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Author: Stevens, Dustin
Private Investigator Mysteries

Battered physically and psychologically in the wake of a horrific car accident, Erika Wernick takes a leave from her post as a reporter at the Seattle Times to return home to Big Bear Lake to recover.
Intent on nothing more than holing up in the mountains to let herself mend, she is begrudgingly pulled along by her uncle to join him and his friends for their morning coffee at the local shop.

Thinking it is nothing more than a few recent retirees in need of filling the time, it isn’t until she arrives that she discovers the gathering is of a much different nature. Joining her uncle, the former town sheriff, is Craig Cobb, a past detective with LAPD, and Lou Tobias, a medical examiner from nearby Riverside. Together, the three men form the Hobby Lobby, a term of affection given to the group that meets each morning to help each other through the various hobby cases each picked up over the course of their careers.

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Author: Baron, Mike
Dark Humor

In Florida Man, Gary Duba’s having a bad day. There’s a snake in his toilet, a rabid raccoon in the yard, and his girl Krystal’s in jail for getting naked at a Waffle House and licking the manager. Gary’s a redneck living in a trailer by the swamp, but he’s got dreams—big dreams. With his best friend, Floyd, Gary sets out to sell his prized Barry Bonds rookie card to raise the five hundred needed for bail. Too bad things always find a way of getting out of hand.

Following his newfound fame for apprehending Plastic Surgeon to the Stars and serial killer Dr. Vanderlay Mukerjee in Hogzilla, Gary moves back into the five-million-dollar mansion he bought with his lottery winnings. What was formerly Turpentine Acres is now Kensington Gardens, an upscale community that frowns upon Gary’s lawn ornaments and Confederate flag. But when a thousand-pound feral hog begins savaging Kensington Gardens, the HOA calls on Gary to deal with the monster.

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Author: Cosway, L.H.
Contemporary Romance

Life used to be simple. I was a city girl with humble dreams. Then Dylan O’Dea broke into my flat, held me against the wall and told me to stay quiet.

It was like in the movies, where the universe zeros in on a single scene. I looked into his eyes and knew he was going to change me.

For Dylan, the sky was always falling. He showed me how our world is a contradiction of beauty and ugliness. How we choose to ignore the awful and gloss over it with the palatable. How you need just a tiny drop of something unsavoury to create every great scent.

Pretty deep for a pair of teenagers living in a block of council flats in inner city Dublin, right? Probably. But we weren’t typical. We both had our obsessions. Mine was growing things, Dylan’s was scent. He taught me how to use my nose, and I introduced him to the magic of flowers. I had no idea that one day he’d build an empire from what we started together.

Stolen Summer (affiliate link)

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Author: Mint, Cassie
Two-Hour Romance

I should be traveling around Europe this summer.

Instead I’m held captive by a hot doctor.

My father has always been a controlling jerk, but shutting me away in some institute for ‘behavioral issues’? That’s a new low.

I don’t care if the head doctor is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. No, I don’t care that his stern, clipped words make me shiver deep inside.

I’m not crazy, and I’m blowing this joint—letting it all burn as I go.

My father? Dead to me.
My future? Up in smoke.
The doctor? Well, he’s in on this sham. Isn’t he?

Except his gaze is so steady. His voice is so warm.

And maybe I’m not all alone.

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“I can tear your throat out right here,” he said, his voice a hushed whisper of threats and spilled blood. “I could kill you a thousand different ways where you sit.”
The nail cut deeper. Blood beaded, then spilled down my front, over my breasts.
I choked on a whimper.
“Now, tell me everything.”

Few knew Valissa’s secret but it already carried a death toll. One.
If the Gods ever discovered what she was, they would capture and flay her alive. But in the land of Gods and Monsters, no secret stays hidden forever.
It isn’t long before Lissa is snatched up taken to one of the cruellest Gods in all the lands…

Prince Poison.

Popsicle Recipes (affiliate link)

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Here is a Preview of the Popsicle Recipes You Will Learn:
Sweet Georgian Pops
College Quad Popsicles
Lake Fog Pops
Rare Popsicles
Tampa’s Special Pops
Pacific Paletas
Country Girl Berry Popsicles
Karen’s Creamy Pops
3-Ingredient Paletas
Mango Toscana Pops
After-School Paletas
Lemon Pesto Paletas
Berry Blast Pops
Maria’s Vanilla Pops
Sanibel Island Pops
Spanish Cucumber Paletas
Spicy Mexicana Paletas
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Author: Coren, Stanley
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Dog Training

How to Speak Dog is one of the few books today that show us what dogs are trying to tell us, not just how we can control them.

Parlez-vous Doggish?

At long last, dogs will know just how smart their owners can be. By unlocking the secrets of the hidden language of dogs, psychologist Stanley Coren allows us into the doggy dialogue, or “Doggish,” and makes effective communication a reality.

Drawing on substantial research in animal behavior, evolutionary biology, and years of personal experience, Coren demonstrates that the average house dog can understand language at about the level of a two-year-old human. While actual conversation of the sort Lassie seemed capable of in Hollywood mythmaking remains forever out of reach, Coren shows us that a great deal of real communication is possible beyond the giving and obeying of commands.

Wild Harbor Beach Collection (affiliate link)

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Author: Worthington, Grace
Regularly $9.99, Today $4.99
Sweet Romance
Love at Wild Harbor
One chocolate shop. Two fixer uppers. Three feisty sisters. One sweet love story to bring it all together! A second chance romance about a chocolate shop owner who falls for the guy who broke her heart years ago. Now he’s back to help her with her fixer upper and he’s not going to leave until she says yes. Will she let him back into her life…and her heart?
Summer Nights in Wild Harbor
A competitive newspaper journalist meets her handsome match: the guy she’s forced to team up with at work and not fall in love with. Will she get the promotion she desperately wants or will her heart give in to the man who’ll do anything for her? A heartwarming enemies-to-love story!
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Author: Beck, Jamie
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Women’s Friendship Fiction

When Steffi Lockwood returns to Sanctuary Sound to start over, she has no idea she’ll also get a second chance with her first love.

Steffi Lockwood has survived more than most. Recovering from an assault, she returns to her coastal Connecticut hometown to rebuild her life the best way she knows how: with her hands. But starting a remodeling business with one longtime friend puts her in the middle of a rift with another. Worse, being hired by her ex-boyfriend’s mother forces her to confront old regrets.

Public defender Ryan Quinn wasn’t shocked when his wife left him, but he was floored when she abandoned their daughter. With his finances up in the air, the newly single dad returns to his childhood home in Sanctuary Sound. The last person he expects, or wants, to see working on his family house is Steffi Lockwood—his first love who shattered his heart.

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Author: Steele, Nellie H.
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Cozy Time Travel Mystery

Despite the castle’s spooky reputation, she’s drawn to the cozy connection with her family. But instead of a fresh start, will it lead to her death?

Cate Kensie’s quiet life takes a drastic turn when she receives a mysterious new inheritance. Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, the castle is crawling with more than just family history. From ghostly gardeners to phantom maids, Cate’s new home is far from perfect.

As she settles into her new world, the former history professor is determined to discover the meaning behind the enigmatic and alarming note left by her predecessor. And as the amateur sleuth digs for answers, she may unearth something better left buried.

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Author: Alexander, Poppy
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Holiday Romance

A little red telephone box full of stories, a chance to change her life…

Jess Metcalf is perfectly content with her quiet, predictable life. But when her beloved grandmother passes away and she loses her job at the local library, Jess’ life is turned upside down.

Determined to pick up the pieces, Jess decides it’s time for a new beginning. Unable to part with her grandmother’s cherished books, she packs them all up and moves to a tiny cottage in the English countryside. To her surprise, Jess discovers that she’s now the owner of an old red phone box that was left on the property. Missing her job at the local library, Jess decides to give back to her new community—using her grandmother’s collection to turn the ordinary phone box into the littlest library in England.

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Author: Trim, Brenda
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Women’s Fantasy Fiction

When Dani convinces her five sisters to sink everything they have into purchasing a dilapidated old plantation, it seems like a great idea at the time. They need a site to expand their business, and none of them is a stranger to the occasional escapade. Little do they know buying Willowberry Plantation House will be the biggest adventure of their lives.

As New Orleans natives, the sisters aren’t at all surprised to find a ghost haunting their new house. What they don’t see coming is their discovery that the land was cursed by a wrathful witch centuries earlier. Then things get really strange when Phoebe pays them a visit, unlocking more than just the magic trapped in the earth as she removes the hex that plagued the plantation.

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