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Author: Chase, Clare
Cozy Mystery

When Bernard Fitzpatrick drowns in a river close to his home, the village mourns a tragic accident… and amateur sleuth Eve Mallow is on the case.

Obituary writer Eve is looking forward to her new assignment, as well as spending a few days in the sweet little village of Saxford St Peter, walking the country lanes with her beloved dachshund Gus. But it turns out that it’s Bernard’s death that she’ll need to investigate, not his life. On the day she arrives, news breaks that the world-famous cellist was the victim of a grisly murder. Could this quaint English village be hiding a dark secret?

As Eve starts to interview Bernard’s friends and colleagues, she finds that he’d ruffled more than a few feathers. In fact, from the landlords of the Cross Keys Inn to his own seemingly devoted secretary, there’s barely a person in town who doesn’t have some reason to hate him… is one of the friendly villagers really a cold-blooded killer?

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Soup & Stew Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Soup and Stew Recipes You Will Learn:
Indian Style Brown Lentils
Succulent Mango Soup
Mango Curry Indian Style
Tropical Vegetarian Papaya Soup
Tofu Mushroom Soup
Seaweed Soup
Kimchee Jigeh
Mexican Style Sweet Potato Soup
Spring’s Sprung Carrot & Potato Soup
Yukon Au Gratin Potato Soup
Spicy Lamb Curry
Arabian Okra Stew
Chowder 101
Baton Rouge Scallop Soup
Louisiana Style Seafood Hot Pot
Much, much more!
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Author: Black, Gabby
Private Investigator Mysteries

When Maya Hartwell takes a break from her high-profile law career to vacation in the picturesque Landsfield Ridge, she expects relaxation, not mystery. But when she hears of a missing teenager from the area, her curiosity is piqued. As a tenacious attorney with a track record of solving complex cases, Maya can’t resist the urge to dig deeper.

Despite her legal prowess, Maya quickly discovers that the townsfolk are less than forthcoming about the missing teen. As she persists in her investigation, she starts to receive threats – but Maya is no stranger to danger, having served as a marine before becoming a lawyer. Instead of scaring her off this only hardens her resolve.
With the help of Wren, the head librarian, Maya uncovers a cold case that has plagued Landsfield Ridge for years. It becomes clear that someone in town is hiding a dark secret, one that they would rather leave buried in the past. Maya is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way.

Up Close And Fatal (affiliate link)

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Author: McNeill, Fergus
Crime Thrillers

On the road. With a serial killer.

It begins with a list of names – past and future victims. When struggling reporter Tom Pritchard receives it in the mail, he’s scared, though he knows this could be the story he needs to save his career.

Especially if he can help the police to catch the killer.

But this isn’t a typical murderer. This is someone patient and ruthless, someone who’s been planning for years. Soon, the tables are turned and Tom finds himself trapped on a terrifying road trip across the US, racing from victim to victim. His only hope of saving his family is to understand the killer but, to do that, he’ll need to be close. And although he doesn’t know it yet, that’s exactly where the killer wants him to be.

Broken Like Glass (affiliate link)

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Author: Livingston, Bree
Women’s Christian Fiction

A three-day weekend visit home goes terribly wrong when Lillian James stabs her dad and has no memory of doing it.
All introverted, but sassy-mouthed, Lillian James wants is to get her visit home done and over with. After all, the last thing she wants is to spend more time at the place where her childhood nightmares haunt her. But when she does the unimaginable, Lillian’s entire life changes, yet she has no recollection of any of it.

Now, stuck in her small hometown suffering through six months of court-ordered therapy, Lillian must sift through the faded memories of her painful childhood. With judgmental and suspicious townsfolk, the only person she can trust or count on is her old high school crush, Uriah Pendleton. He’s the only light in her now dim life as he encourages her to explore her faith in ways she never dared to before.

Wish Lists and Road Trips (affiliate link)

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Author: Mae, Lauren H.
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Romantic Comedy

Two stranded strangers agree to travel together in order to return home, but when a slew of misadventures derail their plans, it might mean a chance to fall in love…

A steamy, opposites attract romance, ideal for fans of Emily Henry, Beth O’Leary and Christina Lauren.

Brit Donovan wants one thing: to prove to her overbearing family that she can be independent. After breaking off her engagement to her cheating ex, she sets off on her honeymoon cruise alone to recharge before starting a new business.

Nick Callaway isn’t on a pleasure trip. Armed with his brother’s ashes and a list of places, he’s on a mission to fulfil a dying wish. Burdened with survivor’s guilt and on a countdown to get home in time to help his family’s company, the only thing he wants is to get this trip over with.

When they’re both stranded in Costa Rica after missing their cruise ship, Nick and Brit team up to make their way back to the US. Complete opposites, their initial frustration – heightened by the obstacles of grounded flights and delayed trains – gives way to a searing attraction, and the feeling this may be a journey that neither will want to end.

An American Duchess (affiliate link)

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Author: Fyffe, Caroline
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American Historical Romance

A woman’s heart dares to defy the rules of Victorian society in USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe’s novel of romance, royalty, and a little revenge.

In Kent, England, the arrival of Beranger Northcott, Duke of Brightshire, causes a stir. Because with the duke comes his new American bride, who isn’t quite what anyone expects. By accepting the hand of her beloved, Emma Brinkman went from hardworking Colorado rancher to duchess. Now she’s expected to comport herself as nobility. Overnight. For Emma—stifled, homesick, and unable to shake the feeling she’s being watched—the metamorphosis is a challenge. And if Emma’s suspicions are correct, perhaps even a dangerous one.

Fortunately, Emma has found a trusted friend in the orphaned Charlotte, Brightshire’s scullery maid. Charlotte longs to experience—if only for a moment—the luxuries and gentry romance that come with a titled life. When one of the duke’s handsome cousins takes notice of Charlotte, the castle kitchen is set abuzz with speculation.

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Author: RICH, DON
Regularly $2.99, Today $1.49
Sea Adventures Fiction
Casey Shaw has had enough of the crime and congestion in West Palm Beach and decides to leave his native Florida. When he spots a curious online auction listing for a crumbling marina and defunct inn on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (ESVA), he decides it might be a great investment as well as the perfect ticket out for both him and his longtime friend, Michael Murphy. But the biggest hurdle to the deal is that it comes with a drug smuggler who will stop at nothing to stay in the marina, even murder. Can Casey stay alive long enough to close on this deal? And what about that other deal he wants to close? He’s fallen for an ESVA native named Sally…

Widow Falls (affiliate link)

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Author: Modglin, Kiersten
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Psychological Thrillers

The last girl went missing…
Someone doesn’t want her to be found.

When Sloane takes a job at the infamous whitewater rafting camp, Widow Falls, she quickly learns that the camp has a reputation for more than just summer fun.

People go missing at Widow Falls.

The guide she’s replacing was just one of many. As Sloane settles into her new home—a one-room apartment she’ll be sharing with the five other guides—she can’t help asking questions and digging into the disappearances she’s heard about. Her new roommates tell her stories of dark legends and dangerous folklore surrounding the secluded camp but assure her there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all just superstition.

When Sloane stumbles upon a clue and a secret message hidden beneath the floorboards of their loft, she begins to realize there may be more to the myths than she’s been told.

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Author: DK
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Food Science

Is red wine good for your heart? Will caffeine raise your blood pressure? How Food Works gives you answers to these and several more questions by investigating claims surrounding a variety of foods and examining them from a biological standpoint. Discover nutritional facts about the food you eat, learn the benefits of superfoods and antioxidants, and go behind-the-scenes of modern food production.

Includes infographics and colorful images, the ebook delves into the science behind ways of eating including gluten-free and veganism, as well as the benefits of different diets from around the world. Read page by page to understand why food intolerances occur, what actually makes food organic, how important sell-by dates really are, and how much salt you should really be eating.

Readers will also learn about the social and economic implications of food choices, such as eating disorders and fair-trade businesses.

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Author: DK
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Adventurer & Explorer Biographies

Follow the voyages of the Vikings, pursue plundering pirates, trace the Hippie Trail, or set off on a flight to the Moon. A thrilling expedition awaits you on every page.

Journeys have arisen from all manner of impulse, from migration and the search for food to pilgrimages, trade, scientific curiosity, or simply the quest for adventure.

Includes stories of human movement and endeavor, Journey lets you experience the excitement and romance of travel, covering everything from quests across the Silk Road and the adventures of Marco Polo to explorations in space and underwater. Discover ancient maps, biographies of conquerors, explorers and travelers, stories of scientific discovery and technological innovation, stunning works of art, and catalogs of travel-related memorabilia.

This truly worldwide account is a glorious celebration of human journeys and will make an impressive gift for any lover of travel and history.

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