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Author: Dark, Rylie
Women Sleuths

Tara Strong has risen to become her county’s Deputy Sheriff through her bravery and her brilliant capacity to enter killer’s minds. Small-town life in the mountains, centered around their picturesque lake, should be idyllic. But Tara has already seen enough to know that there is a dark side to everything, that small towns hide secrets, that everyone has something in their past—and that a killer may just be lurking right next door.

Tara remains haunted by her own past, by her missing sister, by her guilt over the unsolved case. She must battle the demons of her own past, while trying to get ahead in a male-dominated police force.

Can Tara keep it together long enough to catch a killer?

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Author: Monroe, Amber Ella
Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters

She was supposed to be my personal assistant—a temporary aide to help me work through an unrelenting agenda. After a few days with her, I know she’s not the best fit for the job…but she is the right woman for me.

I crave her curves. Even when I make demands, I take one look at her and lose control under her seductive stare. She has become a permanent distraction. All I can think about is taking her on my desk and keeping her for myself.

There’s one other issue—the animal inside me lusts for more than a temporary fling. I want to make the little office vixen mine forever.

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Author: Pulkinen, Carrie
Paranormal Romantic Comedy

It’s all fun and games….

…until someone wakes up dead.

Governor’s daughter Jane Anderson is used to getting what she wants. When a girls’ trip to Mardi Gras thrusts her into the arms—and fangs—of New Orleans’ hottest vampire, he gifts her with immortality, super strength, and a complexion to die for.

There’s only one tiny problem. Jane faints at the sight of blood.

When Ethan Devereaux meets Jane, his cold, lifeless heart learns to beat again. Convinced she’s his late fiancée reincarnated, he turns her, claiming her as his own. But when Jane wakes up dead in Ethan’s attic, she’s loud, sassy, and downright ornery. He doesn’t know if he should kiss her or stake her, but one thing’s for certain…

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Author: Rose, Anni
Romantic Comedy
A sprinkle of luck and a dollop of fate …Ruby Brooks is a little sceptical when her horoscope say she’s going to have a fabulous year – especially when she loses a boyfriend and a job in quick succession. Plus, a rogue kitchen fitter has run off and taken everything, including the kitchen sink!So, Ruby takes luck and fate into her own hands with an unusual resolution – she’ll enter ten competitions a day, whether they’re for her dream Japanese holiday or a year’s supply of dog food (she doesn’t have a dog), and win her way to happiness.But when a Valentine’s Day prize from a local restaurant results in chef Adam Finder (and his dog, Brutus) appearing in her life, is that luck or fate? And will Ruby ultimately find out that true happiness doesn’t need to be won?
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Author: Stark, Cindy
Paranormal Cozy Mystery

For Evie St. Claire, life in Honeysuckle Springs isn’t anything like she’d imagined. Sure, the old house is charming, and the smalltown lakeside community is picture perfect. But her kitty roommate Birdie is unpredictable, snarky, and demanding.
When a ransom note shows up at Evie’s backdoor, she must come clean about her aunt’s stolen ashes. She’ll also need to decide if she’s willing to meet the ransom demands and give up her aunt’s spell book, or if she’ll search for the culprit herself.

Before she can get a grip on that, Evie discovers a secret Birdie’s been hiding in the dusty upstairs attic, and things take a turn for the worse. She believes Birdie should handle the mess herself, but if police learn Birdie’s secret, they could both be in big trouble.

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Author: Carnegie, Dale
Interpersonal Relations

How to Win Friends and Influence People’ is one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published. Just after publishing, it quickly exploded into an overnight success, eventually selling more than 15 million copies worldwide, and pioneering an entire genre of self-help and personal success books.

With an enduring grasp of human nature, it teaches his readers how to handle people without letting them feel manipulated, how to make people feel important without inspiring resentment, how win people over to your point of view without causing offence, and how to make a friend out of just about anyone. Millions of people around the world have improved their lives based on the teachings of Dale Carnegie. This classic book will turn your relationships around and improve your interactions with everyone in your life.

Believe Me (affiliate link)

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Author: Mitchell, Dreda Say, Carter, Ryan
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Sisters Fiction

Lawyer Gabby Lewis always knew she would die young. Since her mother’s death twenty-five years ago, she’s dreaded her upcoming fortieth birthday, the same age her mother died.

When she discovers a connection between her mother and a suspicious mansion house, Ocean Haven, Gabby begins to suspect that her mother’s death wasn’t an accident, it was murder.

Returning home Gabby sets out to uncover the truth despite her family, friends and the local police all telling her to stop. When she starts to develop the same mysterious symptoms that led to her mother’s death, she is certain she’s on the right track. But will she be able to catch the killer in time? Or will she become another victim of a murderer desperate to keep the past buried?

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Author: Merullo, Roland
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Historical Literary Fiction

Italy, 1943. The Nazi occupation has cemented its grip on the devastated city of Naples.

Giuseppe DiPietra, a curator in the National Archives, has a subversive plan to aid the Allies. If he’s discovered, forced labor or swift execution. Lucia Pastone, secretary for the Italian Fascist government, is risking her own life in secret defiance of orders. And Lucia’s father, Aldo, is a black marketeer who draws Giuseppe and Lucia into the underworld—for their protection and to help plant the seeds of resistance. Their fates are soon intertwined with those of Aldo’s devoted lover and a boy of the streets who’ll do anything to live another day. And all of Naples is about to join forces to overcome impossible odds and repel the Nazi occupiers.

Twice a Quinceañera (affiliate link)

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Author: Méndez, Yamile Saied
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Second Chance Romance

One month short of her wedding day—and her thirtieth birthday—Nadia Palacio finds herself standing up to her infuriating, cheating fiancé for the first time in . . . well, ever. But that same courage doesn’t translate to breaking the news to her Argentinian family. She’s hyperventilating before facing them when she glimpses a magazine piece about a Latina woman celebrating herself—with a second quinceañera, aka Sweet 15! And that gives Nadia a brilliant idea . . .

With a wedding venue already paid for, and family from all over the world with plane tickets, Nadia is determined to create her own happily-ever-after. Since the math adds up perfectly, she’ll celebrate her treintañera, her double quinces. As the first professional in her family, raising a glass to her achievements is the best plan she’s had in years. Until she discovers that the man in charge of the venue is none other than her college fling that became far more than a fling. And he looks even more delicious than a three-tiered cake . . .

Desert Island: Paradise Cove (affiliate link)

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Author: Turner, Olivia T.
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Romantic Comedy
What’s worse than being stranded on a desert island?
Being stranded on a desert island with a freaking hitman!
I’m a stewardess working on a private jet when in walks the Brambilla Family of mobsters.
They’re my new passengers.
But there’s someone else on the plane and he’s not here for the peanuts.
When I’m serving the wrinkly old Mr. Salvatore Brambilla a double gin and tonic with an orange slice, this maniac assassin pops out and shoots up the place.
The plane goes down and we go down with it.
Now, I’m stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean with a psychotic mafia hitman.
Just the two of us…

The Deavys (affiliate link)

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Author: Foster, Alan Dean
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Siblings Fiction
For any normal teenage boy, having two and a half younger sisters would be enough to deal with. But Simwan Deavy’s life isn’t normal. His family is non-Ord—short for “non-Ordinary”—which means that at school, he and his sisters learn hexing and enchanting along with history and math. It also means they have a ghost for an uncle and a cat who talks. Still, everything is going well for Simwan—until a bottle of Truth is stolen from the local pharmacy. Now the Deavys’ favorite woods are under threat from development; their mother, whose life depends on the Truth, is growing weaker; and the world as they know it might never be the same.
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Author: Bensinger, Ken
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Biographies of White Collar Crime

The FIFA case began small, boosted by an IRS agent’s review of an American soccer official’s tax returns. But that humble investigation eventually led to a huge worldwide corruption scandal that crossed continents and reached the highest levels of the soccer’s world governing body in Switzerland.

“The meeting of American investigative reporting and real-life cop show” (The Financial Times), Ken Bensinger’s Red Card explores the case, and the personalities behind it, in vivid detail. There’s Chuck Blazer, a high-living soccer dad who ascended to the highest ranks of the sport while creaming millions from its coffers; Jack Warner, a Trinidadian soccer official whose lust for power was matched only by his boundless greed; and the sport’s most powerful man, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who held on to his position at any cost even as soccer rotted from the inside out.

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