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Author: Verge, Lisa Ann
Historical Romances
Struggling to survive on the streets of Paris, Genevieve agrees to a dangerous masquerade: She switches places with a King’s Girl, a young noblewoman about to be shipped to the colonies.
It’s a risky venture with a high price—once overseas, Genny must marry a stranger….
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Author: Starbuck, Helen
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Revenge. Hate. Fear. Not exactly traditional wedding gifts. But when convicted killer Ian Patterson escapes from prison, operating room nurse Annie Collins and fiancé assistant district attorney Angel Cisneros are forced to face these realities head on. The wedding plans are in motion with Angel’s mother laser focused on micromanaging her first-born’s wedding into the event of the century. But when events begin to unravel, including the mysterious disappearance of the priest, questions and fears begin to rise. Where is Ian Patterson? Will his quest for revenge toward the two people responsible for sending him to prison—Annie Collins and Angel Cisneros—bring them face to face to settle this once and for all? In this suspenseful continuation of Annie and Angel’s saga, everything will come into question. When it comes to wedding vows and murder, how far would you go for someone you love?
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Author: Hart, Craig A., Varengo, S.J.
Adventure Thriller

When Maxwell Barnes, treasure hunter extraordinaire, and his best friend Axel Morales set out on a mission for their shadowy benefactor, they never could have imagined the dangerous journey they were about to embark on.

In the heart of the Guatemalan jungle, they hear whispers of the legendary Ahrum, the last great city of the Maya, and the Crystal of Ahrum, said to have the power to restore an empire.

But as Max delves deeper into the truth behind the city’s downfall, he encounters a mysterious Mayan skateboard punk with a shocking story to tell, a gorgeous Spanish beauty with hidden motives, and a villainous foe who will stop at nothing to claim the crystal’s power.

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Author: McFarlin, Courtney
Cozy Animal Mysteries

She’s found an unlikely consultant to help solve the crime. But this speaking pet might just prove purr-fect…
Hannah Murphy yearns for a real news story. But after a strange migraine results in an unexpected ability to talk to her cat, she must keep the kitty-communication skills a secret if she wants to advance from fluff pieces to covering felonies. And when she literally trips over a slain body, she’s shocked her feline companion is the best partner to crack the case.

Convinced she’s finally got her big break, Hannah quickly runs afoul of a handsome detective and his poor opinion of interfering reporters. And when she discovers the victim’s penchant for embezzlement and fraud, she may need more than a furry friend and a cantankerous cop to avoid ending up in the obits.

Can Hannah catch a killer before her career and her life are dead and buried?

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Author: Vaughn, Orson
Parenting Morals & Responsibility

Send your child to college regardless of what your paycheck says.
Surveys have consistently found that saving for a child’s college education is the top money concern for parents in the US, with over 70% saying they’re worried about being able to pay for their child’s education.

Tuition fees are rising year after year, and for many parents, this makes the prospect even more daunting.

So should you just give up and invest in your child’s present rather than their future?

The short answer is no–there’s really no need.

Saving for your child’s college education is a process that’s distinctly different from saving for any other purpose, and it’s never too early to start.

Begin now, whether your child is a teen, an infant, or hasn’t even been born yet, and you can ensure that they have access to the education you want for them.

The New Spanish Cookbook (affiliate link)

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Latin American Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Latin Recipes You Will Learn:
Cuban Mushroom Skillet
Authentic Bean Soup
Isabella’s Mojo
Bistec Frito (Fried Steaks)
Cuban Fritters
Corn and Black Bean Dip
Burgers Brasileiro
Chimichurri Route-66
Fish with Tropical Mango Chimichurri
American-Mesa Chimichurri
Chimichurri Havana
6-Ingredient Steak with Mock Chimichurri
Roasted Peppermint Roast
Eliza’s Chimichurri
Buenos Aires Brisket
Habanero Rice
Feijoada II (Full Black Bean Stew)
Brasileiro Flank
Lime Glazed Sirloin
Goya Recaito and Seafood Stew
Caramelized Bananas
Spanish Rice Fritters
Mushroom Strogonoff South American
Much, much more!
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Author: Whitney, Lucinda
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Clean & Wholesome Romance

She’s a princess doubting the rules of royalty. He’s the bodyguard tasked with keeping her in line. Will a relationship destroy both of their goals?

Princess Emma Somerset struggles to find purpose and fulfillment in her life. With her brother and cousins all married and in their new roles, she’s the only one left at the palace. When Queen Nicolette, her aunt, asks Emma to undertake a trip to the north as a good-will ambassador, she agrees, despite her lack of experience.

Ryan Sterling is a new protection officer for the royal house of Durham. He has aspirations for a high-profile assignment, but when Princess Emma’s long-time female bodyguard is injured a week before departure, he’s called to replace her. Now he’s stuck babysitting a spoiled princess instead of proving his worth to advance his career.

After floods strand Emma and Ryan in the remote countryside during the trip, their fledgling friendship slowly turns into something more. But is a new relationship between them doomed to fail when they return to the palace?

Homecoming (affiliate link)

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Author: Ashdown, Isabel
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International Mystery & Crime

Welcome to The Starlings… sun, sea and neighbours to die for.

Security, a sparkling sea view and the best kind of neighbours – The Starlings gated community has it all. Here, doors are left open, children run free, and at the heart of it all is the entrepreneurial Gold Family, who first dreamed up this aspirational vision of ‘Dorset’s Safest Community’. To the outside world the popular family appears glitteringly blessed… until an idyllic party takes a dark turn and one of their number is found slumped at the foot of the clocktower. Who knows what really happened? And what answers are harboured within the old building, the former Highcap Mother and Baby Home?’

The Italian Holiday (affiliate link)

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Author: Springfield, Victoria
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Holiday Romance

Sun, sea and spaghetti…

Italy was Bluebell’s dream destination, but taking her granny’s place on the Loving and Knitting magazine competition holiday she’d won wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind. For one thing she didn’t knit and for the other…well being single probably discounted her from the love category too. But a free holiday is a free holiday and it’s the perfect escape from her lacklustre life.

Michela didn’t think she’d be returning home to Italy so soon, a new job at her cousin’s restaurant on the harbour of Positano was a dream gig, miles away from the grey London clouds. This time though, she vowed not to fall into old habits, Stefano was the past and now her future in her old hometown beckoned.

But under the Italian skies a whole host of possibilities await and maybe happy-ever-after is just a plane-ride away…

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Author: Dorn, L. R.
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Psychological Thrillers

Ambition. Passion. Betrayal. Murder?

Claire Griffith has it all, a thriving career, a gorgeous boyfriend, glamorous friends. She always knew she was destined for more than the life her conservative parents preached to her. Arriving in Los Angeles flat broke, she has risen to become a popular fitness coach and social media influencer. Having rebranded herself as Cleo Ray, she stands at the threshold of realizing her biggest dreams.

One summer day, Cleo and a woman named Beck Alden set off in a canoe on a serene mountain lake. An hour later, Beck is found dead in the water and Cleo is missing. Authorities suspect foul play, and news of Cleo’s involvement goes viral. Who was Beck? An infatuated follower? Were she and Cleo friends or lovers? Was Beck’s death an accident . . . or murder?

Cruel Deeds (affiliate link)

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Author: Kirwan, Catherine
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Legal Thrillers


Finn Fitzpatrick and Mandy Breslin work at the same law firm but move in very different circles. Mandy is a member of the privileged senior partners’ clique. Finn keeps to herself.

When Mandy’s body is found at an abandoned house, everyone at the firm is left reeling – but the partners move fast. If Mandy was involved in something that got her killed, they want to be the first to know.

As Finn investigates Mandy’s work, she finds herself drawn deeper into her dead colleague’s life, and soon discovers that Mandy wasn’t the only one with secrets. Will uncovering this web of lies put Finn at risk too? And who can she turn to when she can’t trust anyone?

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