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Author: Malone, M.
Small Town Bodyguard Romance

Kaylee Wilhelm is tired of always being a good, respectful southern belle. So when the man she loves leaves town after their steamy kiss, she’s done. As a single mother with a demanding singing career, she has no time for pining after her former bodyguard. Especially since he’s the brother of one of her best friends.

Way to make things awkward.

Years ago Elliott Alexander disappeared for a year and came back irrevocably changed. With the FBI still watching, he can’t afford distractions. Especially not sweet kisses from the only woman who gets under his skin.

When she’s targeted by a stalker who seems to know her every move, Eli is the only one who can protect her. The investigation will require him to stop running from his past and face it.

Once a Soldier (affiliate link)

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Author: Blackmore, Benjamin
Domestic Thrillers

An extremist cult is threatening Seattle. Can an ex-soldier put aside his own demons to stop them?

Ex-military contractor Harper Knox has taken over his family’s farm in eastern Washington, ripped up the cherry trees and planted grape vines, hoping that the wine life will ease his PTSD-riddled soul. But he still has nightmares, and he’s still diving into the dirt every time a kid sets off a firework.

Desperate to taste battle again, he accepts a bodyguard gig in Seattle protecting a doctor involved with controversial AI research. Sometimes the only way to deal with the fire is by jumping back into the flame.

Things go bad quickly, and Harper and Italian mercenary Francesca Daly join forces to make things right. Technology and religion collide as the two vigilantes race through Seattle on a hunt for a madman.

Shattered Promises (affiliate link)

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Author: Sorensen, Jessica
Coming of Age Fantasy

Life has never been normal for twenty-one year-old Gemma Lucas. She knows nothing about her past and has been haunted by monsters in her nightmares and in real life. She feels disconnected from everyone until the first day she cries. After that, nothing in her life is the same.

As her emotions slowly surface, she starts experiencing love, happiness, and anger. But they leave her confused, and she can’t decide whether to embrace them or run away from them.

Her life only gets more complicated when she meets Alex. Sexy, arrogant, and secretive, Alex can get under Gemma’s skin like no one can. But she’s drawn to him by a connection she seems to have no control over. She also swears she’s met him before—in her nightmares.

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Author: James, Piper
Romantic Comedy

I have a great life. I’ve fulfilled my dream of running my own coffee shop-slash-library in my hometown, I own my own home, and I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for. Everything is perfect.

Or it was.

When a neighboring town starts its very own professional football franchise, he gets himself traded to be the starting quarterback of the Branston Bandits. And before I know it, he’s purchased the house next door, moving in with a neighborly smile like he didn’t destroy me all those years ago…

…when he made a disgusting bet with his teammates to take my V-card, which I was eagerly and naively willing to give him before I found out the truth.

Well, if Riggs Malone thinks it’s all water under the bridge, he has another thing coming. I don’t forgive easily, and I never forget. I’m about to make his life a living hell.

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Author: Linfield, Emma
Historical Regency Romance

“I love you, Elias. And I would love you till eternity permits.”

If Lady Frederica wants to avoid getting married off, like a pig to the slaughter, to an old, mean gentleman, she needs to find a suitor and fast. That is the ultimatum her uncle gave her. But as the Season is slowly coming to a close, her options are getting limited.

Elias Curtis, the Marquess of Livington, has one goal this season. Find who killed his father and bring them to justice. And if that means falsely courting lady Julia to get close to her father, then so be it.

What he never counted on was the coconspirator he would find in Julia’s cousin. And what neither of them expected was the affection that grows between them, and the terrible things it would lead them to…

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Author: Dyer, Annie
Billionaire Office Romance
He’s gorgeous. He’s successful. And he’s technically my employer. Introducing Jackson Callaghan, who looks like no lawyer ever should.
I shouldn’t be noticing how he wears a suit or thinking about what his hair looks like in the mornings. Instead, I’m meant to be sticking to just three things:
Growing my marketing business Buying my cheating, arrogant ex out of said business Never getting involved with anyone I work with. Ever. Again.
London, England. The residence of the queen, suited City boys and the man who won’t give up: Jackson Callaghan. With his tattoos and a talent for charming, he’s set his sights on one thing other than his career – me.
Just one night won’t hurt, will it? A simple hook up isn’t really breaking my own rules.
But what happens when a hook up leaves you hooked?
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Author: Candas, Bobbie
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Women’s Historical Fiction

The grueling economy of the 1930’s has snaked its way into families, farms, and the small town of Green Tree, Iowa. Forging separate paths, Mariah and Nanette both suffer economically but use quite different tactics to find their way .

A young Mariah yearns to leave her family’s farm, and dreams of taking on a bustling career in New York. Instead, she’s sidetracked by love, and at nineteen finds herself married to her high school sweetheart, the mother of twin daughters, and living only a few miles from the crowded home she grew up in.

Nanette is certain she’s destined for a bigger life than what she sees in Green Tree. And she’s not above using her looks and deceit to get ahead. The confident Nanette feels her future lies in the spotlight of Hollywood. Initially, the closest she gets to the movie industry is selling popcorn in the lobby of a Minnesota theater, but she is undaunted by challenges.

Hostile (affiliate link)

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Author: Dykes, Nicole
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Gay Romance
Life has been easy for me. Top of my class. Star quarterback of the football team. Every guy wants to be my friend, and every girl wants to date me.
Yeah, life is pretty sweet.
Except it’s not.
It’s all fake. School comes too easy for me, and I’m bored. Football isn’t fun anymore. The guys I hang out with aren’t really my friends.
And the girls? I don’t want to date them.
The only one I want to date . . . He’s a little bit . . . hostile.
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Author: Willis, Becki
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Domestic Thrillers

An escaped prisoner.
A woman running from her past.
National news coverage is the last thing Sara needs.
After a troubled and abusive past, Sara Jennings has found a semblance of tranquility in her life. Buying a small pecan orchard in a rural community at the edge of nowhere has brought her the peace and solitude she so desperately craves.
She fell in love with the property at first sight and has never once regretted moving here. The old farmhouse comes with history, something Sara craves for herself. Better yet, it comes with the promise of a future. She can run her software company from home and have minimal human contact with the world.

For a woman in hiding, it’s the perfect solution, until an inmate escapes from prison and shatters Sara’s bubble of security.

Someone Like You (affiliate link)

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Author: Mallery, Susan
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Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

Jill Strathern left town for the big city and never looked back—until she returned home years later to run a small law practice. It turns out her childhood crush, Mac Kendrick, a burned-out LAPD cop, has also come back to sleepy Los Lobos. Even though Mac rejected her back in high school, Jill can’t deny the attraction she still feels for him.

Now Jill and Mac are tangled in enough drama to satisfy the most jaded L.A. denizens—Mafia dons, social workers, angry exes and one very quirky eight-year-old make even the simplest romance complicated. And it all goes to prove that when it comes to affairs of the heart, there’s no place like home. An unlikely pair . . . but a perfect match.

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Author: Ellis, J. R.
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Police Procedurals

A body is discovered deep in a cave beneath the Yorkshire Dales. Leading the investigation into the mysterious death are experienced DCI Jim Oldroyd and his partner DS Carter, a newcomer from London.

The deceased is Dave Atkins, well known throughout the village but not well liked. While there is no shortage of suspects, the details of the crime leave Oldroyd and Carter stumped. How did Atkins’s body end up in such a remote section of the cave? When someone with vital information turns up dead, it becomes clear that whoever is behind the murders will stop at nothing to conceal their tracks.

Oldroyd and his team try to uncover the truth, but every answer unearths a new set of questions. And as secrets and lies are exposed within the close-knit community, the mystery becomes deeper, darker and more complex than the caves below.

The One Night : A Novella (affiliate link)

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Author: Quinn, Meghan
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Contemporary Romance

Recently divorced Cooper Chance knows he’s officially in a rut when his parents take him barhopping in the hope of resuscitating his love life. At first, he’s skeptical. How could a gritty dive bar possibly solve his problems? But then he runs into Nora McHale.

Nora isn’t at the bar looking for love. She’s there to unwind after yet another exhausting day at her bakery. And even if she were hoping to meet someone, it sure wouldn’t be Cooper—her best friend’s ex-husband.

According to the unwritten rules of romance, Cooper and Nora are completely off limits to each other. But after a fun, flirty night at the bar, they can’t ignore the wild attraction between them.

Is this the beginning of something real, or will their passionate night together be their one and only?

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