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Author: Rosenberg, Kenneth
Kidnapping Thrillers

First she fought for her honor. Now she’s fighting for her life.

Raised on a small farm in the heart of Eastern Europe, Natalia Nicolaeva dreams of a better life. When she ventures abroad in search of opportunity, however, things don’t go according to plan.

Kidnapped and sold by human traffickers to a vicious criminal gang, Natalia finds herself trapped in a harrowing nightmare. Just when things are at their darkest, she summons the courage and determination to escape.

After returning to her home, Natalia refuses to live in fear. She enlists the help of a shadowy arms dealer and prepares herself for all-out war. If they come for her again, Natalia will do whatever it takes to make the bad guys pay.

They thought they could get away with it all. They never planned on facing a girl like Natalia.

Be warned, this story is gritty and raw, but guaranteed to keep your pulse pounding.

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Author: Miles, Olivia
Clean & Wholesome Romance

The Morgan sisters spent many blissful summers at their family’s lake house growing up, but as they grew older, their lives took very different paths.

Hope adores her twin girls, but she doesn’t love being a stay-at-home mom. When her workaholic husband doesn’t support her career aspirations, she packs up the kids and goes to Sunset Cottage, thinking that some time apart will help her decide what she really wants—but when the life she dreamed of becomes a possibility, she is more torn than ever.

Gemma was supposed to be planning her wedding, not trying to get back deposits. And she was supposed to be finished writing her latest romance novel, not staring at a blank screen. Lost and down on her luck, she heads north to Evening Island, hoping to find the inspiration she needs to fill the page, and maybe, her heart.

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Author: Tate, J.R.
A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Ryan Gibson finds himself thrust into a nightmare as a monstrous tornado devastates the peaceful town of Harper Springs, Texas. Separated from his wife during the chaos, he seeks refuge in a cellar with his injured son, desperate for the storm to pass and for help to arrive. But as the hours turn into days and the days into weeks, it becomes clear that rescue may not come.

Isolated and forgotten, Ryan and his son battle against the elements as tornadoes continue to ravage the already battered landscape. Survival becomes their only focus, as their meager supplies dwindle, and the specter of despair looms large. Ryan faces an agonizing decision—risk venturing out into the treacherous aftermath in search of aid, or remain sheltered, clinging to hope for a rescue that may never come.

Amid the harsh realities of their new existence, a truth emerges—Harper Springs will never be the tranquil haven it once was. The bonds of community are tested, and the survivors must confront the depth of their strength and resilience. As Ryan’s son’s health deteriorates and his wife remains missing, he must summon every ounce of courage and resourcefulness to navigate this treacherous new world.

Anonymous Mom Posts (affiliate link)

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Author: Goldin, Jenifer
American Humorous Fiction

Will Anonymous Social Media Posts Expose the Secrets of a Picture-Perfect Community?
Laura Perry is fed up with the snarky attitudes of the moms who post on the Hamilton Beach Moms’ social media page. She hopes the new anonymous posting feature will remind this community they are here to support each other. She enlists her friend, Gabriella, to be a co-moderator. While Gabriella is intrigued by the page, she wonders if the virtual interactions are doing more harm than good. She and Laura hatch a plan to organize an in-person fundraising event, hoping to help the moms connect in real life.

But, as the moms start to reveal their secrets anonymously, irreverent comments pour in, and the page ignites with controversy. With the in-person event approaching, will one mom’s plan for revenge bring the entire community to the brink?

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Author: Redmond, Sylvia
Action & Adventure Erotica

Hire the stripper – check.

Send my wife out for the evening – check.

Go out with my friends and get liquored up – check.

Everything was going according to plan.

Only the stripper stiffed us and didn’t show up. And my gorgeous wife got a little drunk and came home early. My friends were horny and my wife looked outstanding, and things started to spiral out of control – one article of clothing at a time.

And once it started – once I started watching my friends do things to my wife – I realized I never wanted it to end.

Just One Last Chance (affiliate link)

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Author: Borrowman, Jerry
Coming of Age Fiction

Artie Call can’t get a break.
Orphaned during the Great Depression, Artie finds himself leading a life of crime, stealing food, and hanging with the wrong people to survive. When his mischief lands him in juvenile court, a fellow church goer takes him in.

But the trials and tribulations don’t end there. After enduring unkind and unyielding treatment at home, Artie is sent back to juvenile hall.

Down on his luck and with nowhere to go, Artie falls back into old patterns. Until Mary Wilkerson, a feisty widow, sees potential in Artie and takes him in. Ray McCandless, the wise yet firm chauffeur, teaches Artie about cars, life, and the connections between the two.

Artie can choose to take advantage of this new opportunity to leave his past behind and work toward a hopeful future. But when cornered by old enemies, will he defend his honor with his life?

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Author: Coyne, Tom
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Golf Biographies

Globe-trotting golfer Tom Coyne has finally come home. And he’s ready to play all of it.

In the span of one unforgettable year, Coyne crisscrosses the country in search of its greatest golf experience, playing every course to ever host a US Open, along with more than two hundred hidden gems and heavyweights, visiting all fifty states to find a better understanding of his home country and countrymen.

Coyne’s journey begins where the US Open and US Amateur got their start, historic Newport Country Club in Rhode Island. As he travels from the oldest and most elite of links to the newest and most democratic, Coyne finagles his way onto coveted first tees (Shinnecock, Oakmont, Chicago GC) between rounds at off-the-map revelations, like ranch golf in Eastern Oregon and homemade golf in the Navajo Nation. He marvels at the golf miracle hidden in the sand hills of Nebraska and plays an unforgettable midnight game under bright sunshine on the summer solstice in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Author: Graham, Heather
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Paranormal Ghost Romance

An Object of Desire? Or of Fear?

It was stolen from a New Orleans grave—the centuries-old bust of an evil man, a demonic man. It’s an object desired by collectors and by those with wickedness in their hearts.

One day, its current owner shows up at Danni Cafferty’s antiques shop on Royal Street, the shop she inherited from her father. But before Danni can buy the statue, it disappears and the owner is found dead….

Michael Quinn, former cop and now private investigator, is determined to find and destroy this object with its long history of evil and even longer trail of death. He and Danni are drawn together in their search for the missing statue, following it through sultry New Orleans nights to hidden places in the French Quarter and secret ceremonies on abandoned plantations.

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Author: Meston, Cindy M., Buss, David M.
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Evolutionary Psychology

An unparalleled exploration of the mysteries underlying women’s sexuality that rivals the culture-shifting Kinsey Report, from two of America’s leading research psychologists

Do women have sex simply to reproduce or display their affection? When University of Texas at Austin clinical psychologist Cindy M. Meston and evolutionary psychologist David M. Buss joined forces to investigate the underlying sexual motivations of women, what they found astonished them.

Through the voices of real women, Meston and Buss reveal the motivations that guide women’s sexual decisions and explain the deep-seated psychology and biology that often unwittingly drive women’s desires—sometimes in pursuit of health or pleasure, or sometimes for darker, disturbing reasons that a woman may not fully recognize. Drawing on more than a thousand intensive interviews conducted solely for the book, as well as their pioneering research on physiological response and evolutionary emotions, Why Women Have Sex uncovers an amazingly complex and nuanced portrait of female sexuality.

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Author: Vonnegut, Kurt
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A collection of commencement speeches and other wit and wisdom from the New York Times–bestselling literary icon and author of Slaughterhouse-Five.

Master storyteller and satirist Kurt Vonnegut was one of the most in-demand commencement speakers of his time. For each occasion, Vonnegut’s words were unfailingly insightful and witty, and they stayed with audience members long after graduation.

This expanded third edition also includes more than sixty pages of further thoughts from Vonnegut (whose good advice wasn’t limited to graduation speeches).

Edited by Dan Wakefield, this book reads like a narrative in the unique voice that made Vonnegut a hero to readers everywhere. Hilarious, razor-sharp, freewheeling, and at times deeply serious, these reflections are ideal not just for graduates but for anyone undergoing what Vonnegut would call their “long-delayed puberty ceremony”—marking the long and challenging passage to full-time adulthood.

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Author: Ellison, J.T.
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Medical Thrillers

As a medical examiner, Samantha Owens knows her job is to make sense of death. But since the day the Tennessee floods took her husband and children, she has been pulled into a suffocating grief no amount of workaholic ardor can penetrate—until she receives a peculiar call from Washington, D.C.

On the other end of the line is an old boyfriend’s mother, asking Sam to do a second autopsy on her son. Eddie Donovan is officially the victim of a vicious carjacking, but under Sam’s sharp eye the forensics tell a darker story. The ex-Ranger was murdered, though not for his car. Forced to confront the burning memories and feelings about yet another loved one killed brutally, Sam loses herself in the mystery contained within Donovan’s old notes. The tale told between the lines makes it clear that nobody’s hands are clean, and that making sense of murder sometimes means putting yourself in the crosshairs of death.

Into the Dark (affiliate link)

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Author: Mofina, Rick
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Domestic Thrillers

Psychologist Claire Bowen devotes her life to helping troubled women rebuild theirs. But her dream of starting a family with her new husband Robert begins to crumble as disturbing revelations from his past emerge.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Detective Joe Tanner is struggling to overcome his wife’s death while raising their little girl alone. But now he faces a new kind of challenge: a breakthrough in a series of cold case murders suggests the killer has resurfaced.

When one of Claire’s most promising patients goes missing, Tanner suspects the truth is within his grasp. But as time runs out, both are pulled deep into an unspeakable darkness with little chance of escape.

A Taste of Deceit (affiliate link)

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Author: Keogh, Valerie
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Psychological Fiction

A darkly suspenseful story of troubled marriages, small-town secrets, and shocking twists by the author of The Couple in the Photograph.

After a row with her husband, Jocelyn Dexter leaves London and heads to their country cottage for a break. While she’s there, Jocelyn joins a group of women one night at the manor house nearby—and gets entangled in other people’s relationships.

Picking up on the tension beneath the surface, Jocelyn entertains herself by indulging in some snooping, and tries to pry secrets out of the locals. The tables turn when she discovers that someone is spying on her, and it becomes clear that someone wants her to go back where she came from.

Jocelyn considers it a challenge. But involving herself in the affairs of others will lead her down a dark path . . .

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