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Author: Mann, Jeana E.
Enemies to Lovers Romance

Sparks fly behind closed office doors when a grumpy billionaire seeks revenge on his high school sweetheart by becoming her new boss.

If I want something, I go after it, and I want revenge on Dakota Atwell.

I hate the way she’s lived rent free in my head since the day she left me.
I hate the way she smells like fresh flowers and citrus.
I hate the way my pulse races every time she walks into my office.
I hate the way I dream about touching her soft skin, digging my fingers into her hair, and taking what I want from her.

Now that I own her company, nothing will stop me from breaking her. Nothing but the pain in her eyes when she looks at me and the attraction still sizzling between us.

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Author: Schwartz, Jinx
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Hetta Coffey is a globe-trotting civil engineer with a swath of failed multi-national affairs in her jet stream.

Plying the San Francisco waterfront, trolling for triceps, her attention is snagged by a parade of passing yachts—especially their predominantly male skippers—and experiences a champagne-induced epiphany…

>>>If she had a boat, she could get a man
In spite of a spectacular ignorance of all things nautical, Hetta buys her dream boat, but a shadowy stalker, an inconvenient body, and Hetta’s own self-destructive foibles imperil her goal.

Hetta Coffey brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “sink or swim!”

The Elements of Style (affiliate link)

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Author: Strunk, William, Books, Bluefire
Writing Reference

Unlock the secrets to impeccable writing with The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. This unmatched eBook edition is your key to crafting clear, concise, and grammatically impeccable English. Whether you’re an aspiring author, a student, a professional, or someone looking to enhance communication skills, The Elements of Style is the quintessential tool for honing your craft.

Why Choose The Elements of Style?
✔ AUTHORITATIVE REFERENCE: Known as the definitive guide to English writing, The Elements of Style has been empowering writers for over a century.
✔ CONCISE AND COMPREHENSIVE: With its concise approach, the book distills complex grammar, style, and composition concepts into practical tips that can be implemented immediately.
✔ WRITING EXCELLENCE: Learn how to avoid common errors, employ the active voice, and create impactful sentences.
✔ VERSATILE APPLICATION: Essential for academic writing, creative writing, business communications, and daily correspondence.
✔ BONUS CONTENT: This eBook edition offers an introduction to the lasting legacy of Strunk and White, as well as an exploration of the evolution of the English language.
✔ KINDLE OPTIMIZED: With an interactive table of contents and a reader-friendly layout, this eBook is tailor-made for a seamless Kindle reading experience.

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Author: Beverly, Becky
Dessert Cooking

Taste and Beauty, all cakes and cupcakes should have these two things in common. Whatever you’re celebrating, you can make fantastic looking cakes or cupcakes while being assured they taste amazing!

It’s all about the “Icing On Top” in this book! Becky will guide you through easy step-by-step buttercream decorating, recipes, and skills in beautiful picture tutorials! Learn the art of buttercream from basic cake decorating skills to advanced techniques to amazing sculpted novelty cakes-all decorated exclusively in buttercream!

Another additional feature that sets this cake decorating book apart, is the ability to scan a QR code for most of the tutorials, and not only be able to follow along the step-by-step descriptive picture tutorials in the book, but also have the option of watching a video of the tutorial. Simply scan the QR code to the corresponding tutorial that you’re working on, and watch along as you work!

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Author: Parrish, Randall
Southern United States Fiction
A confederate soldier falls in love with a woman from the North. Set admidst the American Civil War, the book is a saga of love and adventure with a surprise ending!
“It was a bare, plain interior,—the low table at which he sat an unplaned board, his seat a box, made softer by a folded blanket. His only companions were two aides, standing silent beside the closed entrance, anxious to anticipate his slightest need. He will abide in my memory forever as I saw him then,—although we were destined to meet often afterwards,—that old gray hero, whose masterly strategy held at bay for so long those mighty forces hurled on our constantly thinning lines of defence. To me the history of war has never contained his equal, and while I live I shall love and revere him as I can love and revere no other man.”
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Author: Lockheart, Krista, Little, Anna
Garden Cozy Mystery

Set in an elegant millionaire’s mansion in the spectacular seaside setting of Newport, Rhode Island, greenhouse expert and botany Professor Heather Moore returns in Book 2 of the Murder on the Vine Cozy Mystery series. This time,she’s excited about a new adventure when she goes to stay at the Ellis Estate at the request of the President of Shellesby College.

However, she doesn’t quite expect all the twists and turns that she and her charming Chihuahua, Ant, experience at the sprawling estate that’s the proud home of the world-renowned Enchanted Twilight Rose.

There, she meets Lauren, the woman of the house who swears up and down she’s being haunted by a ghost. The estate cook, Victor, will do anything to get his hands on those priceless roses. But Amalia, who owns a local bath and body shop, is obsessed with the roses, too—and she is not Lauren’s biggest fan . . . not by a long shot.

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Author: Howard, Blair
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Private Investigator Mysteries

For an ex-cop turned private investigator I’ve carved out a pretty nice life for myself. Yes, life is good, but that doesn’t stop me seeking closure and justice for the victims of Chattanooga’s darker side. Some say I’m reckless., but I’ll continue doing it my way. These then are my stories.
Book 1: On a wild December night, I found myself on the Walnut Street Bridge. Moments later I was staring down into the terrified eyes of a young woman—just seconds before she slipped through my fingers and fell to her death. Who was she? Why did she kill herself? The look on that girl’s face will haunt me for the rest of my days. I had to find the answers…

Book 2: Two for the Money. I was home alone when I received a late-night phone call from a friend I hadn’t seen in years. He needed help, urgently. So I dropped everything. I was there in less than thirty minutes, but I was too late. I found Tom Sattler lying on his living room floor in a pool of blood, a revolver only inches away from his hand. It looked like suicide. But was it? I had to find the answer. If I didn’t…

Are You Awake? (affiliate link)

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Author: McGowan, Claire
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Domestic Thrillers

From the bestselling author of What You Did comes a chilling story about a missing girl and two potential witnesses. They both think they saw her. But can they trust their own eyes?

With two young children, Mary hasn’t slept in what feels like years. For his part, Tim never feels safe enough to sleep. And so one hot, exhausting night, the two strangers meet while seeking solace in a nearby park. There, they witness something horrific: a violent attack in the window of a neighbouring house.

Bonded by what they’ve seen, Tim and Mary are desperate to find answers. And when they see news reports of a missing woman who was last seen walking alone not far from them, the pair are convinced it’s her they saw being attacked—no matter what the police say.

Bloodline (affiliate link)

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Author: Lourey, Jess
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Psychological Thrillers

Perfect town. Perfect homes. Perfect families. It’s enough to drive some women mad…

In a tale inspired by real events, pregnant journalist Joan Harken is cautiously excited to follow her fiancé back to his Minnesota hometown. After spending a childhood on the move and chasing the screams and swirls of news-rich city life, she’s eager to settle down. Lilydale’s motto, “Come Home Forever,” couldn’t be more inviting.

And yet, something is off in the picture-perfect village.

The friendliness borders on intrusive. Joan can’t shake the feeling that every move she makes is being tracked. An archaic organization still seems to hold the town in thrall. So does the sinister secret of a little boy who vanished decades ago. And unless Joan is imagining things, a frighteningly familiar figure from her past is on watch in the shadows.

Her fiancé tells her she’s being paranoid. He might be right. Then again, she might have moved to the deadliest small town on earth.

When We Let Go (affiliate link)

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Author: Weinstein, Rochelle B.
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Mothers & Children Fiction

When Avery Beckett is proposed to by Jude Masters, a widowed father and the man she loves, it should be a time of great joy. Instead, Avery is on edge. She’s wary of the idea of family, doubtful of happy endings, and too afraid to take the leap. It’s the kind of fear that comes from having secrets.

Before Avery commits to a new life, she must reconcile with the one she left behind.

When Avery returns to her childhood farm in the North Carolina mountains, she’s surprised to be saddled with a companion: Jude’s teenage daughter, Elle, who’s grappling with the loss of her mother and the complicated emotions of first love. On a path of mending wounds and breaking down walls, Avery and Elle form an unexpected alliance. It’s giving them the courage to move forward. And for Avery, everything she needs to confront the past.

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Author: Ryan, Kennedy
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
African American Romance

One moment in the spotlight . . .

For months I stood by, an understudy waiting in the wings, preparing for my time to shine.
I never imagined he would watch in the audience that night.
Canon Holt.
Famous film director. Fascinating. Talented. Fine
Before I could catch my breath, everything changed. I went from backstage Broadway to center stage Hollywood.
From being unknown, to my name, Neevah Saint, on everyone’s lips.
Canon casts me in a star-studded Harlem Renaissance biopic, catapulting me into another stratosphere.
But stars shine brightest in the dead of night.
Forbidden attraction, scandal and circumstances beyond my control jeopardize my dream.
Could this one shot—the role of a lifetime, the love of a lifetime—cost me everything?

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Author: St. Clair, Emma
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Sweet Romantic Comedy

There are a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t fall for my BFF’s twin… Too bad love isn’t reasonable.

For years, I’ve successfully hidden my crush on Zane–my best friend’s ultra grumpy, ultra hot twin brother.

But now that he’s hired me to fix a tech glitch for his startup, I’m having trouble keeping the feels under wraps.

I SHOULD just keep my head down and do my job like a good employee.

I should NOT go on the investor’s weekend that will keep me up close and personal with Zane.

Like … couple’s massage kind of personal.

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