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Author: Lively, Jack
Military Thrillers

After surviving combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and northern Syria, Tom Keeler receives his discharge from the United States Air-Force special tactics squadron. He’s planning a long vacation, beginning with the town of Alencourt, France, where his mother spent summers as a kid.

Keeler’s in town for less than an hour and three men try to kill him. Nice place, nice try.

Those aren’t the first men who’ve tried to kill Keeler and failed. He could just walk away, get back on the train and take it from there. But Keeler finds himself drawn back to Alencourt. Perhaps it’s the beautiful French policewoman, Cecile Nazari, who tells Keeler that the attack was a case of mistaken identity. Or maybe, it’s the fact that the people who attacked him might be the same people who left his French cousin in a wheelchair.

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Author: Coleman, Vernon
Medical Fiction
When he arrives in Bilbury, a small village on the edge of Exmoor where central heating is a log fire in the middle of the room and where doors are never locked, the young doctor doesn’t realise how much he has to learn. But he soon finds the extent of his ignorance when he meets his patients. There is Anne Thwaites who gives birth in the middle of a field and local rogue Thumper Robinson who knows a good many tricks that aren’t in any textbooks. And there is Mike Trickle, a TV show host, who causes great excitement when he buys a house in the village. The young doctor’s employer is elderly Dr Brownlow who lives in a house that looks like a castle, drives an old Rolls Royce and patches his stethoscope with a bicycle inner tube repair kit. The local pub, the Duck and Puddle, is run by Frank, the inebriate landlord, and the village shop is run by Peter who also drives the local taxi, delivers the mail and acts as the local undertaker.
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Author: Byrd, Sandra
Religious Romance

What do you do when you’ve got a degree in French and absolutely no job prospects? Of course, you slide into your favorite French bakery for a café crème! When a lighthearted conversation with the manager of the local patisserie turns into a job offer, Lexi Stuart gladly accepts.

She indulges in tasty pastries and wins over skeptical coworkers, but the glamour is minimal, and the pay is less than generous. Trouble by the handful is stirred into her life as she juggles the flirtatious baker she has her eye on and a handsome young executive who likes Lexi even more than her Napoleons.

As she folds together dilemma and delight, Lexi learns that trying to fulfill everyone else’s expectations is not satisfying. Instead, she must risk everything safe and comfortable to find out if the dream is within her reach.

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Author: Best, Nicholas
World War II History

On 28 April 1945 Benito Mussolini was dragged from his mistress’s bed and executed. Just two days later, surrounded by the Soviet Army, Adolf Hitler put a gun to his head and committed suicide. Living through the pivotal five days that saw the war in Europe draw to an end were a collection of individuals who already were, or would go on to be some of the most recognized faces in the world.

Drawing on a wealth of unfamiliar material and first-hand accounts, Nicholas Best tells the compelling tale of those who witnessed the final days of the war in Europe, from Jack Kennedy to Bob Dole, recuperating in an Italian hospital, and Private Henry Kissinger, back on German soil for the first time since his family fled before the war. Racked with depression, Spike Milligan swigged stolen champagne while Audrey Hepburn was starving in Holland. Roman Polanski was playing with grenades in Krakow and a future Pope was on his way home, terrified of being shot for deserting the Wehrmacht.

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Author: Gleason, Colleen
Paranormal Vampire Romance

Can you imagine Twilight with carriages, ballgowns, gloves, and corsets? With prim and proper manners, and the wealthy, powerful dukes and lords of London Society?

And then what happens when Voss, the most jaded vampire of them all, falls for a lovely, innocent debutante. She has a sassy wit, a delicious scent…and information he needs desperately.

Plus, her brother is a vampire hunter.

Enter the world of the Draculia, where
In 19th Century London, vampires live alongside the uppercrust members of Society…
Even after centuries of lust, hedonism, and women, Voss, the Viscount Dewhurst, rarely finds himself bored. As a member of the Dracule, he is a rogue of the first order, a man who loves nothing more than a warm woman, excellent vintage, and even a puzzling challenge to keep his mind active.

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Author: Leclaire, Day
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Contemporary Romance

Some blazes, once ignited, can’t be extinguished.
Just one burning touch connects a Dante with his soul mate.
The Inferno … curse or blessing?
One scorching touch connects Sev Dante with lovely jewelry designer, Francesca Sommers. One passionate night together changes their lives forever. One painful secret will tear them apart and destroy both their lives.

As the powerful, take-charge CEO of Dantes jewelry empire, Sev never believed in The Inferno until it sweeps through him like wildfire. According to family legend, to ignore The Inferno guarantees disaster. To succumb, a life of bliss. But what happens when the woman The Inferno chooses works for his competitor and creates a stunning jewelry collection that threatens to destroy his plans to rebuild his family’s empire? The only option available: blackmail her to work for him and become his bride.

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Author: Bauer, Tal
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LGBTQ+ Mystery

It was just one night.
It was just one mistake.

FBI Agent Noah Downing had questions about his sexuality that a single night in Vegas should have answered. But dawn finds him on a plane back to Iowa, back on the trail of a vicious serial killer who disappeared six years ago and has suddenly resurfaced. There’s nothing like a murder investigation to escape an existential crisis.

FBI profiler Cole Kennedy is still reeling after finding a heart-stopping connection with a seemingly perfect man, only for him to vanish. When he’s sent to Iowa to profile the killer terrorizing America’s heartland, he finds more questions than answers – both about the murderer and about Noah, the last man he ever expected to see again.

King of the Court (affiliate link)

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Author: Grey, R.S.
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Romantic Comedy

We don’t get a lot of NBA superstars coming through little ol’ Pine Hill, Texas. That’s why everyone is all in a tizzy over the fact that the USA men’s Olympic basketball team will be training here of all places before this year’s Summer Games. With little else to talk about, rumors about the players have been spreading like wildfire, and there’s one man in the middle of it all holding a match.

Ben Castillo.
NBA champion.
Olympic gold medalist.
Widely hailed ‘King of the Court’.

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Author: Nealen, Peter
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Espionage Thrillers

It Was Supposed To Be A Break From War Zones…

But Now It’s A New War, Against Enemies Foreign…

And Domestic…

Chris Grant had taken the close protection gig for a finance guy in the States as a break from the last two decades in war zones around the world. When a coordinated attempt is made on the client’s life, however, he finds that this job isn’t as simple as it seemed.

Things only get more complicated from there.

The Pallas Group Solutions contractors haven’t been selected because they’ll sit on their hands. As they begin to gather more intelligence, and as the bodies stack up, they discover that there’s more to both the client and their own company than meets the eye.

Wayward Galaxy (affiliate link)

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Author: Anspach, Jason , Chaney, J.N.
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Space Marine Science Fiction

The future isn’t what they expected.

A company of Army Rangers are sent on an interstellar colony ship to secure a foothold on a dangerous, alien planet through violence of action. Leaving behind a warring Earth flung headfirst into a conflict of mutual assured destruction, the Rangers and the accompanying crew of first colonists are guided on a 40-year journey by an unprecedented artificial intelligence.

But when they emerge from the frigid embrace of cryosleep, they awake to a nightmare, finding themselves greeted by the same ruthless enemy that brought about the ruin of Earth. Alone on a dangerous, alien planet and with no hope of rescue or relief, the military colonists are forced to finish the war they thought they’d left behind. And in an unknown galaxy, friends and enemies alike prove to be much more than they seem.

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