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Author: Blackwood, Bel
LGBTQ+ Romance

When straight girls want to experiment, cocky butch Dakota is more than happy to show them the ropes. She’ll give them everything they want– except for her heart.

She’s not making that mistake again.


Bubbly outgoing Zoe had never thought that she could be anything but straight. But when she meets the intense Dakota, unexpected sparks fly.

Dakota is so smug and confident– it’s hot in the bedroom, but infuriating outside of it! There’s no way that Zoe’s giving Dakota the satisfaction of winning her over… right?

One bet. One weekend.

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Author: McGovern, Nancy, Bruce, Cyra
Culinary Cozy Mystery

Includes a delicious recipe for Banana Whip Cinnamon Cookie Sandwiches! You don’t want to miss them!

Faith and the gang are going on a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip to Kenya! It’s the kind of experience most people only get to dream about. Sadly, the adventure quickly turns into a nightmare when their driver is killed during a visit to an elephant orphanage.

Having learned to trust her instincts, Faith immediately begins to investigate the man’s death. But it’s clear that more than one member of her party has something to hide. And, if the killer is among them, asking questions may put Faith’s own life in jeopardy.

After all, being isolated out on the African plains with a killer on the loose could be a recipe for disaster…

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Author: Mayer, Bob
Military Thrillers

Place, time and family. Three things that shape individuals. Sometimes with love. Other times with violence.

Former covert operative, Horace Chase, has just discovered he has a son; a son who fled the Military Institute of South Carolina a year and a half ago after being accused of murder. The victim is the grandson of the most powerful woman in Charleston, South Carolina, who has sworn vengeance. Chase teams up with another former covert operative, Dave Riley, and one of Riley’s old CIA friends, Kate Westland, to find his son and uncover the truth.

Barely into their investigation they become caught up in a land development deal for Daufuskie Island worth hundreds of millions. Chase and Riley’s covert background has taught them many things, but the most valuable has been that nothing is ever as it appears as an old nemesis rears her head, hell-bent on revenge against them both along with a good helping of greed.

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Author: Draper, K.B.
LGBTQ+ Fantasy
Where do the supernatural bad guys go to use their sin-infused articles to make another play for world domination? Hollywood, duh. Lucky for the world, there just so happens to be two out-of-work, ex TV superheroes with a secret destiny to keep the bad guys from succeeding. What should have been a brief appearance at a Comic-Con ends in a drunken discovery that central casting for the ultimate Good Side decided to select them as real-life superheroes. Together in a will they, won’t they, oohhh no they didn’t relationship, the two will discover the true roles they are destined to play and that the bond between them could not only save themselves, but the world.
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Author: Crooks, Keitra
African American Romance

When Anthony Calhoun’s fiancée abruptly left him, all she left behind was a list of all of his faults. Wanting to show her, Anthony set out to do everything on his “break up” list to prove her wrong. For five years, Anthony focused on himself and his job and now everything was going perfectly. The last thing he had to do to complete his list was to find love. It seemed he was in luck when he knocked on Danita’s door.

Danita Everett was searching for love in all the wrong kind of men. But after several failed attempts, she decided to listen to sound advice and let every man have a chance, hoping it would turn her luck around. Who knew getting her electricity fixed would change her life.
As Anthony and Danita are exploring a relationship, obstacles get in their way. Will they be able to stand the tests? Or will Danita be sending him another “Dear Anthony” letter.
Meet Anthony as he searches for love.

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Author: Coughlin, Sandy
Regularly $26.99, Today $3.99
Special Occasion Cooking

Create lovely and delicious food boards that bring everyone around the table and spark meaningful family-time meals.

Through stunning recipes and hosting tips from Sandy Coughlin, founder of the recipe and hospitality blog, Reluctant Entertainer, Big Boards for Families shows you how to artfully craft and serve food boards to your close friends and family. Piece together these bountiful spreads with a variety of ingredients and options that allow you and your guests to customize every dish.

Whether it’s for a morning brunch or movie-night get-together, you and your family will find over 50 splendid food boards to create and enjoy together,

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Author: Bauer, Belinda
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Heist Thrillers
Just before Jack’s mother disappeared up the road to get help, she put the eleven-year-old boy in charge of his two sister. As they wait for her on the shoulder of the road in their stifling, broken-down car, the three children bicker, whine and play I-Spy. But their mother never comes back. And after that long, hot summer’s day, nothing will ever be the same again.
At fifteen-years-old, Jack is still in charge—supporting his sisters any way he can while evading social services. Meanwhile, a young woman across town wakes to find a knife beside her bed, and a note reading I could of killed you. The police are tracking a mysterious burglar they call Goldilocks, for his habit of sleeping in the beds of the houses he robs. But the woman doesn’t see the point of involving the police. And Jack, very suddenly, may be on the verge of finding out who killed his mother.

The Passion (affiliate link)

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Author: Winterson, Jeanette
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Historical Literary Fiction

A faithful soldier of the Grande Armée, Henri is given the honor of serving meals to Napoleon himself. After all, Henri is short—and no one over five-foot-two ever serves the emperor. But when following his revered leader brings him to near-starvation in Russia’s frozen winter, Henri is disillusioned and desperate for escape.

The web-footed daughter of a Venetian boatman, Villanelle has long been acquainted with the advantages of dishonesty. Trust hasn’t been her strong suit since her heart was stolen—literally—by a noblewoman she once loved.

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Author: Blanchard, Ken, Fowler, Susan, Hawkins, Laurence
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Personal Success in Business

The co-author of the phenomenal New York Times bestselling classic The One Minute Manager® explores the skills needed to become an effective self leader in this essential work, now updated throughout.

Just as Ken Blanchard’s phenomenal bestselling classic The One Minute Manager gives leaders the three secrets to managing others, so this follow-up book gives people the three secrets to managing themselves. In Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager, readers will learn that accepting personal responsibility for their own success leads to power, freedom, and autonomy.

Through a captivating business parable, Ken Blanchard and coauthors Susan Fowler and Laurence Hawkins show readers how to apply the world-renowned Situational Leadership® II method to their own development. The story centers on Steve, a young advertising executive who is about to lose his job. Through a series of talks with a One Minute Manager protégé named Cayla, Steve learns the three secrets of self leadership. His newfound skills not only empower Steve to keep his job, but also show him how to ditch his victim mentality to continue growing, learning, and achieving.

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Author: Jackson, Gemma
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Historical British Fiction

In 1898 three young girls leave a Dublin orphanage to enter a life of domestic service. They are placed in the home of Captain Charles Whitmore but soon discover that the household is in turmoil. Charles, hoping to amass a fortune, is preparing to set off on a long sea voyage, deliberately leaving his wife Georgina almost penniless to fend for herself and the servants.

Georgina, who has been desperate to break free from a life of violent marital abuse, is relieved that he will be gone for some years, but nevertheless the future is frightening.

Then help comes from an unexpected quarter. An organisation that helps women escape lives of abuse or genteel poverty makes Georgina an offer. They propose that her house should become a school designed to train such women to seek employment in the American West. The very idea is at once shocking and appealing.

Golf Is a Game of Confidence (affiliate link)

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Author: Rotella, Bob, Cullen, Bob
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From the author of the bestselling Golf is Not a Game of Perfect comes a masterly illumination of golf’s mental game.

When that book was published, Dr Bob Rotella made accessible for the first time what he had learned from working with the best golfers in the world. Dr Rotella follows up the success of Golf is Not a Game of Perfect with a book filled with anecdotes and motivational instruction focusing on the most important skill a golfer can have: the ability to think confidently.

Filled with inspirational stories about the great players, great courses and great tournaments, Golf Is a Game of Confidence encourages golfers, no matter what their level, to reach new heights in their games and their lives.

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