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Author: Shelton, Connie
Cozy Culinary Mystery

A small mural painted inside a closet in the abandoned house provides clues and Sam is caught up in Beau’s investigation. A fortune in artwork, a bogus will, and a wooden box that seems to give Sam powers she never dreamed she possessed— it all adds up to a dynamic paranormal romantic mystery.

Then, there is all that chocolate! Sam’s real goal in life is to use her elegant baking skills to open her own pastry shop, Sweet’s Sweets. She’s gaining quite the reputation as a baker with a magical touch, but a few obstacles stand in her way. Her grown daughter shows up on her doorstep—jobless and homeless; her bank account is at an all-time low; and trying to work from the tiny cramped kitchen in her home is becoming impossible. Somehow, Sam copes and she finds that her dreams might just have a chance of coming true.

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Author: Burkhart, Joely Sue
Paranormal Vampire Romance

A Vampire Queen’s Secret Baby

I awoke in a pile of garbage in a dark alley with no memory of what happened to me or even who I am. All I know is my name, Karmen. By the vicious scars on my body, I’ve been through hell and lived to tell about it. Barely.

In the hospital, my memory slowly beings to return. Something is after me. It’s not safe. I have to get away. But I don’t know who to trust. Certainly not the man who left me in the alley. He smelled like a wolf. Or the doctor, who asks me if I’m even human.

Then the doctor drops a bombshell. I’m pregnant. And I have no idea who the father is.

Only that his monsters hunt me in the burning light of day.

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Author: Berry, Linda
Occult Suspense

When a young Native American woman is murdered, a shock wave rips through the peaceful town of Garnerville, Oregon.
Police Chief Sidney Becker, a highly skilled detective, won’t rest until the killer is in custody. She learns from tribal members that the victim had been releasing animals trapped by poachers. A poacher who caught her destroying his traps threatened to skin her alive.

Sidney believes nine-year-old Tegan knows the killer’s identity. Blinded by lightning when he was six, Tegan has a heightened sense of smell and hearing. He often meets a ghostly man in the woods to conduct secret activities, which may have gotten the woman killed.

Spooked, Tegan flees into a snowstorm. Sidney’s search party becomes alarmed when they discover the tracks of a lone rider trailing the boy. The horseman needs to be apprehended—fast—before he silences Sidney’s only witness.

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Author: Brown, Cathryn
Sweet Small Town Romance

She’s a city girl. She may be in for a change.
Bella’s a Nashville wedding dress designer who loves city life. But her business is in trouble she accidentally made worse. There’s one option to save it and that involves her . . . and a small town.

Micah enjoys living in tiny Two Hearts, Tennessee, but his grandfather wants him in Nashville and has offered him two choices—get married quickly or join the family law firm. By agreeing, Micah helps his family, and receives part of his inheritance.

Bella and Micah strike a deal to get married . . . by Monday.

Falling in love isn’t even an option. This marriage is a temporary solution for both of them.

Then why won’t their hearts stay out of it?

These Lost & Broken Things (affiliate link)

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Author: Fields, Helen
Historical Fiction

Girl. Mother. Assassin.
How dangerous is a woman with nothing left to lose?

The year is 1905. London is a playground for the rich and a death trap for the poor. When Sofia Logan’s husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her penniless with two young children, she knows she will do anything to keep them from the workhouse. But can she bring herself to murder? Even if she has done it before…

Emmet Vinsant, wealthy industrialist, offers Sofia a job in one of his gaming houses. He knows more about Sofia’s past than he has revealed. Brought up as part of a travelling fair, she’s an expert at counting cards and spotting cheats, and Vinsant puts her talents to good use. His demands on her grow until she finds herself with blood on her hands.

Set against the backdrop of the Suffragette protests, with industry changing the face of the city but disease still rampant, and poverty the greatest threat of all, every decision you make is life or death. Either yours or someone else’s.

The Decadents (affiliate link)

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Author: Schmidt, M.C.

Humorous Dark Comedy
Phil Ochs has his troubles. His adult son is a failed artist who’s targeting him in a terroristic poetry campaign, his wife has developed an addiction to As Seen On TV gadgets, and a professional rival is poaching managers from his seventeen Fry Buddy fast food franchises.

Worst of all, Phil is a southern conservative who shares a name with a famous liberal folksinger. It’s this lifelong association, he believes, that’s denied him the respect he’s always craved. Who could take him seriously, after all, when his name evokes thoughts of that radical hippie tree-hugger?

When he loses a coveted business award to a producer of testicular implants for neutered pets, Phil is finally through being disrespected. He devises a scheme that’s certain to bring him notoriety. Whether that means becoming a figure of admiration or of national hatred will all depend on how well he conceals the more depraved elements of his plan.

BENEATH (affiliate link)

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Author: Miller, Maureen A.
Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

It was Stella Gullaksen’s final break before starting her freshman year at college. Joining her best friend, Jill, and Jill’s family aboard the STARKISSED, Stella wakes to a violent storm that capsizes the boat over a hundred miles off the New Jersey shore.

As the waves haul her under Stella knows that she is going to die. Instead, an unusual current drags her deep into the underwater canyons of the Atlantic Ocean. Powerless against the raging waters, she is suddenly sucked into a ventilated cave. One by one, Jill and her family also emerge into the sunken cavern.

With only a faulty diving flashlight to keep oblivion at bay Stella and her best friend’s brother, Colin, search the cave in hope of finding a way back to the surface. What they discover, however, is that they are not alone. There are other survivors in this subterranean grotto–survivors spanning decades of maritime disasters.

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Author: Kenner, J.
Military Romance

Charismatic. Confident. Powerful. Controlling.

A brilliant investor with a Midas touch, Devlin Saint turned a modest inherited fortune into billions, and now operates one of the world’s foremost international philanthropic organizations. He’s a man determined to help the underprivileged, to fight injustice, and to make the world a better place. And that, at least is true.

It’s not, however, the full truth.

Because Devlin Saint is a man with a dangerous secret. One he’ll do whatever it takes to protect. And when investigative reporter Ellie Holmes turns her attention to an unsolved murder, she finds herself caught in a web of intrigue and passion as Devlin draws her closer and closer. But as the intensity and sensuality of their relationship grows, so do Ellie’s suspicions. Until she is no longer certain if the heat between her and Devlin is real, or only a facade he constructed to hide his dark and twisted secrets.

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Author: Cabot, Annie
Contemporary Romance

High-school sweethearts Daniel and Maggie Wheeler live an idyllic and picture-perfect life in the suburbs of Boston. Daniel works at a prestigious investment firm in the city, and Maggie has been his devoted and supportive wife for over thirty years. They have five children, two boys, and three girls, and are the envy of all their friends. Everything about the Wheeler home seems full of joy and love just as long as no one looks too closely. When Daniel makes an announcement that Maggie never anticipated, her world is turned upside down.

With her faith in everything she has ever known completely shattered, Maggie is forced to look within to understand how she ended up where she is. When an unplanned trip to visit her friend on Captiva Island, Florida presents, she decides to use that time to come to terms with her new reality. It will take all her courage to forge a new life for herself and her family.

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Author: Maples, Erin Lark
Cozy Animal Mystery

Elizabeth Blau upended her life in the city to move to the Middle of Nowhere and start over. She reconnects with her estranged brother and begins her new life. First, Elizabeth lands a great job, then a date, and her luck seems to change for the better. But when the man’s body is found mangled in a ravine, the murder rocks the small town as fault descends upon the Blau Family.

Frustrated with the pace of local law enforcement, Elizabeth investigates loose threads among the ranchers. But when she starts to dig into the past, she gets a warning: folks don’t like outsiders poking around, and someone is on a mission to scare her out of town.

With friends becoming enemies in a landscape forged for hiding true intentions, Elizabeth must unravel the accumulating evidence to name the murderer. After one attempt on her life, if she can’t organize the proof in time, she will be the next target.

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Author: Hemmings, John
Private Investigator Mysteries
JENNY GARCIA HAS RETURNED TO BOSTON from a vacation overseas, little knowing that her suitcase contains a valuable haul of illicit drugs hidden inside… When the bag is stolen from her at the airport, Boston investigator Mark Kane is given the difficult job of retrieving the suitcase and finding out who is responsible for putting Jenny in such terrible danger. But when the two men who could have provided the answers are found dead, Kane has his work cut out for him. As Lucy stumbles upon a vital piece of evidence the case suddenly takes a new turn. Has Kane been looking in all the wrong places? And when a kidnapping puts the whole investigation on a different footing he needs to call on all his experience and cunning to save the victim from harm and bring the culprits to justice. On the domestic front, Lucy persists in her so far unsuccessful efforts to get Kane to agree to let her work from home. Lucy’s motto is ‘persistence pays off’ so it’s probably only a matter of time. In the meantime, at least he could arrange for something to boost the cell phone signal in the office, couldn’t he…?

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