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Author: Reid, Penny
Contemporary Romance

Winnifred Gobaldi and Byron Visser are not best friends.

Yes, they’ve known each other for years, but they’re not even friendly. Winnie considers them more like casual, distant acquaintances who find each other barely tolerable, especially when he’s being condescending (which is all the time).

The truth is, they have nothing in common. She’s a public school science teacher with stars in her eyes, and he’s a pretentious, joyless double PhD turned world-famous bestselling fiction author. She loves sharing her passion for promulgating women in STEM careers and building community via social media, and he eschews all socialization, virtual or otherwise. She’s looking for a side hustle to help pay down a mountain of student debt, and his financial portfolio is the stuff of fiduciary wet dreams. So why are they faking a #bestfriend relationship for millions of online spectators?

When a simple case of tit-for-tat trends between nonfriends leads to a wholly unexpected kind of pretend, nothing is simple. Sometimes, it takes a public audience to reveal the truth of private feelings, and rarely—very rarely—you should believe what you see online.

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Author: DADY, K.T.
Romantic Comedy
Starlight Cottage: Anna Cooper and Jake Reynolds both live at a luxury London building. The only difference is that Jake lives in the penthouse, and Anna lives in a tent on the roof. When Jake finds out, he offers Anna a chance of a new life in his grandmother’s childhood home in Pepper Bay, and she decides to take the opportunity to see if she really can make a fresh start somewhere else. The beauty of Pepper Bay, with its quaint shops, chocolate box cottages, and all of Jake’s closest friends, immediately fills Anna’s heart with nothing but love, and it isn’t just Starlight Cottage that she finds herself falling in love with.
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Author: Day, Alyssa
Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

When an Atlantean warrior and a British cat burglar both try to steal the same jewel from the Tower of London on the same night, the sparks will fly. When a power-mad vampire gets to the jewel first, they have to team up to save all shapeshifters … and the world.

A warrior’s mission, a woman’s desire…

What could Christophe, powerful Warrior of Poseidon, have in common with Fiona Campbell, prim and proper Scottish illustrator of fairytales by day and notorious jewel thief known as the Scarlet Ninja by night? Answer: The Siren, a legendary Crown Jewel that Fiona has targeted for her next heist. It’s said to be worth millions, but to Christophe it’s invaluable. For the Siren also happens to be one of the missing jewels from Poseidon’s trident.

And the unnatural evil that could destroy them both.

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Author: George, Renee
Cozy Mystery

When cougar-shifter Lily Mason moves to Moonrise, Missouri, she wishes for only three things from the town and its human population. . . to find a job, to find a place to live, and to live as a human, not a therianthrope.
Lily gets more than she bargains for when a rescue pit bull named Smooshie rescues her from an oncoming car, and it’s love at first sight. Thanks to Smooshie, Lily’s first two wishes are granted by Parker Knowles, the owner of the Pit Bull Rescue center, who offers her a job at the shelter and the room over his garage for rent.

Lily’s new life as an integrator is threatened when Smooshie finds Katherine Kapersky, the local church choir leader and head of the town council, dead in the field behind the rescue center. Unfortunately, there are more suspects than mourners for the elderly town leader. Can Lily keep her less-than-human status under wraps? Or will the killer, who has pulled off a nearly Pit Perfect murder, expose her to keep Lily and her dog from digging up the truth?

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Author: Jackson, Joi
African American Romance

After a failed engagement, London Lewis is back in her childhood home living with her father and his new evil cat. She’s working at her cousin’s company, a firm devoted to investigating online mates and weeding out the catfish, and has just been promoted to a position where she will deal directly with clients. Her first client, Donovan Willis, is convinced his grandmother’s new love is a catfish out to scam her.

Donovan Willis knows his grandmother has a secret new love. Who is this man that has her checking her phone all the time and what does he want from her? Determined to get to the truth, he hires Expose and meets London. She intrigues him but she also exposes family secrets that are better left buried.

They are instantly attracted to each other but shouldn’t cross that investigator/client line, should they?

Last Circle of Love: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Landvik, Lorna
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Friendship Fiction

Newly installed at All Souls Lutheran, Mallory “Pastor Pete” Peterson soon realizes that her church isn’t merely going through turbulent waters, but is a sinking ship. With the help of five loyal members of the Naomi Circle, the young, bold minister brainstorms fundraising ideas. They all agree that the usual recipe book won’t add much to the parish coffers, but maybe one with all the ingredients on how to heat up relationships rather than casseroles will…

Pastor Pete has her doubts about the project, but it turns out the group of postmenopausal women has a lot to say on the subject of romance. While Charlene, the youngest member at fifty-two, struggles with the assignment, baker-extraordinaire Marlys, elegantly bohemian Bunny, I’m-always-right Velda, and ebullient Edie take up their contributions enthusiastically. After all, their book is really about cooking up love in all its forms.

But not everyone in the congregation is on board with this “scandalous” project. As the voices of opposition grow louder, Pastor Pete and these intrepid women will have to decide how hard they’re willing to fight for this book and the powerful stories within—stories of discovery, softened hearts, and changed lives.

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Author: Hanna, Rachel
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Romantic Comedy

It seems like she’s always the bridesmaid…

…and she’s just trying to do her sister a favor.

He’s trying to start over in a new town, and they don’t like each other one bit. But, when he steps in to save her unexpectedly, they both start to regret it.

She’s used to being an in-charge attorney, and he’s a Southern guy through and through. When she has to rely on him to save her self respect, will they be able to work together?

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Author: Dalgliesh, J M
Regularly $2.99, Today $1.49
Hard-Boiled Mysteries

The public face. A private reality. Sometimes, the dead have a lot to hide…

DI Nathaniel Caslin’s life is a mess. He works the minimum, abuses substances to survive the day and drinks his nights away. A once-promising career is in freefall. Investigating the death of an ex-serviceman in police custody, reveals the disappearance of a young family. No-one noticed. No-one seems to care.

In the grip of a bitter, Yorkshire winter, a family home reluctantly offers up its grisly secrets. Out on the moors, a murder scene of horrific brutality demands Caslin’s focused attention. In the search for answers, is anyone who they claim to be? Haunted by the ghosts of the past, Caslin is pushed to his limits. Will this case break him or be his path to redemption?

Big Lake (affiliate link)

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Author: Russell, Nick
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Crime Thrillers
When an armored car hijacking leaves two men dead, Arizona Sheriff Jim Weber takes the crime personally, because one of the dead men is his brother-in-law. His hunt for the killers leads him into a world of sordid sex, deceit, and violence, with a suspect list that includes jilted women, a family of anti-government survivalists, and the beautiful wife of the richest man in town.
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Author: Newfield, Miranda
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Romantic Comedy

I loved this book! Forever a fan!
It’s like a Modern Scottish Pride and Prejudice!

Housesitter for Cavendish House, an expansive medieval manor in the Highlands of Scotland. Must love country living and have maintenance skills. Decent pay for right applicant.

Sounds spectacular, doesn’t it? Sadly, what the ad should’ve said was –

Idiot willing to live in abject misery for two months in the middle of nowhere Scotland. Must love ten-year-old dust bunnies, complete isolation, and have the courage to weather the nightly visits of the Blue Lady – the resident ghost. Great job for the right sucker!

And even that couldn’t prepare me for the Cavendish heir, Branson Douglas. Branson is infuriating! Stubborn, smug, and worst of all, infuriatingly handsome. My god, that smile! Branson doesn’t want me around and makes no secret of it, but there’s one thing I have that might help him save Cavendish House from the auction block – I’m a force of nature with a hammer. Now, it’ll take us both working together, day in and day out to get it done. If only I can keep from falling for the handsome bastard between now and then.

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Author: Terry, Alana
Regularly $9.99, Today $4.99
Christian Mystery & Suspense

Deep in the heart of Alaska, there’s more to fear than just the cold …

Real faith meets real suspense in these 3 thrilling novels you can’t put down!

Find out why Christian fiction readers are racing headfirst into the depths of rural Alaska, where unforgettable characters face unimaginable dangers. These believers will risk everything to save the ones they love:

A woman hiding from the fatal mistakes of her past. A sister rescuing her autistic little brother from the clutches of danger. A mother confronting the demons in her past to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

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