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Author: Bold, Kate
Women Sleuths

Camille’s frustrations mount as she struggles to connect with her newly-assigned partner and as clues don’t add up. To make matters worse, Camille is haunted by memories of her sister’s disappearance years ago—and this new killer’s victims seem to fit the same description.

Could it be the same killer?

Camille knows she must enter this killer’s twisted mind if she has any hope of stopping him in time.

But will he take her down with him?

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Author: Dunn, Harry
International Mystery & Crime

London private investigator Jack Barclay is on the trail of financier Tom Stanton who has disappeared with £1million of clients’ money, leaving his desperate wife and children behind.

Stanton’s Parisian mistress, Danielle, is also involved with the boss of a drug smuggling cartel and Stanton is seduced into laundering money for them. When £4million of drugs cash goes missing and Tom is the suspect, he and Danielle go on the run.

The stakes are raised with the kidnapping of Stanton’s daughter, and Jack finds himself in a race to find Stanton before the mob do. As he hunts him down, he uncovers a nightmare world of torture, betrayal and murder, putting his own life in danger.

Jack quickly realises those who enter the netherworld of the Russian mafia may not get out alive.

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Author: Mahood, George
Adventurer & Explorer Biographies

Two Brits, George and Mark, set off from New York City to explore the back roads of America. In this calamity-ridden travel tale, George sets out in true clichéd fashion to discover the real America.

Throw in plenty of run-ins with the police, rapidly dwindling finances and Josephine – the worst car in the world – and you have all the ingredients for a classic American road trip. Will George and Mark make it all the way to California?

And then there is Rachel, George’s girlfriend, left back in England. Would travelling to the United States without her turn out to be the stupidest decision he had ever made?

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Author: Larkman, Amanda

One woman knows he is a murderer, but nobody believes her.
One woman has disappeared.

One woman has never been so happy… Until a visit from a stranger blows her life apart.

Three Women. One Secret.
Liz, Amber, and Sarah.

After years of obsession, Liz is ready to move on. Until she discovers her ex has a new victim. Damaged and dangerous, she’s determined he won’t get away with it this time.

Amber couldn’t be happier. Life is finally falling into place. Married to a man she adores, she is looking forward to a bright future. But when a stranger comes to her door, she learns things aren’t all they seem

Sarah was the only one to believe Liz, but she’s disappeared, and a killer stays hidden.

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Author: Coles, Linda
Mystery & Suspense Thrillers

Mysterious photos. Missing diaries. Family secrets with fatal consequences.

Chrissy Livingstone grieves over her father’s sudden death. While she cleans out his old things, she discovers something she can’t explain: seven school-style photos of boys with the year 1987 stamped on the back. Unable to turn off her intrigue, she sets out to find them only to discover that three of the seven have committed suicide…

Tracing the clues from Surrey to Santa Monica, Chrissy unearths disturbing ties between her father’s work as a financier and the victims. As each new connection raises more sinister questions about her family, she fears she should’ve left the secrets buried with the dead.

Will Chrissy put the past to rest, or will the sins of the father destroy her family?

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Author: LATUS, DAN
Private Investigator Mysteries

Frank Doy, contract security specialist, is flat broke. Then beautiful and mysterious Vlasta George shows up at his door. She’ll give him good money to take her to a secret location in Europe, no questions asked.


The woman’s husband is a murderous Teesside gangster. She is running away to start a life without him, taking her two young kids and a million pounds with her.


But there is someone even more dangerous — someone from the past — who also has an interest in the money. Before long, two of Vlasta’s circle are found dead.

Doy finds himself in a frantic chase across Europe, travelling into unknown territory, battling an enemy he doesn’t understand, for vendettas he is not involved with.

Will he be able to protect his client — and make it out alive?

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Author: Borman, Tracy
Regularly $19.99, Today $13.29
Historical British Biographies
Henry VIII is best known for his tempestuous marriages and the fates of his six wives. But his reign and reputation were hugely influenced by his confidants, ministers, and even occasional rivals—many of whom have been underplayed in previous biographies. Exploring these relationships in depth, Tracy Borman offers a fresh perspective on the legendary king, revealing surprising contradictions in his beliefs and behavior.
Henry was capable of fierce but seldom abiding loyalty, of raising men up only to destroy them later. He loved to be attended by boisterous young men like his friend Charles Brandon, who shared his passion for sport. But the king could also be diverted by men of intellect, culture, and wit, as his longstanding interplay with Cardinal Wolsey and his reluctant abandonment of Thomas More attest.
Eager to escape the shadow of his father, Henry was easily led by male advisors early in his reign. In time, though, he matured into a profoundly paranoid and ruthless king. Recounting the great Tudor’s life and signal moments through the lens of his male relationships, Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him sheds fresh light on this fascinating figure.

Pod: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Paull, Laline
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Animal Fiction

Laline Paull returns with an immersive and transformative new novel of an ocean world—its extraordinary creatures, mysteries, and mythologies—that is increasingly haunted by the cruelty and ignorance of the human race.

Ea has always felt like an outsider. As a spinner dolphin who has recently come of age, she’s now expected to join in the elaborate rituals that unite her pod. But Ea suffers from a type of deafness that prevents her from mastering the art of spinning. When catastrophe befalls her family and Ea knows she is partly to blame, she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave the pod.

As Ea ventures into the vast, she discovers dangers everywhere, from lurking predators to strange objects floating in the water. Not to mention the ocean itself seems to be changing; creatures are mutating, demonic noises pierce the depths, whole species of fish disappear into the sky above. Just as she is coming to terms with her solitude, a chance encounter with a group of arrogant bottlenoses will irrevocably alter the course of her life.

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Author: McKinney, Amanda
Regularly $9.99, Today $4.99
Domestic Thrillers

Obsession turns deadly in this sleepy coastal town…

Therapist and struggling author Betty Lou Abbott has a secret, one she keeps locked in the basement of the historic mansion she inherited from her late husband. Her fiancé, Ian, also has a secret: he is having an affair with one of Betty Lou’s clients. She thinks so, anyway.

As Betty Lou’s life becomes intertwined with the beautiful, successful Carmen Marquis, her intention to expose the affair turns into a dangerous obsession. Especially when she learns there is more to Carmen than meets the eye.

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Author: Chapman, Vannetta
Regularly $6.99, Today $3.99
Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Can law and order survive in a world without rules?

As police chief, Tanda Lopez has vowed to protect the people of Alpine. But how do you protect a town against itself?

Situated in the Chihuahuan Desert, no one is coming to help the citizens of this remote Texas town. When the entire array of lower orbital satellites crash, they are instantly catapulted into a world without communication, power, or resources. Tanda is determined that law and order won’t be the next casualty of the apocalypse. But how can she fight a corrupt mayor? Can she stand between those who wish to uphold the law and those who are intent on annihilating it? And what will she do about the neighboring communities who are preparing to attack?

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