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Author: Jameson, Emma
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Meet Jemima Jago: librarian, keen sailor, dedicated tea drinker… super sleuth?

Jemima Jago has moved back home to the enchanting Isles of Scilly. Ready for a fresh start in a quaint coastal village, she can be found in the stacks of Cornwall’s oldest library by day and stargazing in the cove at night. Jem finds the slower pace of life suits her perfectly, until she stumbles across a very curious crime…

On a hunt for a stolen book, Jem instead finds busybody and notorious gossip Edith Reddy dead in her crumbling clifftop cottage. Maybe the island isn’t as peaceful as she thought! But worse is to come when bumbling Sergeant Anderson decides that, as the first person on the scene, Jem must have been up to no good.

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Author: Moore, Heather B.
Gothic Horror Fiction
Susannah North Martin, accused of witchcraft in 1692, joins five women in the Salem Jail, all sentenced to death for their crimes.
Amidst tragedy, Susannah finds hope and compassion as she remembers a well-loved life, and listeners discover that love reaches far beyond the grave as Susannah faces the magistrates in Salem.
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Author: Faricy, Mike, Emmett, Patrick
International Mystery

Madeline was in a Dublin pub listening to music. Now she’s missing . . .

By the time US Marshal Jack Dillon and An Garda Síochána DI Paddy Suel get assigned to the case American student Madeline Keller has already been missing for four days.

Her former boyfriend already has an attorney and an alibi.

Three suspects have sworn statements.

The school and her girlfriends have absolutely no idea.


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Author: James, CeeCee
Cozy Mystery

Catnip and cadavers in the care home.

Cat blogger extraordinaire Emily Lickenson falls into a mystery when the head cook at the local care home unexpectedly dies.
As curious as a cat, Emily can’t resist investigating exactly what happened. She recruits her snoopy Aunt Mattie (who herself is half-convinced she used to be a spy) to hunt for clues in the midst of more red herrings than at a fish market..
The clever duo soon discover evidence of murder and a gaggle of suspects, a ditzy sous chef, grumpy cleaner who wanted the less than friendly chef sliced and diced.

Of course, Shakespeare, the cat is along for the ride, both sweet and sassy, and with nine lives!
In this quirky whodunnit you’ll find twists and turns, red herrings served with a slice of puzzle pie, and surprises that’ll have you turning the pages to find the killer before they find Emily. Perfect for those who love cozy animal mysteries with a pinch of humor, lots of clues, and a fun small town feel.

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Author: Romig, Aleatha
Contemporary Romance
A trip back to the small Indiana town of Riverbend to finalize my grandmother’s last will and testament throws my world off its axis. I wasn’t prepared to learn the stipulations of her will or that she’d left her beloved mercantile Quintessential Treasures to my college summertime love, Kandace Sheers.
Imagine my greater surprise when I learn about the secret that’s been roaming Riverbend for the last five years. Here are a couple of hints:
She’s five years old.
She has her mother’s silky auburn hair and my golden eyes.
The answer is simple.
I take responsibility for the girl and go back to Chicago where my life awaits.
It turns out, Grandma had other plans because life’s never that simple.

Broken Wings (affiliate link)

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Author: Ashby, Erika
Military Romance
“When you feel like you’re falling, don’t forget to spread your wings.” Lynsie Fox has what she considers to be a perfect life. Married to Lincoln, a military pilot, she’s living the Army life she’s always loved. Being a sucker for great love stories, Lynsie makes it her mission to find Lincoln’s best friend and co-pilot, Dax Adams, a good woman. Losing the one woman he’s ever loved, Dax attempts to be a good sport by playing along in Lynsie’s match-making scheme. However, Dax is certain he will never get the woman of his dreams. But life doesn’t always fly smoothly. When turbulence strikes, Lynsie watches her world crash and burn around her, leaving her empty with broken wings. Despite her grief, can she mend the pieces back together and learn to fly again?
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Author: DeRosa, G.K.
Regularly $9.99, Today $4.99
Magical Realism

When struggling actress Kimmie-Jayne Starr discovers she’s snagged the starring role on the next huge reality TV show, Hitched, she thinks all her dreams have finally come true. But as soon as she lands on the beautiful island of Mystic Cove, something feels wrong.

Sure, the twenty-five bachelors are heart-stoppingly gorgeous, but she’s certain they’re all hiding something—something supernatural. As she gets to know the guys, protecting her heart proves impossible when she finds herself irresistibly drawn to more than just one.

As a string of strange accidents on set grow deadlier, Kimmie realizes there’s much more to this dating show than she ever could’ve imagined. If she can’t figure out who’s behind these incidents, she’ll end up risking more than just her heart.

The River Has Teeth (affiliate link)

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Author: Waters, Erica
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Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery

Girls have been going missing in the woods…

When Natasha’s sister disappears, Natasha desperately turns to Della, a local girl rumored to be a witch, in the hopes that magic will bring her sister home.

But Della has her own secrets to hide. She thinks the beast who’s responsible for the disappearances is her own mother—who was turned into a terrible monster by magic gone wrong.

Natasha is angry. Della has little to lose. Both are each other’s only hope.

That Sunflower Summer (affiliate link)

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Author: Macarthur, Autumn
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99
Christian Romance
Can such complete opposites find a way to make their love work?
When Maggie Golding, unconventional and artistic 50-something, agrees to help a friend by working as a window dresser at Pettett & Mayfield’s London department store, she never expected to fall in love with Edgar Pettett, staid and sensible heir to the business. Nor did she expect that he’d still love her when she revealed her past, the consequences of that long-ago sunflower summer working in Tuscany. Her daughter, Rachel. Between her shaky faith, their huge differences, and his mother’s disapproval, how can they possibly work things out? A clean Christian opposites-attractr midlife romance.
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Author: Nin, Anaïs
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Biographies & Memoirs of Women
Born in France to Cuban parents, Anais Nin began keeping a diary at the age of eleven and continued the practice for the rest of her life. Confessional, scandalous, and thoroughly absorbing, her diaries became one of the most celebrated literary projects of the twentieth century. Writing candidly of her marriages and affairs—including those with psychoanalyst Otto Rank and author Henry Miller—Nin presents a passionate and detailed record of a modern woman’s journey of self-discovery.
Edited and with an introduction by Gunther Stuhlmann, this celebrated first volume begins in the winter of 1931 and ends in the fall of 1934. It covers an auspicious time in Nin’s life, from when she is about to publish her first book to her decision to leave Paris for New York.
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Author: Woodbury, Sarah
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Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

April 1284. As a newly widowed lady-in-waiting to the very pregnant Queen Eleanor of England, Catrin never expected to return to Wales again. She was definitely unprepared to be confronted with murder when she got there—or to find herself face-to-face with Rhys, the childhood friend she lost twenty years before. Rhys had never intended to return home either, but a lifetime of war has deposited him right back where he started—impoverished and owing service to Catrin’s older brother.

With Wales fallen irrevocably to England and not knowing whom else they can trust, Catrin and Rhys join forces against the treachery and intrigue rife within the half-built Caernarfon Castle. And when the killer strikes again, this time within the royal court, the pair race to uncover his identity before he touches the king himself—or his infant son.

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