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Author: Alderson, Jennifer S.
Cozy Mystery

Death on the Danube: A New Year’s Murder in Budapest
Who knew a New Year’s trip to Budapest could be so deadly? The tour must go on – even with a killer in their midst! Tour guide Lana Hansen must sleuth out who is killing her clients before she ends up floating in the Danube.

Death by Baguette: A Valentine’s Day Murder in Paris
Paris—the city of love, lights … and murder? Join tour guide Lana Hansen as she escorts five couples on an unforgettable Valentine-themed vacation to France! Unfortunately it will be the last trip for one passenger… Lana must figure out who really killed her client before she has to say bonjour to prison and adieu to her freedom.

Death by Windmill: A Mother’s Day Murder in Amsterdam
A Mother’s Day trip to the Netherlands turns deadly when a guest plummets from a windmill. Was it an accident or a murder? For Lana Hansen, the answer will mean freedom or imprisonment for someone close to her…

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Author: Kayla, Mia
Romantic Comedy

Chicago. New place. New job. No complications. Anywhere to escape my life in my small town of Bowesville. But I can’t escape complications because chaos keeps coming.

When my deadbeat mother and money problems follow me to Chicago, I’m offered a solution that could fix everything. Marry Kent for Money?

Kent, heir to Plack Industries, a customer of mine at the bank and also a spoiled and lazy man-whore, is now my new best friend in a town where I know no one.

But marry him? Could I? Would I? I would.

And now, I realized that the easy way out just made my life harder than before.

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Author: Ekine-Ogunlana, Bukky
Parenting & Child Development

Can’t seem to wrangle your child to follow simple instructions? Sick of yelling at sullen adolescents to get your way? Concerned they’re falling behind at school? Educator, expert pedagogue, and founder of a leading learning center in the heart of London, Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana has dedicated her life to helping struggling parents. Now she’s here to share eye-opening tips and systems that will take all the guesswork out of life’s most challenging job.

The Child Development and Positive Parenting Master Class 2-in-1 Bundle is a complete resource to help any parent, guardian, or teacher learn the art of tailoring their behavior and communication to effectively support their kids and teens. With comprehensive, highly relatable examples, Ekine-Ogunlana’s guidebook pinpoints key skills you need to develop happy children, spanning ages five to eighteen. And by understanding how you and your young person interact and adjusting your responses accordingly, you’ll enjoy quality time together as you give them their best start possible.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Latin American Cooking
Here is a preview of the diverse tapas you will prepare:
Traditional Tomato Tapas
Orange Blossom Bread Sticks
Mediterranean Eggplant Tapas
Ranch Tortelli
Spanish Sweet Patatas Tapas
Smoked Spanish Potatoes
Avocado and Shrimp Tapas
Madrid Inspired Seasoned Asparagus
Saucy Red Potatoes
Mascarpone and Figs
Spanish Fruit Salad
much much more….
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Author: Hunter, James
Fantasy Adventure Fiction

Boyd Knight found his calling when he joined the Marines and qualified for the elite Force Recon. He’d found a tribe and a family, so when a hand grenade landed near his team, he jumped on it without thought or regret.

But instead of winding up dead, he wakes up butt naked in a cave full of monsters with a knife in one hand and a pistol in the other. He’s been chosen by Raguel, Five-Faced God of Justice, and entrusted with the power of the Vigil Bound. Every kill makes him stronger, and thanks to the Ascendant System, Boyd can level up, unlock increasingly powerful spells, and even harness the abilities of the monsters he’s been dispatched to hunt.

If he can survive the deadly shapeshifter stalking him from the shadows, Boyd’s second life promises to be even more ass-kickingly epic than his first.

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Author: Hunter, Stephen
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Military Thrillers

Basil St. Florian is an accomplished agent in the British Army, tasked with dozens of dangerous missions for crown and country across the globe. But his current mission, going undercover in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, might be his toughest assignment yet. He will be searching for an ecclesiastic manuscript that doesn’t officially exist, one that genius professor Alan Turing believes may hold the key to a code that could prevent the death of millions and possibly even end the war.

St. Florian isn’t the classic British special agent with a stiff upper lip—he is a swashbuckling, whisky-drinking cynic and thrill-seeker who resents having to leave Vivien Leigh’s bed to set out on his crucial mission. Despite these proclivities, though, Basil’s Army superiors know he’s the best man for the job, carrying out his espionage with enough charm and quick wit to make any of his subjects lower their guards.

My Big Fat Fake Wedding (affiliate link)

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Author: Landish, Lauren
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Women’s Romance Fiction

He needs a wife.
I need a husband.
It’s just temporary… what could go wrong?

I’ve always wanted the fairy tale wedding. Not for the princess perfect dress or big party, but for Papa.

My grandfather. The only father figure I’ve ever known.
It’s his dying wish to walk me down the aisle.
Gee, no pressure.

But I can grant that wish…
I just have to fake being head over heels in love with Ross Andrews, my best friend’s big brother whom I embarrassingly crushed on all through high school.

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Author: Bourg, BJ
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Hard-Boiled Mysteries

When Mechant Loup detective Clint Wolf stops a vehicle for reckless driving, he doesn’t find a drunk driver or an irresponsible teenager inside. Instead, he discovers a distraught father in a desperate search for his missing sons. Upon learning the boys were overdue from a fishing trip in the swamps, Clint summons the assistance of trusted friend and skilled mantracker, Melvin Saltzman.

During their search, Clint and Melvin locate one of the boys huddling near a pirogue in a private lake, but the other brother is nowhere to be found. Melvin begins tracking the teenager through the woods and soon locates a bloody shovel under a windthrown tree. Further on, he locates what appears to be a freshly dug grave–and things begin to go south from there.

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Author: Locke, Adriana
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Billionaire Romance
Foolish women fall in love with the bad boy.
Cane Alexander was bad boy personified.
Confident, he entered a room with his piercing blue eyes wearing a smug grin. He was the proverbial red flag wrapped up in a ridiculous set of abs.
I tried to resist him. After all, I was done being a fool.
Maybe it was his charm, or perhaps it was his persistence. Maybe it was how he entered my life and refused to leave. Whatever the reason, I fell for the one man I should’ve resisted.
Even though it made me a target.
I didn’t know if I’d become yet another notch on his bedpost or be the exception to his rules.
Or if I’d survive long enough to be either.

Making Supers 1 (affiliate link)

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Author: King, Dante
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Science Fiction Adventure

When people started to develop superpowers, the world changed forever. Me? I wasn’t one of the lucky ones with powers. So I had to develop more mundane skills, skills which have taken me across the globe on dangerous missions.

But there are some missions I’ve always had to refuse. I’ve never been able to take on a supe. They’re just too powerful. They’re gods, whereas I’m just a man, even with all my knowledge and training.

All that changes after I discover my dad’s secret research project. With this device, I can not only steal superpowers and take them for myself, but I can also choose to give them to other people.


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Author: Brown, Deborah
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American Humorous Fiction

Sometimes it’s safer to stay dead—it’s easier to dig for the truth.

I’ve got a man handcuffed to my bed.

I’m Harper Finn, legit business owner. But I picked up a ringing phone that wasn’t mine and…well, I’m now involved.

Sure, Grey Walker, six feet of blue-eyed hotness, will gripe about me kidnapping him when he wakes up. But I couldn’t just let the ex-cop fall prey to a hit someone took out on him. Trust me, with people setting him up to take the fall for an infamous murder, he’s better off pretending to be dead for a while. In south Florida, it’s easier than you might think.

And as we dig for the truth, we have to be careful not to wind up at the bottom of Biscayne Bay.

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