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Murder at North Pond (Frostfall Island Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Lovett, London
Cozy Culinary Mystery

When Anna St. James graduated college with a business degree, she never expected to find herself running a boarding house on a small island off the east coast. But life throws a lot of curves and Anna has certainly had her share of them. Now, settled into life as owner and landlady of the Moon River Boarding House on Frostfall Island, Anna couldn’t imagine living anywhere else or without the unique and somewhat eccentric tenants she considers family.

Anna would be perfectly content baking and keeping house but Frostfall Island, lovely, remote and somewhat wild, always manages to throw a curve of its own. Most of the time, Frostfall is a charming island with a busy fishing boat harbor and town that attracts summer tourists. But occasionally, quite occasionally, if that’s a phrase, there’s an unexpected murder. Without a dedicated police force, the locals look to Anna to solve crimes. She’s not entirely sure how she landed the role of amateur sleuth but she takes her side job seriously.

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Author: Comley, M A
Traditional Detective Mysteries

Wrong Place

Danger lurks in tranquil surroundings…

The local church graveyard holds many secrets.

Dozens of people are searching for the truth.

With the body count rising, it’s not long before DI Sally Parker’s fears are realised… there is a serial killer on her patch.

Sally is a confident person but someone from her recent past threatens her new-found confidence with a harsh plan.

Can Sally overcome the obstacles fate has placed in her path to track down a brazen killer who is intent to derail the investigation at every opportunity?

Beneath the Cut (affiliate link)

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Author: Hamill, Ike

In the near future, confessions and evidence won’t be required to convict a criminal. A suspect’s own memories will be Imaged to prove their guilt.

Abel Dayan is in an impossible situation. A despicable child murderer has been captured and Abel has to defend him. Only Abel realizes that there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Join Abel as the case twists and turns. Stand over his shoulder to see what squirms Beneath the Cut.

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Author: Carey, Lee
Crime Action Fiction
Bobby Harris has lost a lot. His leg to a shark was one thing, but when he lost his pregnant wife at the hands of a sick killer, he had to do something. As a Virginia Beach homicide detective, Bobby quickly realized the NC officers were dragging their feet. The time came to investigate, on the sly. Bound and fueled by love and anger the young man leaves the beach, heading for the thin line.
This multifaceted story takes you from Virginia Beach down the coast to Wilmington, NC and into the middle of North Carolina.
Fast-paced, filled with colorful characters, and ‘edge-of-your-seat’ reading.
The sequel featuring Bobby Harris is “Dawn’s Death” set in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach.
Thank you for spending your time with my first of ten novels. Keep smilin’…

Stay Buried (affiliate link)

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Author: Grant, Nina
Crime Thrillers

When Robin was ten, her big sister vanished and was later found dead, burnt beyond recognition in the basement of a drug house. But the death didn’t make sense. If her sister overdosed—the only theory police considered after finding that needle—then who set the fire?

Fast forward twenty years.

Robin is a mess, bouncing from one dead-end job to the next while obsessing over her sister’s murder—she must solve a crime no one else thinks exists—and frantically trying to save her own daughter from a similar fate. She’s angry, injured, and falling apart. Worse, her investigation has stalled. Her last hope of uncovering the truth is a prostitute named Lisa who worked the streets with her sister. If only Robin could find her …

Dr. Lisa Hayes has it all: a handsome millionaire husband, a darling set of twin girls, a wildly successful psychiatry career, and a gated estate in the countryside. She also has a secret—the kind of big, ugly secret that will burn her world down if it ever gets out.

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Author: Chatterji MBA, Vish
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Learn how to drive success and balance through adopting the principles of the world’s oldest and most successful fitness regime: Yoga.

Yoga has long been embraced by the Western world for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits—combining lifestyle philosophy and rewarding physical exercise with socio-economic practices for internal and external strength, focus, and calm. As yoga has found a home in mainstream society, its frameworks and techniques are proving increasingly relevant to leadership demands of the modern business world.

This practical guidebook provides accessible methods for using yoga and Ayurveda as a means to fully unlock the creativity and leadership potential required to achieve career success, while simultaneously finding inner harmony and overall well-being. The authors—a successful California technology entrepreneur turned executive coach and a world-renowned Himalayan yofa master with a PhD—have created a real-world approach to establishing a lasting balanced lifestyle without the need for any prior yoga experience. In this illuminating book, they leverage their understating of the priorities of the busy modern professional to present a simple and accessible system for changing your life through yoga.

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Author: Henley, Darren, Jackson, Sam, Lihoreau, Tim
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Classical Music
What are the greatest pieces of classical music ever composed? Every music lover has a favorite, whether it is one that moves you to joy or tears, that makes itself heard with marching refrains or delicately rises with soft flutes. The Classic FM Hall of Fame is proud to present the richness and beauty of classical music for aficionados everywhere. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the popular Hall of Fame countdown, Classic FM have updated this edition with a new countdown—distilling the charts from the past 20 years into one beautifully produced book containing the 300 greatest pieces of classical music of all time. It is full of specially commissioned illustrations, biographies of the leading composers, recommended recordings, and of course stories for the 300 pieces themselves.
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Author: Lee, Jennifer Tyler, Patel M.D., M.S.P.H., Anisha
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Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking

Less sugar in every meal.

Would you feed your child a candy bar for breakfast? Of course not. And yet today our children routinely consume three times the recommended daily allowance of added sugar, which puts them at an unprecedented risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess weight, and even nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Half the Sugar, All the Love is here to help, with 100 doctor-approved recipes that cut the sugar (by half—or more!) without sacrificing the flavors our families love. It’s an eye-opening education, a program of healthy eating, and a cookbook chock-full of easy, delicious recipes all in one. Pass the breakfast bars!

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Author: Lachey, Vanessa, Gachman, Dina
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Seasonal Cooking

From the television host, actress, and mother of three, a fabulous collection of season-by-season recipes, holiday hacks, birthday rituals, and date night ideas for creating wonderful family celebrations and cherished memories.

Television personality Vanessa Lachey is a dedicated mom of three, a supportive wife to singer Nick Lachey, and someone who freely shares her “perfectly imperfect” home and family life. But like many people, Vanessa didn’t come from a family whose traditions were passed down from generation to generation. Her mom left when she was nine, and when she began her own family, Vanessa had to rely on her own imagination to create celebrations and milestone markers that would become annual rituals.

In Life from Scratch, Vanessa shares personal stories, ideas, delicious recipes, and parenting tips you can use to make your own celebrations unique and unforgettable. Inside you’ll discover the simple gift-giving custom Vanessa shares with her best girlfriends each year; the date-night tradition that she and Nick swear by; and her fool-proof recipe for “authentic” Chicken Adobo she serves to family and friends.

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Author: Chen, Emily
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Pottery & Ceramic Craft

Start making beautiful art with this step-by-step guide to making trinkets, animals, plants, and more using this fun, easy, and kiln-free craft.

Polymer Clay for Beginners introduces artists, art hobbyists, and polymer clay enthusiasts to the versatile, accessible polymer clay medium. Because polymer clay does not require the use of a kiln and needs only baking in the oven, it is an easy, approachable art form for even the most inexperienced artist to learn, as well as kids, families, teachers, and anyone else looking for a fun, boredom-busting hobby or craft.

Professional artist and owner of Cat Bear Express, Emily Chen, demonstrates how to make adorable animal figurines, flowers, cookies, cakes, beads, and more through easy step-by-step projects. Each project features colorful, styled photographs demonstrating how finished pieces can be used, displayed, and gifted. A comprehensive tools and materials section and detailed information on techniques, baking, and glazing guide artists in their quest to become polymer clay pros.

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Author: MacLean, Norman
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Biographies & Memoirs of Authors

Selected works and incidental writings by the celebrated author of A River Runs Through It, plus excerpts from a 1986 interview.

In his eighty-seven years, Norman Maclean played many parts: fisherman, logger, firefighter, scholar, teacher. But it was a role he took up late in life, that of writer, that won him enduring fame and critical acclaim—as well as the devotion of readers worldwide. Though the 1976 collection A River Runs Through It and Other Stories was the only book Maclean published in his lifetime, it was an unexpected success, and the moving family tragedy of the title novella—based largely on Maclean’s memories of his childhood home in Montana—has proved to be one of the most enduring American stories ever written.

The Norman Maclean Reader is a wonderful addition to Maclean’s celebrated oeuvre. Bringing together previously unpublished materials with incidental writings and selections from his more famous works, the Reader will serve as the perfect introduction for readers new to Maclean, while offering longtime fans new insight into his life and career.

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