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Author: Campling, Michael
British Murder Mystery
A Village, A Murder, A Keen-eyed Sleuth.
In a quiet Dartmoor village, Dan Corrigan is a fish out of water. He’s also a damned good sleuth.
When a murder is committed, Dan won’t stand idly by.
He’s determined to solve the mystery, whatever the risks. The murderer must not go unpunished. Justice must be done. But first, Dan must untangle a web of deceit, because in this rural valley, the river runs deep, but the lies run deeper still.
Join Dan in this modern British mystery today.
There’s more to Dartmoor than meets the eye.
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Author: Lacey, Lauren
Contemporary Romance

How can you move on from someone when they still hold the key to your heart? How can you love the life you live without the love of your life in it? This is Parker and Jackson’s dilemma in Love in Beverly Mills: Love You, Always.

Parker Waylen is a doctor, daughter, big sister, and best friend, but most importantly, she’s the love of Jackson Sand’s life. They forged a friendship at a young age and promised to always love one another, no matter what. Life’s thrown numerous obstacles their way, but through it all, their bond still remains unbreakable. Jackson’s brokenness once broke Parker, but no matter who she meets or how wonderful that man may be, no one can ever compare to Jackson.

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Author: Lockheart, Krista, Dixon, May
Cozy Animal Mystery

The most priceless book in the world flips a small-town Oklahoma library upside down . . . and that’s not the only mystery!

I just got a call from the bank—there is a secret book said to be worth millions about to walk through the front door of Sperry Public Library in Oklahoma. They tell me I’m one of only a handful of people in the world who know it exists. And nobody else knows it’s going to be at my library.

My name is Nancy Ann Davis, and I’m the head librarian here at our small-town library in Oklahoma. We have this program I think you will fall in love with—we call it the Cat Catalog. You can come to the library and visit with the cats while you check out your favorite books. The program has been so popular in our community that we have waiting lists to adopt our cats.

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Author: Devon, Eva
Regency Historical Romance

Edward Stanhope, the icy Duke of Thornfield, likes his life in a certain order. Give him a strong drink, a good book, and his dog for company, and he’s content. But when he goes to his library and finds a woman sitting in his chair, petting his dog, what starts as a request for her to leave quickly turns to a fiery battle of wits, leading to a steamy kiss that could ruin them both if they were caught.

So of course, damn it all, that’s when Edward’s aunt walks in, and thereafter announces Miss Georgiana Bly is the future Duchess of Thornfield.

Georgiana was content to be a spinster, spending her days reading and working to keep her family out of debt. But now her days are spent locked away with a growly duke, learning how to be the perfect duchess, and her nights spent fighting the undeniable attraction to a man who was never meant for her.

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Author: Routh, Zoë
Dystopian Science Fiction Corporate Thriller

They are the best. The brightest. The hope of humanity.

And they might destroy us all…

The future. Climate change has rendered much of the world desolate. Crops are failing. Rising seas have flooded coastal communities. The earth is dying, and humanity careens toward extinction.

Enter the Olympus Project—a plan to colonise the moon, building on the Artemis Base, led by three of humankind’s best and brightest: Troy Bruin, Xavier Consus, and Xanthe Waters.

But even the best and brightest can fall prey to humanity’s failing. Soon Xavier, Troy, and Xanthe are at war—with the arduous process of creating a new home on a hostile moon, with meddling corporations jockeying for control, with the new recruits battling for open positions on their team…and with themselves.

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Author: Stapleton, Marc
Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Kris Chambers is a nobody. A 24-year-old man with a dead-end job and no prospects – and to top it off, heart condition that forever keeps him on his toes – he spends his life trapped between apathy, self-doubt, and mortal fear.

As he walks down an unfamiliar alleyway, he stumbles upon the lifeless body of a stranger. Unbeknownst to him, this grisly discovery marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter in his life. Upon mysteriously awakening in the hospital, he learns that his heart now functions flawlessly, and he feels… different.

He soon discovers he has superhuman abilities – herculean strength, a marathon-runner’s stamina, and an extreme healing factor – as well as an ever-present assistant: a super intelligent AI named Vega, telling him that his gift is the result of a network of nanomachines that he inherited like a virus from the dead body. And the dead man himself? A traveler from parts unknown, time unknown…

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Author: Lord, Walter
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Ship History
In just two hours and forty minutes, 1,500 souls were lost at sea when the RMS Titanic succumbed to the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Based on interviews with sixty-three survivors, A Night to Remember tells the story of that fateful night, offering a meticulous and engrossing look at one of the twentieth century’s most infamous disasters. In The Night Lives On, Lord revisits the unsinkable ship, diving into the multitude of theories—both factual and fanciful—about the Titanic’s last hours. Was the ship really christened before setting sail on its maiden voyage? How did its wireless operators fail so badly, and why did the nearby Californian, just ten miles away when the Titanic struck the iceberg, not come to the rescue? Together for the first time, Lord’s classic bestseller A Night to Remember and his subsequent study The Night Lives On offer remarkable insight into the maritime catastrophe that continues to fascinate and horrify a full century later.

Hats off to Love (affiliate link)

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Author: Andrews, Kathryn
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Romantic Comedy

A kiss from Stokes Whitlock is good for a girl’s soul.

If you ask anyone to describe the great state of Kentucky, odds are they’ll most likely answer you with “Bourbon and horses,” but if you me, the only thing I’ll ever respond with is “Derby hats.”

Big hats. Small hats. Elaborate hats. Simple hats. I love them all. Every. Single. One. And because of this, I’ve always known I would one day own a Derby hat store. At twenty-five, I’m back in my hometown of Louisville, and my dream has finally come true. With the season officially underway, my brand-new shop is gorgeous, the inventory is stocked, and I’m ready to go. My only problem is William Stokes Whitlock III.

Back Where We Began (affiliate link)

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Author: Farnsworth, C.W.
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Sports Romance

It’s hard to forget your past when you’re staring at it.

That’s the conclusion Emma Watkins arrives at when she returns to Hayden, Maine—population 2,253; now 2,254—for the first time in nine years.

When she sees him for the first time in nine years.

When that word leaves his mouth. Buttercup. A pretty nickname in an ugly tone. A term of endearment time twisted into an insult. A taunt that nothing has been forgiven—or forgotten.

She’s back to sever ties. Break promises. Keep secrets. All easier said than done. The memories she left behind aren’t all bad…more like mostly good.

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Author: Constable, Lyndsay
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Historical British & Irish Literature

Is Mr Darcy capable of wanting to marry just for the sake of love?

AN UNEXPECTED MEETING between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet becomes suddenly and shockingly dangerous. Mr Darcy is determined to protect Elizabeth but his exertions leave him grievously wounded. Sheltering with him in a shepherd’s hut, Elizabeth tends to Darcy’s injuries while trying to suppress her concern about the impropriety of her circumstances, as well as the fever-induced proposal that results.

WHILE THEY SURVIVE the imminent threat, others at Rosings do not, altering the fates of their friends and relations. The connexion between them seems to have thus come to an end. Elizabeth’s emotions, enflamed by the forced intimacy in the shepherd’s hut, are aggravated when Darcy—now healing from his injuries—arrives to make good on his proposal.

I Have Something to Tell You (affiliate link)

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Author: Lewis, Susan
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Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

High-flying lawyer Jessica Wells has it all. A successful career, loving husband Tom and a family she adores. But one case – and one client – will put all that at risk.

Edward Blake. An ordinary life turned upside down – or a man who quietly watched television while his wife was murdered upstairs? With more questions than answers and a case too knotted to unravel, Jessica suspects he’s protecting someone…

Then she comes home one day and her husband utters the words no one ever wants to hear. Sit down… because I’ve got something to tell you….

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Author: Eshbaugh, Kayla
Regularly $2.99, Today $1.49
Fairy Tale Fantasy

Welcome to the ancient land of Terra, where curses run rampant throughout all the kingdoms and where the royalty desperately attempt to break their curses and claim their own happily ever afters.

Princess Elisianna wasn’t gifted at birth. No, she was cursed. While her body may be weak and easy to bruise, what she did have was a strong intelligent mind. But a strong mind isn’t easily seen, especially with a nickname like “Fragile Princess.” Elise isn’t sure she’ll ever break her curse, for who could see past her weak frail body to who she truly is? Her curse, after all, can only be broken if someone falls in love with her strength and who would find her strong?

Prince Liam desperately needs to find the truest princess in the lands or else his entire kingdom will be cast into darkness and be lost forever. When the king and queen call for a tournament amongst the neighboring kingdoms to find a true princess for their son, Prince Liam is doubtful he will find a true princess to love.

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