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Author: Press, BookSumo
Vegetable Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Hash Browns Recipes You Will Learn:
Golden Hash Skillet
Spring Hash Bites
Pampered Hash Bake
Crunchy Hash and Velveeta Casserole
Golden Hash and Bacon Omelet
Italian Style Hash Brown Casserole
Smoked Crispy Hash Cups
Hashed and Steak Castle
Swiss Style Hash Browns
Naughty Hash Browns and Sausages Pan
Colby’s Hash Brown Bake
Hash Brown Tortillas
Instant Parmesan and Hash Brown Gratin
Russet Canadian Benedict
Sticky Hash Brown Patties
Spicy Cheddar Hash Bake
3-Ingredient Hash Browns
Crunchy Overnight Hash Brown Casserole
Spicy Adobo Hash Casserole
Crunchy Hash Brown and Goat Cheese Pie
Classic Mushroom Flavored Hash Casserole
Spicy Cheddar and Hash Brown Bake
Much, much more!
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Bread Baking
Here is a Preview of the Baking Recipes You Will Learn:
Spinach Muenster Quiche
American Gratin Soufflé
New England Quiche I
Bittersweet Soufflé
Diary Dreams Quiche
Soufflé Mornings
Easy Cinnamon Rolls
Lemon Oil Cookies
Tropical Coconut Holiday Cookies
Raspberry Cookies
Brown Sugar Cookies
Pecan Cake Ball
Yellow Vanilla Cake Pop
Cocoa Coffee Cake Pop
Multicolored Candy Cake Pop
Easy Doughnuts of Buttermilk
Easy Classical Doughnut I
Curried Veggie Pot Pie
Old-Fashioned Turkey Pot Pie
Seafood Sampler Pot Pie
Much, much more!
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Author: Sivils, K.C.
Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Joe Maynard runs a legit place, good food, good service, and at night, good music.

It’s true, if you want to place a friendly side wager, Joe will take your bet.

He’s a community leader, a player in the local politics of Capital City on Beta Prime.

But nobody really knows Joe Maynard, where he came from and what his past is.

Don’t ask Joe about it either, he won’t tell you.

If you’re like most people, your curious. You want to know what mysterious past Joe Maynard, the owner of Joe’s Place, is hiding.

Why don’t you scratch that itch?

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Author: Bree, Tabitha
Romantic Comedy

The chance to write a script for movie mogul Nolan Smith? NUTS.

But writing the biopic on disgraced rock star Frankie Rochford comes with its own complications… like finding a balance between writing a story that will give Nolan that Oscar nomination, and not destroying Frankie’s life by exposing more scandals.

But Nolan knows what he wants, and how he wants to do it. His reputation doesn’t read like a rap sheet for nothing:
Hollywood big shot
Serial model dater
Only cares about the bottom line
Hot AF (okay, that one isn’t relevant. But it’s impossible to ignore)
Only the more time I spend with him… the more I wonder if there’s more hiding under his Armani suit exterior…

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Author: Bratt, Kay
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Quinn Maguire has a stable life, a fiancé and what she thinks is a clear vision for her future. All of that comes undone by her mother’s deathbed confession—the absentee father Quinn spent thirty years resenting is not her real father at all. With that one revealing whisper, Quinn embarks on a journey to Maui, her mother’s childhood home, a storied paradise that holds the truth about her mother’s past and all its secrets Quinn is determined to uncover.

But settling on the island has its complications, and with the fiancé she left behind questioning every choice she makes, Quinn’s quest for her truth is even more difficult than she expected. As time passes and she digs deeper into her family history and her own identity, one thing becomes clear: Maui is as beautiful as she’d always imagined, and its magic is helping uncover the woman that Quinn was always meant to be.

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Author: Beattie, Melody
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Written for those of us who struggle with codependency, these daily meditations offer growth and renewal, and remind us that the best thing we can do is take responsibility for our own self-care.

Melody Beattie integrates her own life experiences and fundamental recovery reflections in this unique daily meditation book written especially for those of us who struggle with the issue of codependency.Problems are made to be solved, Melody reminds us, and the best thing we can do is take responsibility for our own pain and self-care. In this daily inspirational book, Melody provides us with a thought to guide us through the day and she encourages us to remember that each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal.

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Author: Foster, Melissa
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Romantic Comedy

When chef Abby de Messiéres returns to Silver Island with her sister to get their late mother’s affairs in order, she expected to inherit her mother’s bistro along with their childhood home, not to discover a half sister they never knew existed, and a handsome vacationer camped out on her mother’s patio.

Workaholic Aiden Aldridge has been sent to Silver Island on a work-free vacation, armed with a “Let Loose list,” and ordered to get a life by the much-younger sister he raised after the death of their parents. After years of focusing on his sister’s well-being, he’s blindsided by his intense attraction to the gorgeous, free-spirited Abby.

Aiden might not know much about chilling out, but he’s excellent at striking deals. He helps Abby with the restaurant in exchange for her help in tackling the items on his list. Sparks fly as Aiden and Abby work, and play, side by side. Intimate conversations lead to steamy kisses and undeniable passion.

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Author: Rhimes, Shonda
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Biographies of Actors & Entertainers

She’s the creator and producer of some of the most groundbreaking and audacious shows on television today. Her iconic characters live boldly and speak their minds. So who would suspect that Shonda Rhimes is an introvert? That she hired a publicist so she could avoid public appearances? That she suffered panic attacks before media interviews?

With three children at home and three hit television shows, it was easy for Shonda to say she was simply too busy. But in truth, she was also afraid. And then, over Thanksgiving dinner, her sister muttered something that was both a wake up and a call to arms: You never say yes to anything. Shonda knew she had to embrace the challenge: for one year, she would say YES to everything that scared her.

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Author: Parker, Ali
Regularly $9.99, Today $3.99
Romantic Comedy
The last time I saw my baby daddy, we were in the backseat of a limo at his brother’s wedding.
Making magic—or a kiddo.
No judging. There was a lot of liquor involved and the man is a god.
He passed out before I could tell him my name, but payback is hell.
I stole his pants for good measure. I’m sure he enjoyed that.
It was supposed to be one night of fun.
Just one night of being the crazy, free girl I was before I took over my dad’s company. And it was that.
Until I saw those two lines pop up on an innocuous-looking stick.
No way I could tell him.
Fast forward a year, and he walks into my father’s company as my new construction partner.
His wicked smile has me swooning.
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Author: Dixon, Ruby
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Science Fiction Romance

After being stolen from Earth, I learned that I could live each day in fear…or I could meet life head-on and unafraid. I chose the latter…

Which is why, when I find a terrifyingly huge cat-alien male hip-deep in my favorite fishing spot, I don’t run away in fear.

I introduce myself.

Is it reckless? Sure. But I’ve never met anyone quite like the feline Hrrrusek. And when I catch him marking my door as his territory, instead of calling for help…

I invite him in.

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