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Author: Whiting, J A
Cozy Mystery

Come join the four Roseland sisters as they start businesses and solve crimes, with a touch of paranormal, in the seaside town of Sweet Cove, Massachusetts.
With recipes !

Included in the collection:
The Sweet Dreams Bake Shop
Murder So Sweet
Sweet Secrets
Sweet Deceit
Sweetness and Light
Home Sweet Home
Sweet Fire and Stone
Sweet Friend of Mine
Sweet Hide and Seek
Sweet Vows and Promises

Pebble Cove: Books 4-6 (affiliate link)

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Author: Scott, Eryn
Cozy Animal Mystery

Pebble Cove is known for giving tourists the cold shoulder, but a frozen body is something new.

The people of Pebble Cove are thrown into a forced hibernation when the worst snowstorm in a decade hits the Oregon Coast. They expect to find damages once the snow thaws, but a frozen body down by the pier comes as a terrible surprise.

Rosemary is keeping warm with an abundance of chai tea, wooly sweaters, and further research into Asher’s past. But when a second body is found, she can’t deny the chilling thoughts that the two deaths might be connected. Or that this might not be the end.

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Author: Haynie, Jennifer
Romantic Suspense
How do your bosses reward you for thwarting a kidnapping of the president’s daughter? Former Secret Service Agent Victor Chavez knows all too well. Despite his bravery, he loses his career and his fiancée. Now he works in private security as he struggles through his grief alone. Then Victor receives an offer from his best friend, FBI Special Agent Gary Walton—lead a covert operations team called Shadow Box. Victor jumps at the opportunity.
Deborah Fields, Delta Force widow, mother of four children, and part-time marriage counselor, has found a new calling as a civilian web hunter for the FBI. She spends lonely hours tracking Murdock, a man responsible for the deaths of several undercover agents. When Deborah’s cover gets blown, Victor and the Shadow Box team take her into hiding. She’s out of harm’s way—maybe.
While at Shadow Box’s headquarters, a friendship springs up between Victor and Deborah. He finds a safe place to grieve and ask questions. She discovers a new form of companionship. When Murdock’s handlers uncover Shadow Box’s location and close in, Victor will do anything to protect Deborah and her children—even die.
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Indian Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Alternative Curry Recipes You Will Learn:
Asian Curry Squash Soup
Curried Turkey Wraps
Thai Broccoli Basil Curry
Tropical Coconut Pineapple Curry
Vegetarian Thai Curry
Peanut Sriracha Chicken Curry
Asian Curried Duck
Alternative Curry Chili
Ubud Inspired Chicken Curry
American Curry Carrot Soup
Curried Winter Leek Soup
Thursday’s Curried Fish Stew
3-Ingredient Curry Mussels
Eastern Indian Fish Curry
Sri Lankan Crab Curry
Seafood Sampler Curry
Summer Fruit Curry Dinner
Much, much more!
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Author: Usher, Donna Joy
Private Investigator Mysteries

It’s been three months since Chanel returned from Las Vegas and she’s done everything in her power to forget about Billy. All that changes the day he shows up asking for her help.

Boris Tolokonsky, head of the Las Vegas-Russian Mafia, has escaped, and Intel says he is heading for Australia…and for Matt King. Now Chanel must put her heartache aside and work with Billy to protect Matt and his bride-to-be.

In Two Weddings and a Fugitive, The Chanel Series gang meets the characters from The Seven Steps to Closure and all our favourites are back – bigger, better and funnier than ever.

My Bodyguard Summer (affiliate link)

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Author: Pennington, Michelle
Romantic Suspense

She hired him to keep her boss safe, but now she’s in danger too…of falling for him.
Everly only cared about one thing–protecting her celebrity boss, Harlow Kline, from the lowlifes threatening her. But it wasn’t going to be easy.

Not only did she have to convince Harlow to give up her busy schedule of interviews, fashion shows, and red-carpet events for the summer, she had to convince Jack Prescot to do something he’d sworn never to do again–guard a beautiful, single starlet with a propensity for falling in love.

She also had to remind herself–repeatedly–that she wasn’t interested in the handsome and perceptive bodyguard who paid way too much attention to her. Especially considering that Harlow was the one in danger.

Catching Air: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Pekkanen, Sarah
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Women’s Friendship

In her previous works including The Best of Us, “rising star” (Library Journal) Sarah Pekkanen captivated readers by penning “refreshingly introspective, sharply realistic, and tenderly humorous” novels (Booklist) that had readers “flying through the pages” (Hoda Kotb, Today show). Now, in Catching Air, Pekkanen turns an unflinching eye on the tangled relationships of two pairs of thirty-somethings.

A chance to run a B&B in snowy, remote Vermont—it’s an offer Kira Danner can’t resist after six soul-crushing years of working as a lawyer in Florida. As Kira and her husband, Peter, step into a brand new life, she quells her fears about living with the B&B’s co-owners: Peter’s sexy, irresponsible brother Rand, and Rand’s wife, Alyssa…who is essentially a stranger.

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Author: Rogers, Matt
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Vigilante Justice Thrillers

Dante Jacoby is a slave to the trappings of the modern world. Twenty-six years old and hopelessly addicted to booze, cigarettes, and procrastination, he’s squandered every ounce of his potential. His corporate raider father, Dorian, reaches the end of his tether and cuts Dante off as heir to the Jacoby family fortune. His mother, Fiona, is smarter than her husband: she hasn’t spoken to Dante in months.

But Dante’s no victim. He knows he brought this on himself.

Dragged to the gym by a well-intentioned friend in a last-ditch attempt to get him in gear, Dante is used as a guinea pig for a new state-of-the-art machine. He couldn’t care less about “Flash Reflex Training,” but does what he’s told, and heads home to drink himself into oblivion. Hours later he’s on the run, hunted ruthlessly by mercenaries, kept alive by a CIA spook who reveals he tested close to the fastest reaction speed on earth. Square in the crosshairs of foreign agents who don’t want the government utilising his genetic talents, he finds himself sucked into the brutal world of covert operations.

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Author: Hanna, Rachel
Regularly $4.99, Today $1.99
Clean & Wholesome Romance

It’s a split second decision.

What if he figures out who she isn’t?

Daisy needs to stop a mall project from ruining her town. A billionaire stands in her way. And she isn’t exactly well versed in faking her identity. That is, until she does it.

The problem is, he doesn’t like her one bit.

Will she make it out of his beach house without blowing her cover?

Ready for a clean billionaire romance that will make you smile and swoon? Pick up Spying On The Billionaire today.

When Life Happened (affiliate link)

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Author: Ann, Jewel E.
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Romantic Comedy

Parker Cruse despises cheaters. It might have something to do with her boyfriend sleeping with her twin sister.

After a wedding day prank involving a strong laxative, that ends the already severed relationship between the twins, Parker decides to grow up and act twenty-six.

Step One: Move out of her parents’ house.

Step Two: Find a job.

Opportunity strikes when she meets her new neighbor, Gus Westman. He’s an electrician with Iowa farm-boy values and a gift for saying her name like it’s a dirty word.

He also has a wife.

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Author: Mallery, Susan
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Romantic Comedy


Cal Buchanan needs a top-flight chef to take over his failing Seattle restaurant, The Waterfront. He can afford to hire the best in town—the only problem is that the best happens to be his ex-wife, Penny Jackson.

Penny really needs this opportunity, but she doesn’t need the distraction of working with her ex. She’s sworn off romance—she’s even having a baby on her own. But before she knows it, the heat is on…and the attraction between her and Cal moves from a low simmer to a full boil!

The rest should be easy as pie, but a secret from Cal’s past could spoil everything. Maybe it’s true that too many cooks spoil the broth—or maybe two is enough to make it irresistible.

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Author: LMSW, Melody Wilding
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99
Interpersonal Relations

Are you a Sensitive Striver? Learn how to get out of your own way and rediscover your sensitivity as a superpower.

___ Highly sensitive and high performing?
___ Need time to think through decisions before you act?
___ Judge yourself harshly when you make mistakes?
___ Take feedback and criticism personally?
___ Find it difficult to set boundaries?

It’s time to Trust Yourself. Being highly attuned to your emotions, your environment, and the behavior of others can be the keys to success, but they can also lead to overthinking everything and burnout. Human behavior expert and executive coach Melody Wilding, LMSW has spent the past ten years working with Sensitive Strivers like you. In this groundbreaking book, she draws on decades of research and client work to examine the intersection of sensitivity and achievement in the workplace and offer neuroscience-based strategies you can use to reclaim control of your life and reach your full potential.

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