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Author: Richardson, Luke
Mystery Action Fiction

Imagine a secret manuscript that could change the world, and you’re the only person who knows where it is.

Professional treasure hunter EDEN BLACK is no stranger to action. After all, the artifacts she spends her life returning to their rightful owners aren’t always easy to access.

When Eden’s father dies in a plane crash, her life’s turned upside down. Grief turns to fear when she learns that it wasn’t an accident. Everyone involved in an archaeological dig twenty years ago has met with a similar untimely end. Everyone that is, but Eden who was ten at the time.

When her father’s house is raided and burned to the ground, Eden’s forced into action. To learn the truth about her father’s death and save herself from sharing his fate, Eden must uncover the manuscript and expose its secrets once and for all.

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Author: Dineen, Whitney
Royal Romantic Comedy
Family drama is something Lutéce Choate struggles to avoid. With a mother who’s an award-winning country western song writer, an aunt who’s a Country Music Hall of Famer, and a brother who’s a rock star, it hasn’t exactly been a low-key kind of life, and she’s ready for a break. Then Lu’s younger sister, Claire, goes off and gets engaged to a prince from Malquar, bringing the dreaded spotlight back to shine on their family once again. Lu wants to go to the engagement party about as much as she wants to yodel the Star Spangled Banner at the Grand Ole Opry with her crazy relatives. Alas, not going, doesn’t appear to be an option.Alistair George Henry Bere Hale is not the heir, but the spare.
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Author: Kazmierczak, Pamela
Dessert Baking

Some Examples of the recipes for easy brownies include:

  • Black and White Brownie Layers
  • Brownie Truffles
  • Caramel-Chocolate Layered Brownies
  • Chocolate Chip Blondies
  • Chocolate Frosted Rocky Road Brownies
  • Chocolate-Butterscotch Layered Brownies
  • Chocolate-Cheesecake Swirl Brownies
  • Dark Chocolate Brownies
  • Frosted Peanut Butter Brownies
  • Glazed Brownies with Cookie Dough Topping
  • Macadamia and Walnut Brownies
  • Peppermint Brownies
  • Sugar Frosted Blondies
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Author: Killan, Jace
Espionage Thrillers

Though fresh out of prison, Joaquin isn’t free. He owes a debt of service and the cartel will see it paid. Only they don’t plug him into their lucrative drug operation, instead they give Joaquin half a billion dollars, laundered and ready to invest.

But Joaquin wants redemption. He wants to be like his father and brother who both died in the line of duty as heroes. So he becomes an informant for the FBI.

As the monies grow, he discovers that the funds in his care are not the sole property of the cartel, but mostly belong to a well-coordinated terrorist cell, hell-bent on bringing capitalism to its knees.

Joaquin has to walk the line between informant and cartel money manager while trying to protect those he loves along with the nation for which his brother and father gave their lives.

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Author: Jedel, Marc
Cozy Mysteries

Armed with only an eye for detail and powers of self-delusion, Marty Golden bumbles through his investigations and still manages to solve the cases before danger strikes him down.

Despite enjoying his job at a start-up driverless car company, Marty fantasizes that he has a top-secret relationship with the police, leading the charge to solve mysteries. Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn’t exactly hero material.

Following clues he uncovers, can Marty survive long enough to solve each murder while tangling with gangsters and a cantankerous school secretary, keeping his job, fumbling his personal relationships, and plunging into dangerous—or merely awkward—situations along the way? Follow along as he sifts through suspects and marches to the beat of his ever-present Hawaiian shirts.

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Author: Anderson, Susan Russo
Women Sleuths
Abandoned by her father and mourning the sudden loss of her mother, Fina Fitzgibbons ekes out a living by establishing a cleaning service in Brooklyn called Lucy’s. But when she finds a body on a busy sidewalk in the heart of the Heights, she dusts off her PI license and begins searching for the killer, only to discover that the strangled woman’s four-year-old grandson is missing. A desperate hunt begins for the kidnapped child. During the chase, Fina resists falling in love with her boyfriend, Denny, an NYPD patrol officer, steps on the toes of Detective First Grade Jane Templeton, and uncovers secrets about her mother’s death. In the end, the killer has a vicious surprise for Fina.
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Author: Lincoff, Gary
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Outdoor & Nature Reference

The only mushrooming book that will introduce you safely and with confidence to the not-so “underground” hobby of mushroom hunting and gathering.

Gathering edible wild food is a wonderful way to forge a connection to the earth. Mushrooms are the ultimate local food source; they grow literally everywhere, from mountains and woodlands to urban and suburban parks to your own backyard. The Complete Mushroom Hunter will enrich your understanding of the natural world and build an appreciation for an ancient, critically relevant, and useful body of knowledge. Amateur mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts will find this is a guidebook for their passion.

Mushroom guru Gary Lincoff escorts you from the mushroom’s earliest culinary awakening, through getting equipped for mushroom forays, to preparing and serving the fruits of the foray, wherever you live.

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Author: Childs, Lisa
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Crime Thrillers

Drawn to the former Bainesworth Manor in the wake of a murder, reporter Edie Stone wants answers. It’s been over forty years since the psychiatric hospital on Bane Island shut down, and the mystery of women vanishing there remains unsolved. But the exclusive retreat isn’t just protected by the dark pine forests and crashing waves of Maine’s rocky coast—it’s surrounded with silence. Everyone on the island is keeping secrets.

Especially Dr. Elijah Cooke, grandson of the man who headed Bainesworth Manor and the psychiatrist-proprietor of a new wellness resort on the same premises. His desire to help people seems at war with his fierce loyalty to his family. He’s sure the world is out to get him. And as the accidents and coincidences pile up, Edie becomes convinced someone is trying to kill them both. But if she’s close enough to be a threat, she must be close to the truth . . .

Ophelia (affiliate link)

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Author: Klein, Lisa
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Historical Mysteries & Thrillers

As ambitious and witty as she is beautiful, Ophelia is quick to catch the eye of the captivating prince Hamlet. Their love blossoms in secret, but bloody deeds soon turn Denmark into a place of madness, and Ophelia may be forced to choose between her relationship and her own life. In desperation, she devises a plan to escape from Elsinore Castle forever… with one very dangerous secret.

Ophelia takes center stage in this bold and thrilling reimagining of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, the story of a young woman falling in love, searching for her place in the world, and finding the strength to survive.

The Cardinal: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Robinson, Henry Morton
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Classic Historical Fiction
A selection of the Literary Guild, The Cardinal was published in more than a dozen languages and sold over two million copies. Later made into an Academy Award-nominated film directed by Otto Preminger and starring John Huston, the book tells a story that captured the nation’s attention: a working-class American’s rise to become a cardinal of the Catholic Church. The daily trials and triumphs of Stephen Fermoyle, from the working-class suburbs of Boston, drive him to become first a parish priest, then secretary to a cardinal, later a bishop, and finally a wearer of the Red Hat. An essential work of American fiction that remains even more relevant today.
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Author: Chesman, Andrea
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Canning & Preserving
Blending your grandmother’s pickling know-how with today’s Internet resources, Andrea Chesman shows you how easy it is to fill your pantry with tasty homemade sauerkraut, Salt-Cured Dilly Beans, and Rosemary Onion Confit. Explaining classic techniques in simple language, guiding you to helpful websites, and making you laugh with humorous stories, Chesman provides inspiration and encouragement for both first-time picklers and dedicated home canners. With tips on pickling everything from apples to zucchini, you’ll enjoy exploring the stunning variety of flavors that can fill a Mason jar.

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