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Author: Phillips, Rob

As a Fish and Wildlife police officer, Luke McCain and his partner — a yellow Lab named Jack — spend their days patrolling the rivers, lakes and forests of the wild and scenic Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington.

After hunters discover human remains inside a bear’s stomach, McCain is thrust into the investigation. As more dead women are found in McCain’s region, authorities suspect a serial killer is prowling the mountains he knows best.

McCain will need his knowledge as an outdoorsman, and his instincts as an investigator, to track the psychopathic predator before he kills again.

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Author: Myers, Bill H
Mystery Action & Adventure

Mango Bay, the latest novel in the Mango Bob series by Bill Myers. Laugh out loud funny, filled with zany characters living life in a sleepy beach town on Florida’s west coast.

Take an unemployed computer hacker living in an RV on the beach in Florida, a cranky cat named Mango Bob, Oscar the wiener dog, a pot smuggling granny, and a once famous Hollywood movie star out to reclaim lost glory.

Put them all together in a clothing optional trailer park, along with a clumsy meth cook and a larcenous park manager. Add in a budding romance, a slow boat chase up the Intracoastal waterway, and what do you get? Mango Bay!

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Author: Shawn, Melanie
Coming of Age Fiction


For Cat Nichols, someday was finally here. Going away to college meant a fresh, new start for the girl who lived locked away in a prison of insecurities. She was ready to experience new things and meet new people. But she wasn’t ready for him…

Jace Butler had encountered things no one person should have to endure. Trying to come to terms with his past, while living in the present, was a constant struggle for the man whose demons lie dormant beneath the skin of his rippling body and sexy smile. But when Cat walked into his world, his chance for a better life, came with her…

After finding each other, Cat and Jace realize that both their past and present issues were trying to ruin their chance for a better future. Issues that will have to be dealt with – once and for all – together… or apart.

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Author: Ryan, JC
Conspiracy Thrillers

A geologist makes an astounding discovery—the world’s biggest deposit of rare-earth elements—in the remote Republic of Namibia on the west coast of Southern Africa.

But China controls ninety-seven percent of the planet’s rare-earths and uses it to hold the world’s electronics industry at ransom. If they discover this new find, they will go to war to maintain their monopoly.

The CIA sends a team of black ops specialists under the command of Rex Dalton, accompanied by Digger, his special forces dog, to ensure China doesn’t get their hands on the mine.

Though Rex and the team try to keep the discovery a secret, it’s too late to keep the Chinese from finding out. Soon, Rex and Digger are in a race against time to keep the USA and China from starting World War III and destroy the small, fledgling nation of Namibia in the process.

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Author: Lindsay, Duane
General Humorous Fiction

Supremely likeable but untrustworthy con artist Dani Silver, fresh off an intense scam, decides on a whim to buy herself a saucy disguise and take a little vacay—a curly blonde wig and a gorgeous red dress. Not exactly inconspicuous, but Dani’s in the mood to kick up her heels.

When almost immediately, she meets a debonair and wealthy man, intrigued, she accepts his invitation to spend a few days at his mansion. But once there, she senses something off about him. Could he even be a fellow criminal?

So she snoops. And gets caught by the handsome suitor’s live-in brother.

Wrong place, wrong time– this pair has secrets they’ll kill to protect. The handsome suitor enlists his brother to brutalize Dani, dump her in a storm drain, and leave her for dead.

But of course she’s not dead. Next step—revenge!

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Author: Miller, Melissa F.
Financial Thrillers

Maisy Farley, a Georgia peach transplanted to Pittsburgh, has won the hearts of her audience as their favorite hometown news anchor for seven years running. Then she dared to report the truth about the influential and eccentric billionaire who bought the TV station where she’s worked for over a decade. Now, she’s out of a job but sitting on a pile of money thanks to the golden parachute in her contract. It’s the perfect time to follow her dream of being an independent investigative reporter.

But Maisy’s plans are falling apart. The station’s delaying her payout, and her savings are dwindling fast. Worse yet, she can’t seem to land her first story. Then she encounters the ex-wife of Landon Lewis, a brilliant but troubled tech genius who jumped to his death.

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Author: McFarlane, Jamie
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Military Science Fiction

Chasing his twin sister through an unstable wormhole connects Quinn Hoffen with long-lost family struggling to overcome unscrupulous brigands…

When a fishing trip on the Gnard Sea of Grünholz ends in catastrophe, Jennifer James is pronounced lost at sea. But, when evidence of foul play is uncovered by her persistent son, the family will have to choose if they’ll risk everything and go against the growing corruption within their home of Neo Firma.

Knowing better than to blame fate on his arrival on Neo Firma in the middle of his long-lost family’s crisis, Quinn Hoffen will have to make a hard decision. Will he follow in the footsteps of his outsized parents and set himself against the evil before him? Does he measure up against his father’s greatness? Or will he lead his friends to disaster and destroy a family struggling to simply survive.

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Author: North, Pepper, Michaels, Paige
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Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

Ellie Wilmoth has dreamed of owning her own cupcake bakery. Now that Little Cakes is about to open, nothing can distract her. Okay, maybe one thing. While crafting her first featured cupcake, she’s interrupted by her handsome new landlord, and his commanding presence is impossible to ignore.

Garrett Erickson is enchanted by the sprinkle-covered, sugar-fueled woman renting his property. When he discovers her alone behind an unlocked door in the predawn darkness, his protective instincts won’t be ignored. Is it possible she’s the Little he’s been looking for?

A FALSE REPORT (affiliate link)

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Cozy Mystery

Meet Bea Abbot. Life in leafy Kensington should be all Georgian houses, beautiful parks and charming tea shops. But it turns out there are plenty of murders to solve for our amateur sleuth.

Bea knows perfectly well that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But she can’t resist an invitation to tea at the Ritz, even if it comes with a side order of murder . . .

Bea’s old acquaintance CJ wants her help clearing his friend Jeremy’s name. An eccentric music teacher, Jeremy is accused of the murder of his pupil, Josie. Though the charge is quickly disproved, the damage is done. Jeremy has been sacked from his job, his wife has thrown him out and his reputation is in tatters.

True North (affiliate link)

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Author: Force, Marie
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Contemporary Romance
Two high-powered careers. Two weeks of no-strings sex. A love they never expected…
The first time Travis North lays eyes on Liana McDermott, she’s wearing the most hideous bridesmaid dress he’s ever seen. He doesn’t immediately recognize the world-famous model who is attending her cousin Enid’s wedding at the country club he owns. Thanks to Enid’s shameless matchmaking, Travis and Liana become acquainted and later embark on a two-week fling intended to be free of emotion and entanglement. As Liana’s return to work gets closer, however, Travis wonders how he’ll ever let her go when the time comes while Liana considers whether he might be her true north. Two high-powered careers, two amazing weeks and a love that comes along just once in a lifetime. Is she ready to give up her career for a different kind of life? Does he want the same things she does? After insisting on an emotionless affair, she can’t very well ask him. Or can she?
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Author: Aster, Willow
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Romantic Comedy

Summertime, where the living’s easy…

At least that’s what I’d hoped for when I decided to visit Hollywood’s most sought-after director, AKA my usually absentee father, for the summer. But my vision of an idyllic break before starting grownup life after college comes to a halt when my dad puts me to work on his set.

As an aspiring screenwriter, I’m eager for any experience, but my time is spent as the errand girl, fulfilling every whim of Hollywood’s IT actor, the flirtatious, too-sexy-for-his-own-good Liam Taylor. As the shiny new girl, Liam thinks he has to have me, but his bad-boy persona turns me off, and I don’t want to be another notch on his bedpost.

Then there’s Hudson Callihan, the hot up-and-coming director working with my dad. He’s everything I think I want in a guy. What starts out as a friendship becomes a secret relationship, and I fall hard.

If We Disappear Here (affiliate link)

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Author: Hayes, M, Hayes, Mindy
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Psychological Fiction

They are marionettes under a concrete sky.

Pain shoots through Maeve Campbell’s body when she wakes cold and disoriented, locked in a neglected cement room.

Her drowsy eyes sweep the cell and land on a masculine, limp body across the room. Gripping his shoulder, she rolls him to his back, face angling toward her. Only it’s not who she thinks.

It’s not her husband.

And they aren’t alone. A stranger taunts them from within an old rusted speaker. A stranger who wants them to suffer.

With each passing day, and only each other to lean on, their determination becomes a fight not only for survival but for each other.

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