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Author: Dempsey, Ernest
Archaeological Thriller


After a historian is murdered while investigating an ancient text, and an archaeologist goes missing, former government Sean Wyatt finds himself in a race against time to solve a series of clues from a long-forgotten past. To make things worse, the archaeologist is his best friend.

Sean discovers a 4000 year old mystery buried deep in the southeastern United States. If this secret is uncovered, it could bring about a pandemic unlike anything the world has ever seen.

And that’s exactly what one man wants. So he can remake the human race in his image.

Every riddle along the path carries its own dangers. And one wrong move could cost Sean his life. On top of that, a sinister branch of an old secret society is on his tail, and they will stop at nothing to uncover the secret of the stones.

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Author: Williams, Victoria LK
Private Investigator Mysteries

Piper Avery thought her day was bad-then she found the body on the beach!

When Piper Avery gets a pink slip, a birthday card, and new neighbors all in the same week, she thinks things can’t get any worse. But then she stumbles upon a body on the Florida coastline and her day takes a deadly turn.

To add to her troubles, her new neighbors turned out to be none other than her mother and mother-in-law, best friends and full of advice. While Piper is trying to adjust to their presence in her life, she’s also juggling the challenges of her photography gallery opening, and the surprise birthday gift of feisty spaniel named Daisy, who proves to be a bit of a diva.

Piper has no intention of getting involved in the murder investigation, but when undercover cop Joel Stevenson challenges her, she can’t resist. With Daisy by her side, Piper begins to unravel the mystery, even as she’s caught up in small-town gossip and drama.

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Author: Spaur, Elizabeth
Romantic Comedy

He’s looking for a second chance in life. She’ll be his best chance for love.

Retired Navy Seal Cade Maguire agrees to coach football at his alma mater, thinking a second chance being part of the sport he loves is his best chance for a future. Socially awkward veterinarian Tess Maguire dreamed of something more. She had no idea she’d find it when she saves Cade’s dog and he ends up offering to help her train to compete in American Ninja Warrior.

Two people look for answers. Together they’ll find love.

Haverhill Burning (affiliate link)

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Author: Black, Genna
Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

I’ve lived in Haverhill for most of my life. Or at least, for as long as I can remember. I wouldn’t call it home, per se. Can a place ever really be considered home when you have no one left to call family and those you’d call neighbors would love nothing more than to watch you burn?

It’s what they do, afterall. Haverhill has been burning witches for over 300 years.

I could have left a long time ago. Should have left.

Would have, if not for him.

It’s pathetic, honestly. I don’t even know his name but I can’t stay away — even when not staying away means just a glimpse at most.

It isn’t just that he’s hot.

I mean, he is. He really is.

But I can’t shake the way I’m drawn to him, and when a simple nighttime jog turns into a fight for my life, he’s the one there to help smother the flames.

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Author: Swift, Lana J.
Humorous Erotica

Young. Rebellious. Horny. Now twice the fun!
While on a state-mandated survival trip deep in Mount Rainier National Park, six underachieving college girls wake up one morning to the shock of inexplicable and bizarre physical changes. What the teens don’t know: they were abducted by aliens, and subjected to a botched genetic experiment. What they do know: they didn’t fall asleep with both girl AND boy parts in their panties!

Isolated from the outside world, the confused girls must come to terms with their remarkable new Futa bodies, while resisting the overwhelming urge to put them to the test… or, more likely, give in and throw a backwoods insemination orgy so wild, even the bears will be blushing!

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Author: Turmel, Wayne
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Johnny Lupul is riding high. He’s got a PI license, a concealed carry permit, his first big payday and a monster of a secret. After rescuing a bookie’s daughter from Russian mobsters, the newbie PI catches the attention of a rich, mysterious client.

At first, it’s easy money. After all, magic isn’t real and those “occult” objects have to be fakes. But while chasing an ancient relic, an obsessed enemy from his past emerges. Johnny learns that the world is much stranger—and more dangerous—than he ever suspected.

Malignant forces dwell in Egyptian artifacts, Romani superstition is fact, and being a werewolf may be the most normal thing he has to face on this case.

Edible Wild Plants (affiliate link)

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Author: Kallas, John
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Natural Foods

Edible wild plants have one or more parts that can be used for food if gathered at the appropriate stage of growth and properly prepared. Edible Wild Plants includes extensive information and recipes on plants from the four categories.

Foundation greens: wild spinach, chickweed, mallow, purslane; tart greens: curlydock, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel; pungent greens: wild mustard, wintercress, garlic mustard,shepherd’s purse; and bitter greens: dandelion, cat’s ear, sow thistle, nipplewort.

Dr. John Kallas has investigated and taught about edible wild plants since 1970. He founded WildFood Adventures in 1993 and is the publisher and editor of Wild FoodAdventurer. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

The definitive work on growing, harvesting, and eating wild greens.

Girl in the Woods: A Memoir (affiliate link)

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Author: Matis, Aspen
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Biographies & Memoirs of Women
Girl in the Woods is Aspen Matis’s exhilarating true-life adventure of hiking from Mexico to Canada—a coming of age story, a survival story, and a triumphant story of overcoming emotional devastation. On her second night of college, Aspen was raped by a fellow student. Overprotected by her parents who discouraged her from telling of the attack, Aspen was confused and ashamed. Dealing with a problem that has sadly become all too common on college campuses around the country, she stumbled through her first semester—a challenging time made even harder by the coldness of her college’s “conflict mediation” process. Her desperation growing, she made a bold decision: She would seek healing in the freedom of the wild, on the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail leading from Mexico to Canada.
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Author: Callaghan, Hope
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Cozy Mystery

With the fall season in full swing, the Garden Girls are busier than ever making their rounds visiting the local shut-ins and welcoming newcomers to Belhaven.

After Gloria volunteers to welcome the newest resident, despite learning the woman supposedly has a “thing” for her husband, Paul, she is determined to ignore the rumors and start off on the right foot with the stranger.

All of that is thrown out the window when Mally discovers a body in the woman’s basement. As evidence mounts in the case, all of the clues seem to implicate Gloria and Paul.

With a killer on the loose, and another recent attack, will the Garden Girls be able to clear Gloria and Paul as suspects?

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Author: Callaghan, Hope
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Cozy Culinary Mysteries

Upon returning home from their action-packed honeymoon, Gloria Rutherford-Kennedy and her new husband, Paul, are ready to settle into married life.

While the newlyweds are busy rearranging households and responsibilities, Gloria is also planning for the all-girls cruise that is right around the corner.

Life is smooth sailing and all is calm in the sleepy little town of Belhaven until elderly resident, Eleanor Whittaker, calls one morning to tell Gloria that something has happened out on the frozen waters of Lake Terrace.

When the two women arrive on scene, they discover that a summer resident has been found dead and half-submerged inside his ice shanty. Eleanor tells Gloria and the Garden Girls that she witnessed something the night before the body was discovered, but for the life of her, can’t remember what it is.

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Author: Callaghan, Hope
Regularly $4.99, Today $0.99
Cozy Mystery

After Ruth becomes a contestant on television’s hottest new game show, “Dash For Cash,” she enlists the help of her friends to make it to the show’s finale for a chance to win some serious cash.

Between one of Rose’s “special elixir” concoctions and some boot camp style physical fitness training from a coworker, Ruth is feeling more and more confident she’ll make the cut and asks Gloria to accompany her to the final elimination rounds.

Her confidence is crushed when one of the competitors ends up dead and all clues point to Ruth. Can Gloria and the Garden Girls help clear Ruth’s name or will her hopes of winning the cash be dashed while she’s sitting in a prison cell?

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Author: Brock, Annie, Hundley, Heather
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Educational Psychology

Empower learning through grit and resilience—with this easy-to-follow teacher’s guide to growth mindset strategies.

Created by teachers for teachers, this is the ultimate guide for unleashing students’ potential through creative lessons, empowering messages, and innovative teaching. The Growth Mindset Coach provides all you need to foster a growth mindset classroom, including:
A Month-by-Month Program
Research-Based Activities
Hands-On Lesson Plans
Real-Life Educator Stories
Constructive Feedback
Sample Parent Letters

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