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Author: Alexandrov, Nissa
International Mystery & Crime

Lora Godwin, professional hostess to the rich and feckless, makes her living being flattering, witty, and decorative. When she agrees to manage a yacht trip for a reclusive Russian oligarch and some potential business partners, she figures the worst problem she’ll face is keeping her professional distance from the sleazy yet seductive Greek playboy who seems keen to end her six-month, one-week, and three-day sexual dry spell.

But when she accidentally stumbles across a woman being held prisoner on the yacht, she finds her “to do” list suddenly includes dodging white slavers, escaping kidnappers, covering up homicides, and trying not to get pulped by the Russian mafia.

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Author: Snow, Suzanne
Contemporary Romance

When Annie returns to Thorndale, the village where she spent much of her childhood, she’s looking for a new start. All she wants to do is fix up the cottage her godmother left her, and fix up her broken heart.

When she clashes with local hero, Jon, Annie can’t help but wonder if coming back to Thorndale was a mistake. The village has clearly changed and the last thing she needs is more drama. But avoiding the distractingly handsome Jon is proving impossible, especially when Thorndale seems to be conspiring to throw them together…

Annie is looking for a fresh start with zero romance – but what if the only way to learn to trust again is to take a risk on love?

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Author: Reagal, Grace
Romantic Suspense

Do you know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Well, this isn’t their story. This is our story, Valentin’s story…my story.

In the world of the filthy rich, two of the most infamous crime families rule with iron fists. Drug trafficking, gang killings, ruthless wars—these are the men who have no moral compass.

Meet the Russian Mob, and the Italian Cosa Nostra. His family…and mine.

My name is Caterina Giovanni, daughter of the Italian Mafia. I’ve been clueless about who my family really is, what they’re capable of—until I meet him. Valentin Nikolaev, son of the Russian Mob.

Born and raised to one day take his rightful place as leader of his family, Valentin has one goal, and one goal only—to annihilate the Giovanni family. My family.

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Author: McCann, Jess
Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

Do you feel unlucky in love? Depressed or frustrated with your relationships or dating life? Have you ever thought, “I must be cursed?” Author Jess McCann spent a decade investigating why so many smart, attractive people suffer repeating, negative outcomes in their love lives — whether that means constantly getting ghosted, attracting the same noncommittal partner, or repeatedly fighting with a spouse. What she found was the startling revelation that men and women who struggle to develop or maintain happy relationships all have one thing in common. They’re unknowingly stuck in a habit of self-focused, binge thinking.

In a time where people are advised to concentrate more on themselves in order to gain happiness and love, McCann astutely lays out a different and more sustainable path to those goals. If Love Is A Blessing, Why Do I Feel Cursed? shines a light on the 5 primary binge-thinking habits that sabotage true connection with others and the practices needed to rid and reframe them.

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Author: Williams, D.J.
International Espionage Thriller
Chase Hardeman, a former special ops veteran, is left questioning whether his past covert missions in the Middle East are the cause of the chaos that’s erupted in his life. Dreams of leaving a clandestine war behind and becoming a legend like his father in the auction arena teeter on the brink once he implements a contingency plan amidst an FBI investigation. Captivated by an old flame, Chase navigates the dark corridors of the collector car world in search of a myth. He believes finding this hidden treasure will reveal answers to a ghost buried in the desert of Mosul known to US intelligence as the Prodigal. On this perilous quest, Chase is drawn closer to a deadly threat as he leverages the criminal underworld to prevent a global terrorist attack. With the clock ticking, Chase is forced to relive the past in an imminent showdown and discovers the truth is not as it seems.
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Author: Wallace, R. A.
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Megan Bennet, owner of the Teaberry Farm B&B, turns amateur sleuth when a wedding guest is murdered. With the help of her friends, Megan untangles the clues to help solve the puzzle. This mild cozy mystery series offers a clean read with a female amateur sleuth and friends in a small-town setting.

Megan is one of the main characters in this series but interacts with a wide range of other characters in the fictional town of Teaberry. A difficult first marriage ended in the accidental death of her husband. She supports herself with her B&B, produce from her farm, and her tech skills as a web developer. Main characters in the series are multigenerational.

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Author: Resnick, Mike
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First Contact Science Fiction

Duncan Rojas, an employee in the research department of Wilford Braxton’s Records of Big Game, rarely gets such a request. Bukoba Mandaka, the last descendant of the Maasai, wants his help finding a relic that has been lost for three thousand years: the tusks of the famous Kilimanjaro Elephant. In the year 6303 of the Galactic Era, all animals have become extinct. It’s an almost impossible job, but what Bukoba is willing to pay—and Duncan’s own curiosity—prove irresistible.

As Duncan puts all the technology at his disposal to the task, he begins to follow the remarkable odyssey of the ivory through cultures, time, and the universe—from being used as a pawn in a power play by unethical scientists to propping up a brutal warlord, from being worshipped as a symbol of immortality by an alien race to being turned into a matter of national pride by an opportunistic politician.

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Author: Gannon, Paul
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World War II History
In 1940, almost a year after the outbreak of World War II, Allied radio operators at an interception station in South London began picking up messages in a strange new code. Using science, math, innovation, and improvisation, Bletchley Park code breakers worked furiously to invent a machine to decipher what turned out to be the secrets of Nazi high command. It was called Colossus. What these code breakers didn’t realize was that they had fashioned the world’s first true computer. When the war ended, this incredible invention was dismantled and hidden away for almost 50 years. Paul Gannon has pieced together the tremendous story of what is now recognized as the greatest secret of Bletchley Park.

I Followed the Rules (affiliate link)

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Author: Bolouri, Joanna
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Romantic Comedy

My friends think I’m insane, I’m stalking men all over town, and I’m on a deadline.

High-flying journalist Cat Buchanan has been single for six years. So she’s sceptical when assigned to write a story on The Rules of Engagement, a book which promises to teach women how to find the man of their dreams in ten easy steps.

As far as Cat’s concerned, the book belongs in 1892, but she’s promised to follow it to the letter. After all, what does she have to lose by playing love at its own game?

What You Never Knew: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Hamilton, Jessica
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Idyllic Avril lsland, owned by the Bennett family, where their hundred-year-old cottage sat nestled in acres of forest. Forty-year-old June Bennett believed that the island had been sold after the summer of her father’s disappearance when she was only twelve years old. It’s months after the shocking death of her older sister May in a fatal car accident, that June finds out that the cottage was never sold. Avril Island is still owned by the Bennett family and now it’s hers.

Still reeling from the grief of losing her sister, June travels back to Avril lsland in search of answers. As she digs, she learns that the townspeople believe her father may in fact have been murdered rather than having abandoned his family in the dead of night, as she was led to believe by her mother.

SAS: Fortress (affiliate link)

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Author: McNab, Andy
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Historical Thrillers

Tom Buckingham has blood on his hands.

Neck deep in trouble for taking down a renegade Afghan soldier, he’s sent back home—angry, betrayed and out of work.

But with riots and rebellion spreading like wild fire on the streets of Britain, Tom’s unique skills are soon noticed by a charismatic billionaire with a questionable agenda.

Buckingham finds himself thrown back into the covert world of intelligence where a play for power is underway. He’ll have to decide where his loyalties lie if he’s to intervene in a series of events that will threaten the whole nation.

Time is running out and lives are at stake; is there anyone Tom Buckingham can trust?

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Author: Cassidy, Tina
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Cultural Anthropology
From midwives to the epidural and beyond, mother and former Boston Globe editor Tina Cassidy presents an intelligent, enlightening, and impeccably researched cultural history of how we handle the process of childbirth. Why is it that every culture and generation seems to have its own ideas about the best way to give birth? Touching on peculiar practices from across the globe as well as the very different experiences of mothers in her own family, Cassidy explores the physical, anthropological, political, and religious factors that have and will continue to influence how women bring new life into the world.

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