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Author: Blake, Lani
Small Town Romance

Dr Jake McBride loves two things in life. His people, and chicken cheesy-crust pies. Returning from Iraq, he’s done with medicine and strangers… in fact life. He knows all about trauma, and plans on dealing with his, his own way. His needs are simple, solitude and working on his new career as the town recluse. The only problem with that… well two actually, are the interfering towns folk of Lake Howling, and Branna O’Donnell. He’s damn sure that her return means nothing to him… until it does!

His first mistake was kissing her. His second was doing it again.

Branna O’Donnell is burnt out and needs a place to stop running. Strange how that place is back where she’d once been happy. Settling in to small town life again comes with complications and the biggest has a serious attitude. Once the town golden boy, Jake McBride now wears a permanent snarl, not that anyone but her seems to notice the sexy doctor has changed.

Reasonable Doubt 1 (affiliate link)

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Author: G., Whitney
Romantic Erotica

One dinner. One night. No repeats.

As a high profile lawyer, I don’t have time to waste on relationships, so I fulfill my needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women I meet online.

My rules are simple: This is only casual sex. Nothing more. Nothing less.

At least it was, until “Alyssa”…

She was supposed to be a 27 year old lawyer, a book hoarder, and completely unattractive. She was supposed to be someone I shared law advice with late at night, someone I could trust with details of my weekly escapades.

But then she came into my firm for an interview–a college-intern interview, and everything changed …

The Steps We Take (affiliate link)

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Author: Garbin, Vanessa
Psychological Suspense

A mother will do anything to keep her family safe

Maeve’s daughter, Mila, was a happy teenager until the bullying started.

But the very day Mila fights back, one of her tormentors goes missing.

With Mila under suspicion and gossip raving, Maeve decides to trace her daughter’s missing classmate.

But the more she probes, the more everyone around her seems to have something to hide – even her step-son and partner at home.

And when Mila secretly starts texting with someone offering a way out, Maeve will have to act fast to keep her out of danger and her family together.

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Author: Quinlan, Bria, Quinn, Caitie
Romantic Comedy

Hailey Tate thought she was worth more than a straight flush. Apparently not. When camera-shy author Hailey Tate’s agent loses a bet and brokers a deal, it leaves Hailey in the last place she wants to be: backed into the corner of Publicity and Paparazzi. Now, thanks to her girl-next-door image and role as pretend girlfriend to a womanizing shortstop, she’s getting the attention she always managed to avoid.

Connor Ryan is not only America’s Sexiest Athlete, he’s also the current Bad Boy of Baseball. But when he goes a base too far, management wants to bench him…permanently. One thing he never counted on? Falling for his sweet, fake girlfriend. He’s the guy who can catch anything and now she’s next on his list

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Author: Waltz, Jade
Genetic Engineering Science Fiction

A failed human prototype. That’s all she is…

Born and raised as an experiment, Selena’s life has been filled with torture, betrayal, and distrust… but one night changes everything.

Sold, attacked, and on the run, Selena is picked up by a colony ship. Struggling to find her place on this ship and trying to understand the draw she feels toward two alien males, her already uncertain life becomes downright unimaginable when she learns new life is growing inside her.

Terrified her captors will find her and take her and her children back to a life of horror and captivity, she must learn to trust her saviors, and herself.

With the help of her two mates, Selena will fight for her freedom—or die trying.

Arcane Mercenaries: Captain (affiliate link)

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Author: August, Mark
Epic Fantasy

Magic ignited a war. Grant Gwydian fought to save humanity—and himself.

Grant has been leading his band of mercenaries into the heart of battles for years, thriving on impossible missions for the highest bidder. But there’s a secret to his success: Grant is a StarTouched mage, and his band of Arcane Mercenaries comprises some of the most powerful wizards from every nation.

But when a siege threatens to become a deadly clash of arms, Grant’s promise to bring his soldiers home faces its ultimate test in the fires of battle. Negotiations falter, and assassination and kidnapping mar the ceasefire. Grant’s hand-picked team of Touched warriors races across enemy territory to rescue the royal heiress. Betrayal, political agendas, and ancient enemies dog his frantic quest. Can he overcome the odds and save not only his soldiers but the fate of an empire?

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Author: Ziglar, Zig
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Self-Esteem Self-Help

“The Master of Motivation,” Zig Ziglar has been described as “one of America’s icons,” “the salesman’s salesman,” and “a legacy that will forever impact our history.” Helping people to achieve long-term balanced success based on his philosophy of character, attitude, and skills, he has impacted more than a quarter billion people and continues to make a difference in the lives of those who act on his philosophy.

This Way Up! is “Zig Ziglar’s Original Classic on Breakthrough Achievement.” It is the course that preceded See You At The Top—-which is his international bestseller (almost two million copies sold) that made him famous. This Way Up! is considered Zig’s “lost” manuscript.

This never before released classic title is known only by Zig’s total devotees. It is the foundational material that Zig developed when he first began his career. It is “Zig Unplugged,” incredibly dynamic and “on fire” as a new young superstar. Zig deals with goals, attitude, discipline, and self-image to help you move from survival to stability, from stability to success, and from success to significance.

Pygmalion (affiliate link)

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Author: Shaw, George Bernard
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Classic Literary Fiction

One of George Bernard Shaw’s best-known plays, Pygmalion is based on ancient Greek mythology. Pygmalion fell in love with one of his sculptures, which then came to life. The general idea of that myth was a popular subject for Victorian era British playwrights.

Shaw’s updated and revised version of this ancient Greek legend was first presented in England in 1914. Poking fun of the antiquated British class system, it introduces Henry Higgins, a professor of speech and phonetics who takes on a bet that he can transform a bedraggled, cockney flower seller, Eliza Doolittle, into a refined young lady simply by polishing her manners and changing the way she speaks. Their dynamic personalities clash, and the play follows their antics as Higgins imparts his knowledge to a stubborn Eliza, who’s happy to learn but reluctant to leave her old ways behind. In the process of convincing society that his creation is a mysterious royal figure, a duchess, Professor Higgins falls in love with his elegant handiwork.

Calling WPC Crockford (affiliate link)

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Author: D’Alessandro, Ruth
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Biographies & Memoirs of Women

In the early 1950s, the Berkshire Constabulary finally opened its ranks to more women. And WPC Crockford was one of those early pioneers…

When 21-year-old Gwendoline Crockford signed up to join the Berkshire Constabulary in 1951, she had little idea of what she was getting herself into. Whether carrying a human skeleton out of the woods, finding a missing child, investigating thefts, or chasing an escaped zebra, every day brought fresh adventures.
In this nostalgic, tender and honest account of post-war British society, we follow a bright, determined woman navigating a man’s world, serving as many people as she can. From performing traffic duties to unravelling a dark secret at the heart of an impoverished family, WPC Crockford’s career was full of joy, thrills – and heartbreak.
Written by her daughter Ruth, this is the story of a real-life woman police constable as she embarks on her police career.

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Author: Crombie, Lynsey
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Cleaning, Caretaking & Relocating How-to

What if you could always have a sparkling clean and organized home by just spending 15 minutes per day on your housework? The 15-Minute Clean will teach you how to do just that.

Cleaning has never been easier than with TV’s Queen of Clean, Lynsey Crombie, and her guide to your new daily cleaning routine. No more mess, no more hours of chores on the weekend – just one 15-minute session per day that you will power through in a flash – leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day. Once you adopt your daily 15-Minute Clean, you’ll never look back.

  • Create your own quick and easy daily routine
  • Declutter and organise your home without a fuss
  • Create more time for loved ones
  • Soothe your soul with a tidy and calming environment
  • Never spend a weekend on chores again
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Author: Goldstein, Ellen
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Cooking, Food & Wine Reference

This pocket-sized handbook to all things beer is the perfect gift for the homebrewer, craft beer lover, or anyone who appreciates a good pint.

From classic craft beers to trendy microbrews, beer is booming nationwide. Whether you prefer light lagers or hearty stouts, you’ll find lots to drink in on the pages of this pocket-sized guide, packed with information, how-tos, and trivia for beer enthusiasts of all stripes. Seasoned craft-brew connoisseurs and newbie beer drinkers alike will learn almost everything there is to know about the world’s most beloved beverage, including:

• How to Taste Beer Like a Pro
• How to Store Beer
• How to Pair Beer with Food
• How to Host a Tasting
• How to Drink Local
• And more!

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Author: Hansen, Mark Victor
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Self-Esteem Self-Help
You have extraordinary possibilities hidden inside you! Let each of them excite you at the fiber of your being. Those possibilities, ideas, hunches, inklings, and inner nudges are called dreams…
All types of dreams:
To create wealth, health, happiness and outstanding relationships
For yourself, your family and others
Falling in love, marrying and living happily ever after
Creating your own company
Pursuing a superior education
Being a visionary leader
Gaining respect, fame, and fortune
And more!
In this powerful, life-changing book from Mark Victor Hansen, discover the proven concepts, powerful skills, easy-to-use techniques and step-by-step action items needed to define your dreams and live them—whatever they are!

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