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Historical Romance

A heartwarming and moving story about secrets, family and the power of love, set in enchanting Scotland during the Second World War.

Scotland, 1940s.

Sixteen-year-old Rachel O’Brian is heartbroken and alone. The unexpected death of her beloved father turns her world upside down. She gratefully accepts a home with the Maxwell family, old friends of her father, though she barely knows them.

But she is woefully unprepared for the matriarch, Gertrude’s malice; no one understands it.

Life is hard for Rachel, toiling on the Maxwell farm under the hateful eye of Gertrude. But the younger Maxwells welcome Rachel with open arms, especially Ross. Slowly, the two fall in love and Rachel once again tentatively allows herself to dream of a future.

But tragedy strikes once more when Ross suddenly disappears during a business trip away. Could the war have claimed another victim? Or is this the work of a sinister force closer to home?

Without his protection, Gertrude seizes the chance to throw Rachel out. Destitute and heartbroken once more, Rachel must gather her strength and courage to find Ross — both for herself, and her unborn child . . .

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Asian Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Asian Recipes You Will Learn:
Picadillo Filipino (Hamburger Abalos Soup)
Fish Sinigang (Tilapia)
Sinigang Na Baka (Beef Based Veggie Soup)
Melon Chiller
Filipino Chicken Stew
Maja Blanca Maiz (Corn Pudding)
Cassava Cake
Butter Cookies in the Philippines
Chicken Curry II
A Thai Soup of Veggies
Chicken Burgers Re-Imagined From Thailand
Classical Shrimp In Thailand
Delightfully Thai Basil Chicken
A Pizza From Thailand
Spicy Thai Pasta
Fried Chicken from Thailand
Spicy Lime Shrimp
Honey Chili and Peanut Noodles
Maggie’s Easy Coconut Soup
Peanut, Jalapeno, and Cucumber Salad
Much, much more!
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Author: Sunseri, Heather
Psychological Thrillers

A woman haunted by her past. A killer who won’t let her forget.
Faith Day’s condition curses her to recall her mother’s fiery murder like it was yesterday. And when the forensic photographer’s convicted stepbrother is somehow cleared 12 years later and released from prison, Faith wonders if he’ll put an end to her tortured memories. But after a string of eerily familiar fires tear through her small town, Faith starts to question every detail of her traumatic past.

Luke Justice won’t rest until he catches a notorious serial killer masking his murders in arson. Following a trail of deadly blazes to Faith’s doorstep, the FBI agent senses she holds the key to the case. But if he can’t convince her to open up, Luke fears he’ll miss his best chance to put a psychopath behind bars.

As Faith fights the resurgence of dark emotions, an arsonist begins leaving personal totems in her home. Determined to stay alive, she taps into the only weapon she has against the vicious murderer: the echoes of her childhood nightmare.

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Author: Hamilton, M.L.
Women Sleuths
Get all eight of the popular Peyton Brooks’ Mysteries in a single box set, including the prequel, Murder in the Painted Lady. Over 1,000 pages of action and adventure from San Francisco’s top detective.The Peyton Brooks’ Mystery series follows the career of San Francisco Homicide Detective Peyton Brooks and her partner Marco D’Angelo as they fight crime in the City by the Bay.Books included in this compilation are: Murder in the Painted Lady, Murder on Potrero Hill, Murder in the Tenderloin, Murder on Russian Hill, Murder on Alcatraz, Murder in Chinatown, Murder in the Presidio and Murder on Treasure Island.

Missing: a Frank Renzi (affiliate link)

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Author: Fleet, Susan
Crime Thriller
Family secrets, Kidnapping and Murder in New Orleans
Donna and Hunter Gates appear to be the perfect power couple. She’s a popular news anchor for a local TV station. He’s a wealthy businessman. But when Donna and their two young children go missing, Homicide Detective Frank Renzi uncovers a tangled web of secrets and lies. Is this a kidnapping? Payback for past misdeeds? When one hostage is found brutally murdered, Renzi must unravel the secrets before it’s too late or the others will die.
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Author: Brooke, Penny
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

Claudia Madison always wanted to own a bookshop but never had the money to do so. Let’s face it, rent prices can be killer. But with her now entering a new chapter in her life, she realizes she can make her dream a reality by launching a mobile bookshop. With her cat by her side and her free-spirited aunt in the passenger seat, they travel to Vermont, book shopping to find the next good story to add to their collection.

But their perfect line of work takes a twisted turn when they make their usual stop at the Greenwood Public Library to dig through the Last Chance books left after the semi-annual basement book sale. A tipped-over bookcase and a dead body leaves everyone in the town in an upheaval. Everyone has a past that catches up to them, and Claudia learns that skipping the prologue of anyone’s story could have deadly consequences.

Choose Me (affiliate link)

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Author: Gerritsen, Tess, Braver, Gary
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Police Procedurals

Taryn Moore is young, beautiful, and brilliant…so why would she kill herself? When Detective Frankie Loomis arrives on the scene to investigate the girl’s fatal plunge from her apartment balcony, she knows in her gut there’s more to the story. Her instincts are confirmed when surprise information is revealed that could have been reason enough for Taryn’s suicide—or a motive for her murder.

To English professor Jack Dorian, Taryn was the ultimate fantasy: intelligent, adoring, and completely off limits. But there was also a dark side to Taryn, a dangerous streak that threatened those she turned her affections to—including Jack. And now that she’s dead, his problems are just beginning.

After Frankie uncovers a trove of sordid secrets, it becomes clear that Jack may know the truth. He is guilty of deception, but is he capable of cold-blooded murder?

The Collaborator’s Daughter (affiliate link)

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Author: Glyn, Eva
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Historical World War II Fiction

In 1944 in war-torn Dubrobvnik Branko Milisic holds his newborn daughter Safranka and wishes her a better future. But while the Nazis are finally retreating, the arrival of the partisans brings new dangers for Branko, his wife Dragica and their new baby…

As older sister to two half-siblings, Fran has always known she has to fit in. But now, for the first time in her life Fran is facing questions about who she is and where she comes from.

All Fran knows about her real father is that he was a hero, and her mother had to flee Dubrovnik after the war. But when she travels to the city of her birth to uncover the truth, she is devastated to discover her father was executed by the partisans in 1944, accused of being a collaborator. But the past isn’t always what it seems…


Secret Sundays (affiliate link)

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Author: Keim, Judith
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Contemporary Women Fiction
With her unexpected pregnancy and the support of the women in the group, Carol Ann breaks free from her dismal life with her parents. Left on her own with no support from the father of her child, she decides to start an interior decorating business on the side. She begins by secretly helping Ed Pritchard, her boss at MacTel, decorate his condo for Christmas. One Secret Sunday leads to others. Carol Ann and Ed are planning a future together when trouble arrives. Ed is diagnosed with a serious illness and decides it’s only fair to break off his engagement to Carol Ann. Devastated, Carol Ann wonders how she can continue. But all their Secret Sundays bind them together to bring about a new beginning when he joins her for the birth of her baby. The women in the Fat Fridays group celebrate in style as they prepare a special surprise Ed has arranged for Carol Ann, and she has the home she’s always wanted—and deserved.
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Author: Kitchen, America’s Test
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Comfort Food Cooking

Find easy satisfaction in these globally inspired recipes for crispy, cheesy, meaty, carby, and sweet comfort foods

Whether your go-to comfort food is brothy-slurpy ramen, ultra-melty grilled cheese, Korean fried chicken, or something (anything!) chocolaty, you want to get to the eating part fast, right? This diverse collection of uncomplicated dishes shows you how, proving that comfort food doesn’t need to take the better part of a day.

ATK fans and employees from all over the country weighed in on their favorite comfort foods, and this book is organized around their cravings:

Hungry for carbs? There’s a whole chapter of ’em, like Pad Thai with Shrimp and Eggs, Loaded Rustic Mashed Potatoes, and Arroz con Titote.
Is it crunch you’re after? Crispy Bits serves up quick takes on Chicken Karaage, Fried Green Tomato BLTs, and Crispy Rice Salad.
Need some molten, melty cheese? Cheesy Goodness hits the spot with Chorizo and Poblano Enchiladas, Chopped Cheese Sandwiches, and Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes.
Craving something sweet? Cap things off with Individual Peach Crisps, Brigadeiros, or Chocolate Cream Pie in a Jar.

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Author: Deaver, Jeffery
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Paul Schumann, a German American living in New York City in 1936, is a mobster hitman known as much for his brilliant tactics as for taking only “righteous” assignments. But then Paul gets caught. And the arresting officer offers him a stark choice: execution or covert government service. Paul is asked to pose as a journalist covering the summer Olympics taking place in Berlin. He’s to hunt down and kill Reinhard Ernst—the ruthless architect of Hitler’s clandestine rearmament. If successful, Paul will be pardoned and given the financial means to go legit.

Paul travels to Germany, takes a room in a boarding house near the Tiergarten—the huge park in central Berlin but also, literally, the “Garden of Beasts”—and begins his hunt. In classic Deaver fashion, the next forty-eight hours are a feverish cat-and-mouse chase, as Paul stalks Ernst through Berlin while a dogged Berlin police officer and the entire Third Reich apparatus search frantically for the American.

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