, but it can sometimes lead to another realm.

A mystical tree captures the attention of Megan and her friends, morphing the surrounding environment, transferring them to an exotic planet with bloodthirsty creatures. Saved from the deadly beasts by hunters, Megan finds herself stuck in a rural town still maimed by the plague. A chance encounter with a familiar face gives Megan and her friends some security during their adjustment to this new world.

While settling into promising lives, they are stalked and attacked by planet Dalya’s humanoid inhabitants, who focus solely on Megan. One dark night, after a magical attack, the Fae King’s knight is sent to fetch Megan for a reason she can’t possibly guess.

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Author: PW (Pariza Wacek), Michele
Psychological Thrillers

On the surface, Kit Caldwell has it all. A senior in college with her future ahead of her, lots of friends, lots of parties…not to mention also having the eye of Tommy, the star quarterback of the football team.

But underneath, Kit’s life is a charade, built on a foundation of secrets and lies, including one so dark it threatens to tear her world apart: her twin sister, Cat, was kidnapped when they were both seven, never to be heard from again.

That is, until one dark Halloween night.

But is it really Cat? Or is it someone else, someone who is playing a sinister and deadly game?

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Author: Summers, Faith, Gray, Khardine
Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

Massimo D’Agostino is the heir to his father’s empire.
Don’t be fooled by his handsome face, or that piercing blue gaze.
He’s no prince charming.
He’s dangerous and feared, possessive and fierce.

Our first meeting began with a contract that forced me to marry him and sign my life away.
I was a debt repayment and a pawn in his game to exact revenge against my father.
The only way out is death.

I belong to him now.
Me, the Balesteri Mafia Princess.
Pure and untouched…
Owned by the devil who placed me in a gilded cage.

But something unexpected happened the moment our paths collided.
It made me want more of what he had to offer every time I lay beneath him.

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Author: Gaspard, John
Humorous Mystery

Psychics are being murdered and all the clues point to magician Eli Marks: one of his playing cards keeps turning up at every crime scene. What begins as a simple Halloween magic show turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse encounter as the body count rises while Eli frantically attempts to clear his name.

It doesn’t help that his ex-wife’s new husband is the lead Homicide Detective on the case. Or that Eli appears to be the only thread tying all the murders together.

Then things get really complicated when romance blooms with a beautiful psychic who may—or may not—hold the final clue to this murderous mystery. Eli can’t help but be drawn to her, even though falling in love in the midst of a murder spree is never a good idea.

As all the pieces of this deadly puzzle begin to fall into place, Eli must use every trick he knows to uncover the true killer … before he becomes the final victim.

Single Dad Seeks Juliet (affiliate link)

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Author: Monroe, Max
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Romantic Comedy

Dear Internet: Am I a horrible person for wanting to sabotage my work assignment—completely wreck a dating contest—because I hate the idea of love?

I know it sounds bad, but just hear me out, okay?

I (33F) work at a local paper, and two months ago, my editor assigned me a huge project—run the upcoming, highly anticipated Bachelor Anonymous contest.

In essence, I’m supposed to help a reader-nominated bachelor find his special someone, and while I should be excited to handle something of this magnitude solo, I can’t help but get queasy over how gross it feels.

Like, how cheesy could this thing get?

Where The Story Starts (affiliate link)

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Author: Clark, Imogen
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British & Irish Literary Fiction

A strange encounter. An unlikely friendship. But will it survive when they both know the truth?

As single mother Leah struggles to get her children ready one morning, the doorbell rings. Standing on the doorstep of their terraced house in Whitley Bay is a well-dressed stranger, Clio, who feels an emotional tie to the house that she can’t explain. The story should end there, but a long-buried secret is already on its way to the surface?

In some ways the two women couldn’t be more different: Leah’s a mother of two and the daughter of a barmaid; Clio’s a perennially single heiress to her baroness mother’s estate. But where Leah lacks grown-up company, Clio lacks any experience of the real world, and the unlikely friendship sparked by their curious first meeting offers both of them a welcome respite from the routine of their lives.

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Author: Wilder, Victoria
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Second-Chance, Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Alluring. Sexy. Liar.

The newest stranger in Strutt’s Peak has a mouth as loud and captivating as the bright tattoos drawn all over her body. But she’s no stranger to me. Because I’ve met her.

I’ve kissed her lips.
And I’m the only one who knows her secret.
She’s supposed to be dead.

Now, I hide the truth and keep her safe. Pretend we never met. Try to forget I ever touched her. Ignore that she’s always around. She’s my sister’s best friend now, but before that, I wanted her to be mine.

My family runs one of the country’s most successful winter sports brands, making me high-profile, a target for small-town gossip, and national recognition. All of it, dangerous for her.

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Author: Press, Rockridge
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Figure Drawing

Become a portrait artist with 30-minute lessons

Anyone can be an artist! Dive into at-home lessons on how to draw amazing, diverse portraits with this encouraging beginner’s book. Filled with clear, step-by-step instructions, this guide teaches you to transform simple lines into fully-formed faces.

Bite-size lessons—Squeeze in some quality drawing time on a coffee break, during lunch, or whenever your schedule allows with activities that take 30 minutes or less.
See your progress—Explore lessons and techniques that build on each other, taking you from the fundamentals of framing a face to detailed explorations of features and expressions.
Bring your pictures to life—Play with key elements like shadow, light, and texture, as you watch your realistic portraits come to life.
Pick up that pencil and sharpen your skills with the 30-Minute Portrait Drawing for Beginners!

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Author: Perry, Anne
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Traditional Detective Mysteries
As Inspector Thomas Pitt works to resolve the case of a dismembered woman, his womanizing brother-in-law, George March, Lord Ashworth, is poisoned with his morning coffee at the country estate of his cousins. The primary suspect? Charlotte’s sister, Emily, the murdered man’s wife and Pitt’s sister-in-law. Charlotte and Pitt take on the March clan with the help of Great-aunt Vespasia, their formidable relative and a member of the clan, to break through the wall of deceit and silence. When Sybilla March, George’s suspected paramour, is found strangled by her hair and Emily is the one who found her, the case would seem hopeless—for anyone but the indomitable Pitts. Their pursuit of the truth takes them down a path of corruption, depravity, and murder, from the elegant townhouses lining fashionable Cardington Crescent to the horrifying slums of London.

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