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Author: Parker, Ali
Contemporary Romance

The last time I saw my new colleague, she was on top of me.

Literally. She’s my best friend’s sister.

It might have been a hot one-time fling at his wedding. Maybe.

And the preacher from the church might have been the one to wake me up with my pants around my ankles.

What? It was worth it.

Years later she’s pissed that we’re working together.

Personally, I like having her curvy figure around to keep things interesting.

But she’s a boss in business—and a goddess in bed.

Lucky me.

We have six months to get a job done.

Our task?

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Author: Barron, Greg
War & Military Action Fiction
With Moscow in lock-down over a Chechen terror threat, FSB agent Alessandro Karsyov and his partner Ira dream of being at the forefront of the action. Instead they are sent to a dreary apartment block in the Kapotnya district to investigate an elderly woman’s complaint that a group of men in a nearby room threatened her. Within minutes of their arrival, however, one member of their team has been gunned down, and Alessandro and Ira hold the key to stopping a devastating attack. The only chance for Moscow is a desperate race across the city, and a contest requiring unimaginable strength and endurance. Can Alessandro prove himself to Ira and save his city?
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Author: Lewis, Richard G.
Business Writing Skills

COPYWRITING is a Concise, Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Understand Guide to Using Psychology to Write Profit-Exploding Sales Pages.

Now, you too can write high-converting sales letters in less than 60 minutes using a Simple 21-Module Formula even if you’ve never written sales copy before.

Based on scientifically-proven buyer behavior research, advanced sales psychology, and subconscious persuasion techniques, this new sales page builder Follows ALL The 21 Laws of Persuasion.

Here’s some of what you’ll get…

Precise instructions on exactly how to format professional sales letters
A Complete Sales Letter Format and Formula for any niche
Plenty of sales letter examples for you to copy
All modules have detailed examples so you know exactly what to do
In-Depth Research, Information, and Advice (Pro Tips & Tricks)
Everything Explained in Every-Day, Jargon-Free, English
No fluff, no padding, just unique premium-quality content

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Author: Wright, Victoria
Contemporary Romance

What secrets would you keep for the sake of your family?

At eighteen, Violet Franklin fled the Texas ranch she’d always called home. Pregnant and alone, she was desperate to escape the cycle of lies and abuse that tainted her youth. Four years later, a death in the family brings her back.

Faced with the choice to speak out or remain silent, she chooses to reveal the unspeakable abuse she suffered at the hands of her rapacious uncle. But not everyone wants to hear what she has to say, and with a sizable inheritance at stake, there are those who wish she never came back at all.

As truth and greed threaten to tear her family apart, one secret remains. It’s the darkest secret of all and the one she knows could destroy everything—but can she afford to keep it?

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Author: Ciotti, Gertrude

“The Einkorn Cookbook” by Gertrude Ciotti is a comprehensive cookbook that features over 100 delicious recipes using einkorn flour. This ancient grain is known for its rich flavor and nutritional benefits, and with this cookbook, readers will learn how to incorporate it into their everyday cooking and baking.

In this book, home cooks and baking enthusiasts will find various recipes, from savory dishes like einkorn pizza and chicken pot pie to sweet treats like einkorn chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. With each recipe, Ciotti provides helpful tips and techniques for working with einkorn flour, making it accessible for anyone looking to experiment with this ingredient.

Ciotti is an expert in einkorn flour and has carefully crafted each recipe to ensure that they are easy to follow and produce delicious results. The book also includes information on einkorn flour’s health benefits, making it a great choice for anyone looking to eat healthier.

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Author: Reichs, Kerry
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Women’s Domestic Life Fiction
Despite being cursed with a boy’s name, Kevin “Vi” Connelly is seriously female and a committed romantic. The affliction hit at the tender age of six when she was handed a basket of flower petals and ensnared by the “marry-tale.” The thrill, the attention, the big white dress—it’s the Best Day of Your Life, and it’s seriously addictive. But at twenty-seven, with a closetful of pricey bridesmaid dresses she’ll never wear again, a trunkful of embarrassing memories, and an empty bank account from paying for it all, the illusion of matrimony as the Answer to Everything begins to fray. As her friends’ choices don’t provide answers, and her family confuses her more, Vi faces off against her eminently untrustworthy boyfriend and the veracity of the BDOYL.

From Fake to Forever (affiliate link)

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Author: Rafi, Laila
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Holiday Romance

Love was never part of the deal…

Jiya Ahmed has a dream: she wants to complete her MBA and get a job in the city. The problem is that her parents think it’s high time she put her books away and focused on becoming good wife material – but surely there’s more to life than finding the right boy?

Ibrahim Saeed has a goal: he wants to avoid marriage but more specifically, he wants to avoid the arranged marriage his father has planned for him. Why would he want to end up like his (clearly unhappy) older brother with a partner of his father’s choosing?

Ibrahim’s cheeky brother introduces them with the perfect setup: a fake relationship to stall their parents. As they embark on their plan, the attraction they set out to fake starts feeling all too real … but love was never part of the deal.

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Author: Kinsella, W. P.
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Magical Realism

Shortstops who run with the wolves, painted eggs that reveal deeply disturbing meanings, long-dead Hall of Famers who miraculously return to the game, an Iowa minor-league town with a secret conspiracy: these are the elements from which W. P. Kinsella weaves nine fabulous stories about the magical world of baseball.

From the dugouts, clubhouses, bedrooms, and barrooms to the interior worlds of hope and despair, these eerie stories present the absurdities of human relationships and reveal the writer’s special genius for touching the heart.

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Author: McLaughlin USAFR (Ret.), J. Kemp
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Military & Spies Biographies
On an early morning in the fall of 1942, McLaughlin’s group set out for a raid on a French target. Immediately after dropping its bombs, McLaughlin’s plane was hit. A huge fire burned a four-foot hole in his wing, his waist gunner bailed out, his radio operator was wounded, the plane lost all oxygen, and his pilot put on a parachute and sat on the escape hatch, waiting for the plane to explode. And this was only McLaughlin’s first sortie. He went on to pilot the mission command plane on the second raid against Schweinfurt, the largest air raid in history, which resulted in the destruction of 70 percent of German ball bearing production capability. McLaughlin also participated in the bombing of heavy water installations in Norway.
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History of LGBTQ+ & Gender Studies

50 years of Pride in the words of those who changed the world.

Half a century has passed since 2,000 people marched in the very first Pride march, in New York City. It was a moment when the LGBT+ community rose up against centuries of hatred and persecution, spawning a global movement and the Pride parades that now take place around the world.

The Little Book of Pride is a collection of quotes that captures the voices of those who have played a key part in the long journey to a place of Pride – from the very first pioneers, to those who took the fight into the streets of the Stonewall riots, and right up to today’s movers and shakers.

Good Hair: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Little, Benilde
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Contemporary Literature & Fiction

Voted as one of the top ten books of the year by the Los Angeles Times

Alice Andrews is a Newark-bred newspaper reporter living the single girl life in Manhattan, while trying to forget the smooth-talking investment banker she thought was Mr. Right. When she meets Jack Russworm, a handsome, third generation Harvard-educated doctor, it seems as though things are finally falling into place. Their romance builds beautifully, but as the relationship gets serious, their divergent upbringings start to the surface. Will they move beyond or get trapped by the expectations of their different worlds.

A delicious, eye-opening look at the world of upper class Black Manhattanites.

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