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Falling in a Small Town (affiliate link)

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Author: Boniface, Allie
Contemporary Romance

Second chances, surprise soulmates, and love that blooms later in life…

This boxed set of small town romances brings you a charming collection of sweet and steamy contemporary love stories. From rugged mountains to picturesque islands, from tough-guy heroes guarding their wounded hearts to the feisty heroines who take their breath away, you’ll fall for these stand-alone stories that each start one of Allie Boniface’s popular small town series:

Because of You (Drake Isle)
Skipping a Beat (Doctors of Silver Valley)
Second Chance Summer (Whispering Pines)
The Promise of Paradise (Hometown Heroes)

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Author: Turner, Neil
Legal Thrillers

A father. A son. A murder.

Meet Tony Valenti. His high-flying corporate law career just cratered. His society marriage blew up in a bitter divorce. He’s returned to the Chicago suburbs to lick his wounds and regroup in the haven of the Valenti family home. But time to heal isn’t in the cards.

Tony’s elderly father inexplicably shoots a sheriff’s deputy on their front porch. Nobody knows why, and Papa isn’t talking. Then their house becomes an unlikely target for condemnation and expropriation by corrupt local officials and their cronies.

With money and hope dwindling, Tony steps up to defend his father and take on city hall, and quickly finds himself in peril when he unearths sinister connections between the cases. The audacity of the plot against them fuels a gritty determination to get to the bottom of what really happened—regardless of the risks and ultimate cost to himself. To win, Tony must earn his father’s trust and outwit his wily opponents.

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Author: Merritt, R S
Dystopian Science Fiction

It comes in waves.

It’s already too late for most of us. Walking around with bio-bombs ticking away in our bloodstreams. Bombs that are synchronized to go off together. Before you know it you’re diving into the deep end of depravity. A pool of insanity you’re never coming back from. Surfacing once or twice to witness the horrors you’ve caused before your soul takes a deep breath and disappears forever.

It’s not natural.

The infections occurring simultaneously across the globe prove it’s not a freak phenomena. Someone is behind the pandemic that’s turning people into insane cannibals. Who’d benefit from so much death and chaos though? The humanity of whatever group pulled the trigger on this madness is seriously up for debate.

There’s No Vaccine

Chris watches as the world around him falls apart. Bitten by a loved one he hovers in a feverish state for weeks. His recovery carefully observed by a group that considers itself above humanity. A group that sees people as prey. Chris becomes a pawn in the war to determine the future of mankind. Follow him as he evolves from being a frazzled twenty something college educated mama’s boy into something more. Hopefully it’s enough.

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Author: McSporran, Jack
Conspiracy Thrillers

Venice. The Mafia. A drug deal gone wrong.

When a British covert intelligence agency learns of an impending drug deal between the Venetian mafia and one of the UK’s most notorious importers, agent Maggie Black is sent to stop it.

Under the alias of an American drug lord, Maggie must infiltrate the crime family and stop their product from reaching British soil. A feat that gets more complicated when her colleague and old flame Leon is sent along with her.

Maggie is soon thrust into the middle of a vicious war that spans generations. As blood is spilled and the scent of death lingers across the lagoons, a failed mission becomes the least of her worries. Because someone has a score to settle and they won’t let Maggie stand in their way…

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Author: Isaly, Dana
Action & Adventure Erotica
My family hired someone to kill me. One day I was the sole inheritor of my family’s fortune. The next I was diving out my bedroom window, leaving everything behind. I’ve been hiding for years, successfully outrunning my demons. I was getting by, making a life of my own. Until the Triad came for me. Dangerous. Wealthy. Corrupt. The Triad run this city. And they think I’m the key to getting my family out of their way. The plan is to exchange me for a truce. But if I go back, I’m as good as dead. Convincing them to keep me is my only chance of survival. They have no clue just how valuable I can be. I am so much more than they bargained for.

The Peacekeeper: A Thriller (affiliate link)

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Author: Kohn, Maor
Espionage Thrillers

Who is attacking infrastructure facilities in Israel, Dubai, and Egypt?
Who stole millions from banks around the Middle East, and for what purpose?
Who leads millions of `freedom fighters` worldwide?
Who is behind the dreaded “doomsday” scenario?
Who is The Assyrian?

ISA agent and criminologist Yael Lavie has seen more than enough death and suffering throughout her illustrious career. But after losing her husband in a bomb attack, her work takes on a much deeper, personal meaning.

When she is called to investigate a series of cybersecurity attacks that leave numerous governments exposed, Yael’s instincts immediately take over. Everything leads her back to one man – The Assyrian.
The Assyrian is a shadow, moving undetected from one place to another, wreaking havoc and political turmoil in his wake.

The Great Movies IV (affiliate link)

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Author: Ebert, Roger
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Movie & Video Guides & Reviews

Over more than four decades, Roger Ebert built a reputation writing reviews for the Chicago Sun-Times and, later, arguing onscreen with rival Chicago Tribune critic Gene Siskel, and later Richard Roeper, about the movies they loved and loathed. But Ebert’s wisdom went well beyond a mere thumbs up or thumbs down.

The Great Movies IV is the fourth and final collection of Roger Ebert’s essays, comprising sixty-two reviews of films ranging from the silent era to the recent past. From films like The Cabinet of Caligari and Viridiana that have been considered canonical for decades, to movies only recently recognized as masterpieces, to Superman, The Big Lebowski, and Pink Floyd: The Wall, the pieces gathered here demonstrate the critical acumen seen in Ebert’s daily reviews and the more reflective and wide-ranging considerations that the longer format allowed him to offer.

A Bad Boy Stole My Bra (affiliate link)

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Author: Price, Lauren
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Young Adult Humorous Fiction

Imagine waking up in the dead of night to find your hot new neighbour dangling out of your window. What’s more, he’s clutching your tattiest bra in his hand.

What. The. Actual. Fudge.

When bad boy Alec Wilde moves in next door to Riley, sparks fly. After their ‘unconventional’ introduction, Riley is determined to get her own back. A nemesis is just the distraction she needs: inside, she’s barely holding it together. It’s game on.

But behind the banter, there’s a side to Alec that Riley actually likes. How can she get through to the real him when she can’t even take herself seriously?

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Author: Bikers, Hairy
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Mediterranean Cooking

The Hairy Bikers are on their bikes again, searching out the very best recipes from around the world. This time, they’re discovering the most delicious food from our favourite Mediterranean countries.

Including recipes from their prime time BBC Two cookery show, THE HAIRY BIKERS’ MEDITERRANEAN ADVENTURE celebrates the culinary delights of France, Spain and Italy.

With more of us understanding the health benefits of a Med diet, these hearty and healthy dishes are a taste of the very best holiday memories. Fresh, classic, easy and seasonal, enjoy our favourite Med recipes with the nation’s favourite cooking duo!

Steelheart (affiliate link)

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Author: Dietz, William C.
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Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Years ago, when humans and androids crash landed onto the planet Zuul, whatever remained of their society quickly succumbed to the ravages of earthquakes and a never-ending winter from volcanic dust clouds. As humans and machines scavenged to stay alive, they also faced the Zid, an alien race that abhors all technology with religious fervor. Add to that the Mothri–giant, bug-like aliens with brilliant minds and their own nanotechnology–and it is no longer simply the planet’s geological upheaval that proves volatile.

War between the races looms. Will Doon, tired and reluctant, rise to lead the fight? Can humans harness technology to save the planet, itself, before the Zid arrive? And, what secrets does Doon carry inside of him that might help them all?

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Author: Schlueter, Heather
Regularly $17.98, Today $2.99
Special Cooking Appliances

A cookbook for the Instant Pot® Mini owner—with recipes perfectly sized to fit this small machine and authorized by Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot® Mini has the same features as the #1 selling multicooker—at a compact size that’s just right for smaller families, couples, and singles. But how should home cooks convert recipes for this little machine? Reducing the recipes by half does not work; this cookbook will! Custom-made for the mini model, it features 100 recipes plus authorized operating basics for new owners. The delicious dishes range from French toast and homemade yogurt to Quinoa Pilaf, White Chicken Chili, and Mongolian Beef, to cheesecake and brownies. It’s amazing what this one pot will do!

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