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Author: Barbour, Mimi
Women’s Romance Fiction

Emma dreams of being a mom. Problem is – she doesn’t want marriage or a husband or any of the normal trimmings. Choosing adoption as her best option, she meets a terminally ill woman whose baby boy desperately needs a home.

Until the day his uncle appears and declares his wish to take the boy to live with him. This stunning, worldly journalist is serious and a threat to her dreams.

Can she win out over such a man? Will her craving be enough or does having experience and a knowledge of how to deal with children count?

He has it…

…she doesn’t.

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Author: Hammack, Bruce
Police Procedurals

Sixteen years ago, David Harper’s father was sent to prison for his mother’s murder. Escaping the shame and memories, David changed his name and forged a career as a highly respected Texas State Trooper. No one knows the truth—not even his wife of five months.

When his father’s conviction is overturned, David can no longer ignore his past. Revenge drives him to find his mother’s killer and make them pay. His investigation stirs a den of vipers who come out striking, and his dad is the number-one target.

David’s future hangs in the balance; his life, his work, and his family are on the line. He must stop the murderer before he loses it all.

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Author: Dunnett, Gregg
International Mystery & Crime

An unsolved murder. A remote island. A dark secret.

When a teenage girl disappears from a beach town at the height of summer, a huge police search fails to uncover her fate. So Billy Wheatley steps in to solve the case. At eleven years old, he’s a little young to play detective, but no one knows more about the empty sands, windswept cliffs and hidden caves of his island home.

What’s more, he was there that night.

Billy’s style of investigation is unlike anything you’ve read before. He’s soon caught within a complex web of lies and family secrets. And when everything points towards one terrifying conclusion, his childish game becomes a deadly struggle to survive. Because the killer he seeks is not just someone he knows, it’s the only person he’s ever been able to trust.

Billy needs to solve the case to save himself. But how do you catch a killer – when you’re just a kid?

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Author: Lynn, Sandi
Contemporary Romance

I made a promise not to sleep with my new personal assistant.
Too late.
I’d already slept with her before I knew Grayson, my human resources director, hired her.
Long story short.
We first met at a café when she let me have the last apple turnover.
Then I saw her again that same night at a bar.
She was incredibly sexy, and she wanted me as much as I wanted her.
We both agreed it was a one-time thing, and she left the following day.
Imagine the shock on both our faces when she showed up for work on Monday.

I wasn’t a relationship type of guy and for good reasons.
Julia Benton had her own reasons why she wasn’t looking to get involved with anyone.
So, continuing our sexual relationship was a win-win for both of us.
But the more time we spent together, feelings I’d never felt before started to emerge.
Then things became complicated, and she quit to pursue her dreams.
I knew how much it meant to her, and I didn’t care.
Now that I’d lost her, I wanted, no, I needed her back in my life, and I would do anything to make sure that happened.

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Author: Taylor, Kayla

For those drawn to both Tara Westover’s moving account of a difficult childhood and Susan Cain’s research on underappreciated traits … Canaries Among Us reveals the exquisite joy and tender heartache inherent in raising a child who is undervalued by a community.

A lifeline to those struggling with learning differences, bullying, and anxiety, Canaries Among Us explores one of the most widespread threats to child well-being: a lack of acceptance. This heart-rending exposé provides a candid view of the ways unique children are regularly misunderstood and mistreated. Fortunately, through raw storytelling and ground-breaking science, Taylor points to an inspirational alternative: supporting, and even celebrating, the dazzling variety of our humanity.

Euphoria (affiliate link)

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Author: King, Lily
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Literary Fiction

Set between two World Wars and inspired by events in the life of revolutionary anthropologist Margaret Mead, Euphoria is an enthralling story of passion, possession, exploration, and sacrifice from accomplished author Lily King.

From New England Book Award winner Lily King comes a breathtaking novel about three young anthropologists of the ’30s caught in a passionate love triangle that threatens their bonds, their careers, and ultimately, their lives.

English anthropologist Andrew Bankson has been alone in the field for several years, studying the Kiona river tribe in the territory of New Guinea. Haunted by the memory of his brothers’ deaths and increasingly frustrated and isolated by his research, Bankson is on the verge of suicide when a chance encounter with colleagues, the controversial Nell Stone and her wry and mercurial Australian husband, Fen, pulls him back from the brink.

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Author: Bitterman, Mark
Regularly $5.99, Today $2.99
Gourmet Cooking

The original, bestselling book that focuses on salt block cooking, with seventy recipes designed for using this unique cooking tool.

A precious mineral mined from ancient hills deep in Asia has stormed the American cooking scene. With hues ranging from rose to garnet to ice, Himalayan salt blocks offer a vessel for preparing food as stunningly visual as it is staggeringly delicious. Guided only by a hunger for flavor and an obsession with the awesome power of salt, award-winning author Mark Bitterman pioneers uncharted culinary terrain with Salt Block Cooking, which provides simple, modern recipes that illustrate salt block grilling, baking, serving, and more.

Everyone who loves the excitement and pleasure of discovering new cooking techniques will enjoy this guide to cooking and entertaining with salt blocks. The introduction is your salt block owner’s manual, with everything you need to know to purchase, use, and maintain salt blocks with confidence.

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Author: Jourdan, Carolyn
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Biographies of Medical Professionals

Carolyn Jourdan, an attorney on Capitol Hill, thought she had it made. But when her mother has a heart attack, she returns home to the Tennessee mountains, where her father is a country doctor and her mother works as his receptionist. Jourdan offers to fill in for her mother until she gets better. But days turn into weeks as she trades her suits for scrubs and finds herself following hazmat regulations for cleaning up bodily fluids; maintaining composure when confronted with a splinter the size of a steak knife; and tending to the loquacious Miss Hiawatha, whose daily doctor visits are never billed. Most important, though, she comes to understand what her caring and patient father means to her close-knit community.

With great humor and great tenderness, Heart in the Right Place shows that some of our biggest heroes are the ones living right beside us.

The Hidden Flower: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Buck, Pearl S.
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Literature & Fiction
Pearl S. Buck’s The Hidden Flower centers on the relationship between a Japanese student and an American soldier stationed in postwar Japan. The Japanese student’s father worked in the United States as a doctor, but had to flee to Kyoto to avoid imprisonment in an internment camp. The American soldier has inherited his family’s estate in Virginia, where interracial marriage is forbidden. Against such forces, and without the help of their families, how can the love between the young pair—and the future of their child—flourish? The Hidden Flower is an emotionally astute and moving exploration of a taboo love across cultures. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author’s estate.

Mr Nice: An Autobiography (affiliate link)

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Author: Marks, Howard
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Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals

During the mid-1980s Howard Marks had 43 aliases, 89 phone lines, and owned 25 companies throughout the world. From local bars to recording studios to offshore banks—all of his “businesses” were in fact money laundering vehicles serving his one true business: dope dealing.

Marks began dealing small amounts of hashish while doing a postgraduate philosophy course at Oxford, but soon he was moving much larger quantities. At the height of his career he was smuggling consignments of up to fifty tons from Pakistan and Thailand to America and Canada and had contact with organizations as diverse as MI6, the CIA, the IRA, and the Mafia. This is his extraordinary story.

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