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Author: Dunbar, Kiley
Romantic Comedy

Jude Crawley should be on top of the world. She’s just graduated as a mature student, so can finally go public about her relationship with Philosophy professor, Mack.

Until she sees Mack kissing another girl, and her dreams crumble. And worse, their dream holiday – running a tiny bookshop in the harbour village of Clove Lore for two weeks – is non-refundable.

Throwing caution to the winds, Jude heads down to Devon, eager to immerse herself in literature and heal her broken heart.

But there’s one problem – six foot tall, brooding (but gorgeous) Elliot, who’s also reserved the bookshop holiday for two weeks…

The Woman in 3B (affiliate link)

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Author: Lentzski, Eliza
Lesbian Romance
The challenge was supposed to be simple. Spill a drink on an airline passenger and be one square closer to winning the company’s secret bingo card game. Twenty-five different challenges, at various levels of difficulty, had to be accomplished within a month’s time. After nearly eight years of being a flight attendant, Alice Kaminski had spilled drinks on plenty of passengers, mostly on accident and during rough air. She didn’t particularly like the idea of the bingo card, but she had massive student debt; the financial incentives were enough to make her momentarily forget the questionable ethics of it all. The challenge was supposed to be simple—that is, until Alice saw her intended target—the beautiful woman seated in 3B. And after that, nothing was simple ever again.
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Author: Valentin, Barbara
Romantic Comedy
Mattie Ross is probably the last person who should be doling out good counsel to anyone about anything. Still smarting after being left at the altar two years earlier, she is strapped with debt, has sworn off men, routinely buries herself in her work, and despite her well-proportioned figure remains haunted by childhood taunts of “Fatty Mattie”. But to her publisher at the Chicago Gazette, and listeners, she is their latest advice columnist, The Plate Spinner, a self-assured working parent to adorable fake children and multi-tasking savant. Enter Nick Derosa, the twin brother of Mattie’s cold-footed fiance, who is trying to get back on his feet after his brother steals his identity and implicates him in an illegal investment scheme. But thanks to Nick’s legendary running career, the publisher of the Chicago Gazette proposes a wager: If Nick can train an out-of-shape working parent in time to compete in the Chicago Marathon, he will contribute enough to help Nick launch his own non-profit running club for kids.
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Author: Murphy, Christy
Cozy Mystery
A family friend needs a fresh start, and Mom let’s him move in with her and Christy. When he gets a job at Fletcher Canyon’s new coffeehouse, it looks like Mom, once again, knows best. But then his former boss is found dead, and their houseguest is the prime suspect.
Are they helping a friend or harboring a killer?
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Author: Doyle, Donna
Clean Cozy Mystery

Lily McGee has had enough of Hollywood! After an altercation with the director of a movie she was working on, she decides to leave it all behind and live in a small English village to try her hand at writing murder mysteries.

Lily soon finds that her cozy crime-writing skills become crime-fighting skills as her sharp mind and amateur sleuthing ability is called upon to solve an array of strange happenings in little Didlington!

Starting with her first case, in which she has to prove her own innocence…
Didlington St. Wilfrid is an idyllic location for an aspiring cozy mystery writer. However, Lily finds that her past quickly comes back to haunt her as the movie crew arrives to scout for a location.

And it gets worse. The director, a difficult genius, ends up being murdered.

The Identity Man: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Klavan, Andrew
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Political Thrillers & Suspense

John Shannon is a petty thief on the run. A three-time loser framed for a murder he didn’t commit, he knows the cops are closing in on him and that he’s facing life in prison—or death by lethal injection. Then, as if out of nowhere, a bizarre text message draws him to a meeting in the dark of night. A foreigner who calls himself the Identity Man offers Shannon an incredible chance to start again: a new face, a new home, a new beginning.

Soon Shannon finds himself living a life he never dreamed possible. In a ruined city trying to rebuild, he finds work as a carpenter and a wood carver. He meets the beautiful Teresa Grey and for the first time falls in love with the sort of woman who could make him a better man.

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Author: Wolf, Derek
Regularly $3.00, Today $3.99
Outdoor Cooking

All the major tastes—salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami—are explored in depth. Derek also leads an investigation of other components you should consider when it comes to flavor, such as aroma, heat, and texture.
Each chapter explores a specific protein’s taste and flavor considerations and then tours through impressive recipes including:

Beef: Beer Marinated Bavette Steak with Creamy Corn Salsa, Coal Roasted Hanger Steaks with Thai Chili Sauce, Black Garlic New York Strips with Bone Marrow Butter, Spiced Rum-Marinated Tri-Tip
Pork: Cotija Crusted Pork Skewers, Cocoa Molasses-Glazed Spiral Ham, Loaded Chorizo Sandwich with Chilean Inspired Pebre
Chicken/Turkey: Rotisserie Chicken with Alabama White Sauce, Maple Whiskey Chicken Lollipops, Smoked Tequila Lime Spatchcocked Chicken, Honey Habanero Rotisserie Turkey Legs, Smoked Spiced Whole Turkey
Fish/Seafood: Garlic-Crusted Tuna with Spicy Avocado Salsa, Baked Lobster with Buffalo Chive Butter, Coal-Roasted Lemon Herb Trout, Sweet Tomatillo Grilled Salmon, Seared Scallops with Beer Pan Sauce, Honey Sriracha Shrimp Skewers, Fire-Crusted Oysters Kilpatrick
Game/Lamb/Duck: Cast-Iron Bison Ribeyes with Caramelized Red Wine Onions, Bison Steak Frites with Spicy Gremolata Butter, Coffee Crusted Elk Medallions, Hanging Leg of Lamb with Chimichurri Aioli, Smoked Honey Cider Lamb Ribs, Seared Duck Breast with Black Cherry Tamarind Sauce

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Author: Armstrong, Robert D.
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Galactic Empire Science Fiction

Sometimes, the past is better left alone…

For veteran fighter pilot Captain Victoria Belic, the war was finally over. It was time to relax. But when the opportunity came to colonize a new world, she couldn’t resist. She could be part of a new chapter in human history. But she quickly discovers her fellow explorers have bitten off more than they can chew when a mysterious threat emerges. As the only veteran from the grueling wars on Earth, Belic must lead the charge into the unknown against an enemy that has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction.

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Author: Youngblood, Jennifer
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Sweet Romantic Comedy

The sweet spot … where brainiac meets brawn in a fake relationship that could turn real …
Blakely Donelson, a professor of psychology, never expected to get dumped by her colleague … and she certainly didn’t anticipate crossing paths with a hunky mixed martial arts fighter.

Blakely finds herself in the uncomfortable spot of being the last of her friends who have yet to find a significant other. While she tells herself that she’s perfectly happy being single, her heart has other ideas.

She agrees to go an impromptu cruise as a way to soothe her broken heart. A snap decision to help a guy in need morphs into a complicated fake relationship that turns her world topsy-turvy.

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Author: Mallery, Susan
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Multicultural Romances

Swept away by the passionate Prince Khalil Khan, Dora Nelson can hardly believe her new fairy-tale life as princess of El Bahar. Until she uncovers Khalil’s real reasons for marrying her…

But somehow, she can’t seem to control her feelings for him, and she certainly can’t deny the sparks that fly between them. And unless Dora and Khalil agree to meet halfway, their fiery marriage threatens to consume them both.

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Author: Ford, Linda
Regularly $2.99, Today $1.49
Western & Frontier Christian Romance
Connie has always been the plain one. The responsible one. The dutiful one. She always stood in her beautiful cousin’s shadow, but now her cousin is dead. Connie is left to pick up the pieces and do right by her little niece, Megan, which means delivering the girl to her father.
But nothing is as it seems. Jake denies being the father. Worse, the attraction Connie once felt for the enigmatic rancher still exists, though she has always been invisible to him.
Jake Hooper lost his mother, his father, and then his sweetheart, who left him without so much as a word of explanation. When Connie shows up with a child she claims is his, he knows it can’t be true.
Jake determines to take Connie and Megan to Fort Macleod. They aren’t his responsibility. And after all the loss he has suffered, he can’t bear to open his heart again.

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