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Author: Claflin, Stacy
Psychological Thrillers

Even perfect neighborhoods have deadly secrets.

Ariana and Damon moved to the gated neighborhood of Rosy Hills to leave behind their traumatic pasts. Now they have their dream jobs and are part of a tight group of friends. All of that crumbles when their neighbor Rita disappears without a trace.

Now it looks like one of their own could be a killer. Ariana and Damon must figure out who it is, or they risk never finding Rita alive. If they don’t reach her in time, they could all end up dead…

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Author: Gallagher, Michael
Consumer Guides

From the author of the best-selling blog “Kindle Books and Tips” and the #1 free Kindle book guide comes this handy, time-saving, collection of tips, tricks and shortcuts for your e-Ink Kindle. Topics include:

•Archived Items
•Battery Replacement
•Calculator Functionality
•Checking Your Email
•Contacting Amazon’s Kindle Customer Service
•Converting PDF Documents to Kindle Format
•Discussion Boards
•Displaying the Time
•Download Problems – What To Do
•Formatting Issues in a Kindle Book – What To Do
•Games on Your Kindle
•Gifting a Kindle Book / Gift Certificates
•Internet Access (it’s free) on Your Kindle
•Internet Bookmarks
•Kindle Reading to You (Text to Speech)
•Lending Books
•Losing Your Place While Reading
•Lost Kindle Tip

… and much more …

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Author: Mason, Dorothy P.
Dog Care & Health

Our experienced author, who has more than 25 years of expertise in canine education and veterinary care, has assembled all the crucial advice and methods for effective dog training. This book is the best resource for any dog owner because it covers both Dog Training + Mental Activities for your dog in one convenient bundle.

Here is a quick preview of what you will find inside:
Pulling on the Leash During Walks: learn how to teach your dog loose-leash walking and enjoy stress-free walks with your furry companion.
Separation Anxiety: discover effective strategies for helping your dog feel more comfortable when you’re away from home.
House Training Difficulties: follow our 4-week & step-by-step guide for house training your dog and say goodbye to accidents in the house.
Excessive Barking: find out the reasons behind your dog’s barking and learn how to control it in a positive way.
Destructive Chewing: learn how to prevent destructive chewing and redirect your dog’s behavior to more appropriate toys and activities.
…And Much More!

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Author: Sawyer, Shane
Traditional Detective Mysteries

A pretty little town
An inheritance
A break-in
A body

Edie Doyle may be new in town, but she’s about to uncover long-held secrets. Secrets someone will do anything to protect.

When her Great Aunt Jane dies, Edie inherits her house—and a load of trouble. The frozen corpse is just the beginning.

Can she trust her binocular-wielding neighbour, or the handsome pub owner? And what about the motives of a dead woman? Jane abandoned her when she was a child. Why make Edie her heir now?

As the threats get personal and the danger grows, Edie discovers that someone wants her gone—by any means necessary.

But she has secrets of her own, and she won’t leave until she’s ready.

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Author: Burke, H. L.
Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

Royal Kennel Guards don’t rescue princesses.

Especially when they don’t even have a spark of magic to their names.

But Sir Percy’s depressingly ordinary life is about to change when he meets Princess Matty. Sheltered by overprotective parents in the wake of a christening gone wrong, Matty has spent her entire life locked in a tower. She will do anything to escape, and if that means dragging Percy along on a cross-country search for Prince Charming, so be it.

But a myriad of dangers lie in wait for them. And Percy isn’t qualified to break her curse. If they can’t find a proper, magical prince to bestow true love’s kiss, sweet Matty could spend the rest of her days as a frog–or worse.

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Author: Martin, S.J.
Historical Thrillers
A devastated and forlorn young man stands by the bed of his dead parents in a deserted chateau in France. He is alone, but he is the heir to the power and wealth of the vast family estates.
Piers De Chatillon, tall and darkly handsome with a sharp wit, will carve out a place for himself as an ambitious courtier, lover and swordsman in the courts of Europe. More significantly, he will become a force to be reckoned with at the Pope’s side in Rome and one of the most feared assassins in Europe.
The story is set in the turbulent years of the 11th century when the Catholic Church began to flex its muscles against the Holy Roman Emperor and the northern Princes. It moves from the French and German courts to Rome and finally on a perilous and deadly journey to the forbidding medieval fortress in Prague, home of the Dukes and Bishops of Bohemia.
Piers De Chatillon finds he has to fight for his life from his first days as a young man in the French court. Nonetheless, nothing has prepared him for the challenges he will face in the dangerous corridors of the Pope’s Lateran Palace in Rome. Here, he will learn his trade as an assassin and arch manipulator.
The enemies of Pope Alexander line up against the clever young Papal Envoy who stands in their way, and they are determined to destroy Piers De Chatillon in the most brutal way so they can assassinate Pope Alexander.
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Author: Gussin, Patricia
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Medical Thrillers

Pull a trigger and everything changes. Medical student Laura Nelson had just finished examining her first patient when she is forced to make a split-second decision that will alter the course of her life—forever.

One life will end, and one life will never be the same. But keeping her dreadful secret will be one of the toughest challenges Laura will ever face. With a persistent and perceptive detective hot on her trail and a host of eerie incidents suggesting that maybe her secret isn’t really a secret, Laura is drawn into an unseemly web of peril, deceit, and treachery and is forced to risk both her freedom and her sanity.

Will her deadly secret come to light, or must she live forever in the shadow of death?

Set amidst the upheaval and smoldering chaos of the Detroit riots of 1967, Shadow of Death is a haunting tale of unrest, fear, and consequences. Hailed as a stunning debut novel, Shadow of Death provides a spine-chilling glimpse of what lurks in the shadows.

The Marriage Agreement (affiliate link)

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Author: Davidson, Carolyn
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Action & Adventure Romance

When an undercover lawman needs a wife to complete his disguise, a beautiful riverboat singer may be more than he bargained for in this historical romance.

Mississippi River, 1878. Scams and scalawags were all in a day’s work for government agent Gage Morgan. Songbird Lily Devereaux was not. No soiled dove, she was a lady in need of protection. But once vows were spoken, would he ever be able to let her go, as their marriage bargain allowed . . . and her troubled heart might demand?

Songs and secrets were Lily’s shield against the world. A desperate act led her to sing for her supper aboard a Mississippi riverboat—but now her boss expects her to entertain customers in the bedroom as well. Playing the role of Gage Morgan’s bride is a tempting way to escape dire straits. But can Lily wed him and bed him without the promise of love?

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Author: Paine, Thomas
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Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Three works by the political theorist and Founding Father whose impassioned arguments sparked a watershed moment in the progress of democracy.

Common Sense: Originally published anonymously in 1776, this landmark political pamphlet spread across the colonies like no document of its kind had ever done before. It was read aloud in town squares and affixed to tavern walls. Both a plainly stated case for separation from Great Britain and a stirring call to action, Common Sense played a decisive role in America’s march toward revolution.

Rights of Man: This forceful rebuke of aristocratic rule and persuasive endorsement of self-governance became one of the most influential political statements in history. Thomas Paine asserts that human rights are not granted by the government but inherent to man’s nature. He argues that the purpose of government is to protect those rights, and if a government fails to do so, its people are duty-bound to revolution.

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Author: Farrar, Janet, Farrar, Stewart
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New Age Reference

The Witches’ Goddess is of great practical value in discovering and celebrating the transforming energy of the Female Principle of Divinity.

A companion to The Witches’ God, this is an important, three-part work by the Farrars, providing an in-depth exploration of the Goddess in her many aspects at a time when Western Culture is awakening to the influence of Feminine Divinity, both individually and collectively. In part one, they outline the numerous faces of the Goddess: her presence throughout history, her Earth and Moon symbolism, her Madonna and Magdalene disguises, her revelation in Woman, and her influence today. In part two, they examine thirteen goddesses from history, including Ishtar, Isis, Hecate, and Aphrodite, and offer rituals for invoking them. Part three is a comprehensive dictionary of more than 1,000 goddesses from cultures all over the world and throughout time. Each section features helpful line drawings, diagrams, and photographic illustrations.

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Author: Brown, Phil
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Popular Culture

With selections ranging from literature to song lyrics, this book highlights the Catskills experience over a century, and assesses its continuing impact on American music, comedy, food, culture, and religion. It features selections from such fiction writers as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Herman Wouk, Allegra Goodman and Vivian Gornick; and original contributions from historians, sociologists, and scholars of American and Jewish culture that trace the history of the region, the rise of hotels and bungalow colonies, the wonderful flavors of food and entertainment, and distinctive forms of Jewish religion found in the Mountains.

What was life—the work, the play, the food, the romance—like at Catskills Mountains resorts? These very personal recollections capture the special sense of community and freedom that developed among Jewish families leaving the city behind for a summer vacation and enjoying a cultural space of their own. From “Bingo by the Bungalow” by Thane Rosenbaum to “Young Workers in the Hotels” by Phil Brown to “Shoot the Shtrudel to Me Yudel” by Henry Foner, this charming anthology captures an era that has had enormous impact on the Jewish experience and American culture as a whole.

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