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Author: Ridder Aspenson, Carolyn
Police Procedurals

New to town and a little rough around the edges, Detective Rachel Ryder finds herself on the receiving end of a suspicious person’s call in Hamby, Georgia. When the call turns out to be a dead body, the medical examiner is quick to rule the death a suicide. But was it something more sinister?

Everyone in the small department believes the case is closed—except for Rachel. The sudden passing of a local politician during the mayor’s run for Congress strikes her as a little too coincidental, and Rachel is eager to follow her instincts. Her partner, Rob, a 30-year veteran, isn’t the type to disobey his boss or ruffle any feathers, but he can’t convince strong-willed Rachel to let it go.

Obsessed with finding out the truth, Rachel begins to examine the evidence and drags her reluctant partner along for the ride. But the clues are confusing. Nothing is adding up.

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Author: Giles, Stewart
Hard-Boiled Mysteries
What deadly secrets does the peaceful island of Guernsey hold? Detective Inspector Liam O’Reilly has recently transferred to the island of Guernsey from the Special Detective Unit in Dublin and in this first installment we see him hitting the ground running. He has barely set foot on the island when the body of a man is washed up on the shore. There is no indication of where the man came from – his hands and teeth have been removed and he has a crude tattoo of a dragon on his back. When another similarly mutilated body is found, O’Reilly and his new team realise they’re on the hunt for a deranged killer. O’Reilly is getting closer to the truth when the case is suddenly taken away from him. The Guernsey Border Agency, headed up by the arrogant DCI Franklin Urban has their own ideas as to who is behind these brutal murders and argue that the jurisdiction is now theirs. O’Reilly left Dublin behind but his past soon catches up with him in the form of a Belfast thug employed by a man O’Reilly owes money to.
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Vegetable Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Roasted Vegetable Recipes You Will Learn:
Chicken and Veggies Roast Skillet
Roasted Wine Veggies Stew
Spring Veggies Fiesta
Zesty Veggies Roast
Cherry Potato Roast Salad
Rosemary Roasted Rooty Veggies
White Wine Roasted Mixed Veggies Salad
Baby Herbed Veggies Roast
Crunchy Roasted Veggies Pie
Eskimo Veggies Soup for Cold
Dijon Veggie Roast Stew
Summer Roasted Veggies Spaghetti
Israeli Couscous with Roasted Veggies
Maple Roasted Veggies
Roasted Chicken and Veggies Pan
Reynolds’s Italian Veggies Roast
Italian Roasted Crown Veggies
Sweet Butternut Roast
Creamy Roasted Penne Salad
Layered Lemon Roasted Veggies
Much, much more!
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Author: Wilkens, Marie
Horror Suspense

In the small town of Glenmont, a vacant, forgotten house sits atop an overlooking bluff.

William and Emily Broadmoor are in dire strait when the economic implosion puts a severe dent in their small home renovation business. When all hope seems lost, William is approached by a man with an unrefusable offer—the chance to fix a dilapidated stone mansion in Maine. Initially, the details of the offer seem too good to be true, but with nowhere else to turn, William and Emily decide taking a look can’t hurt.

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Author: Ashton, Lily
Women Sleuths
A callous killer. A young woman in danger. The only thing standing between them is a resourceful curator.
Join Alice Haydon on board her barge Daisy Dawn in the fictional town of Great Wheaton, as she seeks to uncover secrets that some would prefer remained hidden.
When Alice is promoted to senior curator she’s certain that her bad luck has run out. But a murder on her doorstep puts her life in jeopardy. And when a star painting is stolen, Alice finds herself at the centre of a mystery that has lain buried at the heart of the town for years.
Who murdered the man? And where is the painting?
Alice decides to take matters into her own hands and solve the mystery herself. Aided by Roddy Rafferty her artist friend, she puts on a sleuth’s hat for the first time.
Can she reach the murderer before she becomes its next victim?

A Splendid Ruin: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Chance, Megan
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Historical Literary Fiction

A mesmerizing novel of dark family secrets and a young woman’s rise and revenge set against the backdrop of the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The eve of destruction. After her mother’s death, penniless May Kimble lives a lonely life until an aunt she didn’t know existed summons her to San Francisco. There she’s welcomed into the wealthy Sullivan family and their social circle.

Initially overwhelmed by the opulence of her new life, May soon senses that dark mysteries lurk in the shadows of the Sullivan mansion. Her glamorous cousin often disappears in the night. Her aunt wanders about in a laudanum fog. And a maid keeps hinting that May is in danger. Trapped by betrayal, madness, and murder, May stands to lose everything, including her freedom, at the hands of those she trusts most.

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Author: Tanenbaum, Robert K.
Regularly $8.99, Today $1.99
Legal Thrillers
Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Roger “Butch” Karp has been around New York long enough to realize that the judicial system can be dirty and cynical. But he still believes in justice. So when a vicious sociopath tries to dodge a brutal murder charge by convincing the court he is incompetent to stand trial, Karp teams up with firecracker Assistant DA Marlene Ciampi to unleash the full force of their relentless energy, hardboiled wit, and passion for the truth to put the killer away for good. They will accept no lesser plea.

The Cottage (affiliate link)

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Author: Stone, Lisa
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Horror Suspense
An isolated cottage…
After losing her job and boyfriend, Jan Hamlin is in desperate need of a fresh start. So she jumps at the chance to rent a secluded cottage on the edge of Coleshaw Woods.A tap at the window…
Very quickly though, things take a dark turn. At night, Jan hears strange noises, and faint taps at the window. Something, or someone, is out there.

A forest that hides many secrets…
Jan refuses to be scared off. But whoever is outside isn’t going away, and it soon becomes clear that the nightmare is only just beginning…

Sundog (affiliate link)

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Author: Harrison, Jim
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Psychological Fiction
Sundog is a powerful novel about the life and loves of a foreman named Robert Corvus Strang, who worked on giant dam projects around the world until he was crippled in a fall down a three-hundred-foot dam. Now as he tries to regain use of his legs, he has a chance to reassess his life, and a blasé journalist who has heard of Strang’s reputation in the field arrives to draw him out about his various incarnations. Strang, who has the violently heightened sensibilities of a man who has gone to the limits and back, recounts his monumental life moving from Michigan to Africa and the Amazon, including his several marriages and children, and dozens of lovers.

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