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Author: Patten, John D.
Men’s Adventure Fiction

He came for revenge. He found redemption.

Titus drove to Florida to murder a man. Fresh from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Out for blood.

But when a distraught mother begs him to track down her missing daughter, the former detective can’t help himself. He dives head-first into a sleazy South Beach underworld of lowlife thugs, celebrity wannabes, and drug-fueled sex parties.

Titus soon finds himself up against an organized crime boss, a crooked politician, and a hard-nosed detective. Nobody, it seems, wants the girl found.

Now a professional hitman has Titus in his crosshairs… just as he’s about to unravel a mystery deeper, darker, and more twisted than he ever imagined.

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Crime Thriller


A serial predator on the prowl in Liverpool. Seven victims so far. And he’s already chosen his next one.

The police can’t catch him. He leaves no trace. No one has been able to provide a reliable description.

Detective Cassie Rowan goes undercover in a dangerous game of cat and mouse through the teeming backstreets of Liverpool. But how long will it be before he turns the tables and begins hunting her?

Beneath This Mask (affiliate link)

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Author: March, Meghan
Military Romance
Former Navy fighter pilot. Son of a congressman. Successful businessman in my own right. With a résumé like mine, women have never been a challenge. Until I met her. This sexy, tatted-up bad girl wasn’t part of my plans, but that punch to my gut every time I see her tells me I have to know more. She’s a mystery. An enigma. A challenge. I’m going to figure her out—and then I’m going to make her mine. We’ll find out what she’s hiding . . . beneath this mask. * * *
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Herbs, Spices & Condiments in Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Garlic Recipes You Will Learn:
Tomato Based Chicken and Chickpeas
Algerian Saffron Bowls
Baked Chicken Oran
Couscous Ghardaïa
Myriam’s Salad
How to Make Haricot Beans
Algerian Style Lamb and Beans
Green Bean Bowls
Whole Chicken Mediterranean Style
Mint and Tomato Lentils with Lamb
Garlicky Lamb
Fathia’s Bean Bowls
Algerian Mash for Toast
Southwest Rib-Eye Steaks
A Whole Chicken in Belize
Topped Seafood Tacos
Garlicky Fish Griller
Honey Basil Chicken
Hot Jamaican Filets
Southwest Sirloin
Blackened Chicken Cutlets
Much, much more!
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Author: Reed, Autumn
Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance

The day I truly started to live, I sentenced him to die.

At twenty-four, I’d resigned myself to a simple life following in my mother’s footsteps. I would manage the antique shop she left me and marry a kind, stable man. Most importantly, I would never tell a soul about my psychic abilities.

But with a single, intentional touch and a vision of the past, I set events in motion that expose my secret. I’m part of a world I never knew existed, and my new allies are dismantling my carefully constructed walls.

Except, those walls had a purpose–they kept me hidden.

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Author: Bailey, Lucas
Communication Reference

Discover the Secrets to Communication, Self-Confidence, and Truly Connecting with People
Maybe you want to build friendships or advance your career, but you sometimes need help finding the right words or reading the situation and end up tongue-tied. Maybe you want to get lucky in love, but when it comes to relationships you can’t stop overthinking. Do you sometimes think back to a conversation, annoyed that you were just talked over as if your opinion didn’t matter, and say to yourself “I wish that I’d said that at the time”? This feels frustrating and undermining!

Now ask yourself, do you want to become an engaging, charismatic, communication powerhouse that can make real lasting connections, and read people like a book?

If so, Improve Your Conversations is the solution you’ve been looking for!

The Other Couple (affiliate link)

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Author: Jeffrey, Diane
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Psychological Thriller

Two couples. A fatal accident. And a decision that changes everything…
Kirsten and Nick are enjoying a weekend away until, on their drive home, they accidentally run over and kill a man. They should call for help – but they have too much to lose, and no one can know the real reason they’re here. Instead, they make a split-second decision to conceal the accident.

Amy and Greg have just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Amy is expecting a baby, and they couldn’t be happier. So when Greg fails to come home from a dog walk one weekend, Amy knows the police are wrong to believe he left of his own accord. Someone must be behind Greg’s disappearance, and Amy won’t give up until she gets justice – or revenge.

Becoming Mrs. Abbott (affiliate link)

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Author: Modglin, Kiersten
Regularly $6.99, Today $3.49

The Abbotts are liars.
Their charming facade is far from the chilling reality that exists behind closed doors.
Despite their secrets, they aren’t killers…or are they?

When a member of their quiet community is brutally murdered, the Abbotts find themselves prime suspects of the crime.
The couple is desperate to prove their innocence, but when a tape is discovered with horrifying evidence, everything changes.

With shocking truths beginning to surface, Rachael and Caide must decide just how far they are willing to go to protect those they love.

Can they trust anyone around them, including each other?

Summer by the Sea (affiliate link)

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Author: Wiggs, Susan
Regularly $11.99, Today $1.99
Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

With a little determination and a lot of charm, Rosa Capoletti took a run-down pizza joint and turned it into an award-winning restaurant, voted the “best place to propose” three years in a row. For Rosa, though, there has been no real romance since her teenaged love affair with Alexander Montgomery ended without explanation a decade ago. But guess who’s just come back to town?

Reunited at the beach house where they first fell in love, Rosa and Alexander discover that the secrets of the past are not what they seem. Now, Rosa searches for happiness with the man who once broke her heart—and learns that in love, as in life, there are second chances.

Girlfriend Material (affiliate link)

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Author: Rose, Katia
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Friends to Lovers Romance

It’s a good thing Allison Farley isn’t in love with her best friend.

They may both be star students in their costume design program, but when it comes to relationships, Allison and Kate are as different as their fashion senses.

Kate marches through life in combat boots and crop tops, breaking hearts as fast as she steals them and insisting anything more than an emotionless hook-up is a waste of time.

Allison knits her own sweaters, wears socks with tiny strawberries on them, and has spent two years of college utterly failing at her goal of getting a girlfriend before graduation.

Until the day it hits her: she’s got a master flirting coach right at her fingertips.

It doesn’t take much to get Kate on board; teaching her best friend the art of seduction seems like the perfect distraction from some of the inconvenient truths Kate would rather not face.

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Author: Isaacson, Liz
Regularly $6.99, Today $3.49
Contemporary Christian Romance

She broke up with him a decade ago. He’s back in town after finishing a degree at MIT, ready to start his job at the family company. Can Hunter and Molly find their way through their pasts to build a future together?

On his first Sunday back in Ivory Peaks after finishing his technology degree at MIT, Hunter Hammond comes face-to-face with Molly Benson. He’s just lost track of his little brother, but the old flame he’s harbored for Molly since she ended their high school relationship a decade ago is rekindled instantly.

Molly Benson, after succumbing to parental pressure and wanting to explore other options for a boyfriend, did break-up with Hunter back in high school. She’s never forgotten him though, even when she married another man. Now that she’s divorced, she carries emotional scars and personal feelings of unworthiness from a marriage she should’ve never agreed to.

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