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Author: Johnson, Elana
Sweet Contemporary Romance

He’s waiting for a promotion to come through. She’s back in her hometown after a humiliating break-up. Can Tony and Cat make their second chance stick this time?

Anthony Herrin has never wanted to live in Hawthorne Harbor. He’s followed his older brothers into public service, but he’s anxious to get back into the Forest Service. He’s waiting for his final interview to be scheduled, so running into his high school and college girlfriend at the top of one of their favorite hikes…not in his plans.

The Forest Service separated Catherine Magleby from Tony once before, and while their hikes and mutual love of the outdoors begins to heal the wounds from her recent relationship failure, Cat’s not sure she should just follow Tony wherever he’s going.

She’s got a gypsy spirit too, and she’s not keen to stay in the small town where she grew up, but her heart is in no condition to be broken again.

Will Tony and Cat be able to work past the obstacles keeping them apart to find their off-beat brand of happily-ever-after?

Newton’s Cradle (affiliate link)

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Author: Valdin, Robert
He stumbles upon his boss’s secret project. Jeopardizing the American way of life, and his own. Los Angeles, summer. Terence Whitfield and his boss Duncan Riley feel the heat in more ways than one. They need to close a deal that could improve the energy industry and save their company. Fortunately, the deal is set. Unfortunately, Terence is blackmailed into infiltrating Riley’s safe, where he finds an intriguing file: Newton’s Cradle. The file describes a revolutionary technology that would replace fossil fuel with clean, free energy. Given the enormous implications, a backstabbing, no-holds-bar battle intensifies. As it turns out, Terence has opened Pandora’s box. In order to stop New Energy from getting into the wrong hands, he will now have to fight for his life.
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Author: Moody, McMillian
Humorous Christian Fiction

Loveable and eccentric Erlene Markham stars as the feisty senior adult from the popular Elmo Jenkins novels. Readers will enjoy following Erlene’s point of view as she takes on the stuffy new administrator at the Ackerman ALF where she resides. Ms. Merryweather Succop may be highly qualified to get the ALF out of the red, but she’s sorely lacking in the TLC department. As the two head-strong ladies brace for the inevitable showdown, Erlene calls in Elmo and Father Ted for reinforcement.

Who will survive this epic throw down?

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Author: O’Connor, Shannon
Fake Relationship Romantic Comedy

Two Best friends. One Summer wedding. & a Fake relationship that doesn’t go to plan.

Someone should’ve told me pretending to date your best friend only works if you aren’t in love with them.

Kennedy Davis is not in love with her best friend. That’s what she tells every girl she dates anyway, but it always ends up the same.

Sienna Stevens is in love with her best friend, but she’s too afraid to admit it. A hopeless romantic who hopes her best friend might one day see her as more.

When Kennedy must return home for her brother’s wedding it only makes sense to bring her best friend along. But Kennedys fears of returning home give Sienna a chance for Kennedy to see her as more—by being her fake girlfriend.

So when the line between friends and more gets blurred with Sienna, will Kennedy finally see what everyone’s been telling her all along and confess her true feelings? Or will she hide how she feels to keep their friendship?

After all, a fake relationship only for the summer, can’t hurt right?

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Author: McNulty, Patrick
Pulp Thrillers

Danny Devlin is coming. Pray he’s on your side.
Merrick, a sadistic mercenary at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, has been captured. But he has a secret…he’s kidnapped Ruby Sinclair, the daughter of Senator Sinclair, and has buried her alive in the mountains of Wyoming.

With time running out and a blizzard moving in, Merrick strikes a deal to escape the death penalty, on the grounds that Ruby is returned alive.

Soon Danny Devlin, ex-special forces turned local wilderness guide, and two lawmen are following Merrick into the storm, up the mountain and directly into a trap…

Will a deal with the devil save the girl or doom them all?

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Author: Lustbader, Eric Van
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Espionage Thrillers

Facing down mercenaries in Africa, Jason Bourne witnesses the death of an art dealer named Tracy Atherton. Her killing dredges up snatches of Bourne’s impaired memory, in particular the murder of a young woman on Bali who entrusted him with a strangely engraved ring-an artifact of such powerful significance that people have killed to obtain it. Now he’s determined to find the ring’s owner and purpose. But Bourne never knows what terrible acts he’ll discover he committed when he digs into the past.

The trail will lead him through layers of conspiracy to a vicious Russian mercenary, Leonid Arkadin, who was also a graduate of the Central Intelligence training program Treadstone. A covert course designed to create ruthless assassins for C.I., it was shuttered by Congress for corruption. Yet before it was dismantled, it produced Bourne and Arkadin, giving them equal skills, equal force, and equal cunning.

As Bourne’s destiny circles closer to Arkadin’s, it becomes clear that the eventual collision of these men is not of their own making. Someone else has been watching and manipulating them. Someone who wants to know, Who is the more deadly agent?

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Author: Weil, Raymond L.
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Space Marine Science Fiction

Can Earth save the Human Empire?

The Confederation consists of the seven oldest races in known space. They control a vast section of the galaxy. All races in that part of the galaxy are subjects of the Confederation and forced to obey the Confederation’s laws.

The Human Empire is well aware of the Confederation and has been careful not to intrude upon Confederation space. However, now the Confederation has decided the Human Empire has grown too large and needs to be brought under control of the seven races.

Warfleets are dispatched, and soon massive space battles erupt throughout the Empire. Can the Humans survive or is the time of the Empire over?

Bama Boys Books 1-3 (affiliate link)

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Author: Lane, Kaci
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Sweet Romantic Comedy

Bianca Manderson will do anything to prove her worth as heir to Manderson Money Management. Even grin and bear it when her dad sends her well off the beaten path to Apple Cart, Alabama, to meet with a couple of men at a hunting lodge and discuss expanding their outdoors store into the southeast.

As if staying in the backwoods with no phone service weren’t enough to push her over the edge, there’s Jack, the “smoking hot hillbilly” who owns the lodge.

An Atlanta businesswoman is a true fish out of water when she’s forced to share a space with a “hot hillbilly” and two quirky old deer hunters.

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Author: Cardello, Ruth
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Billionaire Romance

Single mom Heather Ellis would do anything for her adopted daughter, Ava. Even post an online reward for anyone who found the girl’s lost stuffed animal. Who’d have guessed it’d be returned by a drop-dead-sexy man with such sadness in his eyes that she had to reach out to him? To Ava, he’s a hero. To Heather, he’s a fantasy that puts at risk the happy life she’s made for herself.

It’s been five years since billionaire developer Sebastian Romano lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident. Now he’s all business. No room for emotion. Until he stumbles across that damn stuffed wolf and the beautiful single mother looking for it. Is he ready to give love a second chance?

But there’s more to Sebastian, his family, and his past than Heather knows. More than even Sebastian knows. Will the life they’re building together be challenged when the truth is finally revealed?

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Author: Newhart, Bob
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Humor Essays

The first book ever from an icon of American comedy — a hilarious combination of stories from his career and observations about life

That stammer. Those basset-hound eyes. That bone-dry wit. There has never been another comedian like Bob Newhart. His comedy albums, movies, and two hit television series have made him a national treasure and placed him firmly in the pantheon of comedy legends. Who else has a drinking game named after him And now, at last, Newhart puts his brilliant and hysterical world view on paper.

Never a punch-line comic, always more of a storyteller, he tells anecdotes from throughout his life and career, including his beginnings as an accountant and the groundbreaking success of his comedy albums and The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, which gave him fifteen years on primetime television. And he also gives his wry, comedic twist to a multitude of topics, including golf, drinking, and family holidays.

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Author: Varon, Jamie
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Motivational Growth & Spirituality

Too many of us are waiting for our lives to begin, putting our happiness on layaway for some future version where it all lines up, when we’ve accomplished it all, when we have the perfect career, bodies, partners, and when our lives finally feel “good enough.” But what is good enough? Who gets to decide? And when do we ever reach it?

Jamie takes a sharp, incisive look at the industries that are constantly telling us to do more, be more, and keep striving, pushing, and hustling—and shows you how to radically opt out of societal conditioning.

We’ve learned to be terrified of contentment, thinking it will lead us to complacency. Yet, being content in a world that profits off our dissatisfaction is not complacency. It’s revolutionary.

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