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Author: Johnson, Elana
Sweet Romance & Women’s Friendship

Beatrice Callahan loves lists. Sometimes she even makes a to-do list of things she’s already done, just to go check, check, check and feel accomplished. So it’s easy to understand why, when her divorce is finally final and her ex is all moved out, Bea takes a cool, close look at her life…and makes a list.

It’s not exactly a bucket list.

It’s a love list.

Bea loves the outdoors, so she puts visit 10 National Parks on the list.

She loves animals, and on goes get a puppy.

She loves the beach, and she adds take a dream vacation to the list, and decides to do that one first. After all she’s been through and all she’s lost, she needs time to relax, rest, and reset.

On the first day she arrives in Hilton Head Island, she meets Grant Turner, the man whose house she’s renting for her fabulous beach vacation. He’s just there to make sure she settles in properly and has enough towels.

But when Bea asks for recommendations around the island, Grant quickly becomes her tour guide and then a friend and then…more than friends.

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Author: Steel, Cindy
Romantic Comedy

My best friend’s older brother is back in town.

Do I care? Not one bit. Logan may have been my childhood crush, but I’ve always been little Tessa to him. Not to mention, he’s turned into a shallow flirt and I’m not looking to get played again.

What’s the problem, you ask? (Besides all the flirting.)

Thanks to a scheming mutual friend, Logan and I find ourselves embroiled in a bet of absurd proportions. Now, instead of ignoring Logan and keeping my heart safely locked away, we have a date every Saturday night and a kiss looming on the horizon.

And the line between us is getting… muddy.

As long as Logan stays the shallow flirt, I’ll be fine. My heart is safe from the player. It’s the man underneath giving me a run for my money.

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Author: Claire, Nicola
Cozy Mystery

When Big Wig moves to the beach, Big Trouble comes with him.

Doubtless Bay’s resident private investigator has a dilemma on her hands. With the arrival of a new detective in her small, beachside town, Summer O’Dare has a decision to make: Let him think she’s merely a little kooky or open up the doors to her skeleton-harbouring closet and invite him in.

Trust, though, has to be earned. And Detective Douche is walking on the wrong side of that equation. Three days in and he’s already dating the realtor next door; Summer’s high school nemesis.

Add in a missing biker, a murdered man, stolen intellectual property, and the surfer staying in her spare bedroom, and Summer’s summer looks like it might heat up to scorching.

Just as well she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve. And a penchant for donuts. But will the detective welcome them? The tricks, not the donuts. Or will he think Summer strange like everyone else does?

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Author: Brower, Eden
Humorous Fiction
Karen and Gina had the perfect friendship. Until the night Karen clicked on a YouTube video and went spiraling down a rabbit hole of evil pizza and delicious hamberders. Will their friendship survive the coming storm? Or will it dissolve like 17 cakes left out in the rain?
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Chinese Cooking
Here is a Preview of the Chinese Takeout Recipes You Will Learn:
Chicken Lo Mein
Orange Chicken and Broccoli II
Beef and Broccoli I
Authentic Fried Rice
Pepper Steak
Authentic Fried Rice III
Sweet and Sour Eggplant
Kung Pao Chicken
Ma Po Tofu
Japanese Miso Soup
Peking Fried Rice
House Fried Rice
Hibachi Fried Rice
Egg Foo Yung
Fried Chicken Wings
Taiwanese Corn Soup
Easy Egg and Pea Soup
Hot and Spicy Soup
Chi Tan T’ang (Egg Drop Soup)
Sweet and Spicy Tofu Soup
Easy Wonton Soup
Alternative Egg Drop Soup
Egg Rolls
Steamed Buns
Crab Rangoon
Pad Thai Noodles
Much, much more!

Claws (affiliate link)

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Author: Sides, Ricky
Dystopian Science Fiction
Alcorn Pet Food Corporation is working with an experimental cat food laced with hormones and appetite enhancers. The special food causes cats to add muscle, gain weight, and exhibit extremely aggressive behavior. When an employee threatens to expose the pet food as a threat to public safety, she finds herself out of work, her home ransacked, and all her carefully gathered proof missing. Meanwhile, animal rights activists release the cats involved in the testing because they are scheduled to be euthanized.
These bigger, stronger, and more aggressive animals begin to prey on small game in the area. Then the ravenous cats turn their attention to people. Lovers, runners, hunters, dogs, deer, rabbits, normal cats, and even motorists begin to fall victim to the predations of these enhanced felines. An unemployed scientist, a small special ops team, a grieving father, a chief of security, and a homeless veteran join forces to try to prevent a catastrophe. When a murderer steals the secret formula that created the menace and sells it to eight foreign enemies of the United States, the stakes suddenly get a lot higher, because the most deadly biological weapon ever created has just been released.
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Author: Spodek, Esther Yin-ling
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Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

A summer party and a thunderstorm bring relationships into focus, as three women must decide how to move forward in this humorous and dramatic tale of intersecting lives.

Eleanor is bored with her two sons and a husband who ignores her when she reconnects with Phil, a man she knew in high school. Phil’s wife is leaving him because of his philandering, most recently with the younger Sarayu. Eleanor’s friend Kaye doesn’t approve of Phil, but she has her own problems: too much drinking and a fraught relationship with her husband and daughter, who are building a boat together.

Poignant and acutely observed, We Have Everything Before Us is unsparing yet sympathetic as it details the unsettling junction of illusions and reality.

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Author: Browning, Stephen
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British & Irish Literature
You may have been introduced to the magic of the greatest of English detectives by reading the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or perhaps watching some of the hundreds of films or TV shows that feature the extraordinary adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson – now, this unique book offers a detailed itinerary for actually ‘walking’ Sherlock Holmes. Beginning, of course, at Baker Street a series of walks takes in the well-known, as well as some of the more obscure, locations of London as travelled by Holmes and Watson and a gallery of unforgettable characters in the stories. Details of each location and the story in which it features are given along with other items of interest – associated literary and historical information, social history, and events in Conan Doyle’s life. A chapter then explores Holmes’ adventures in the rest of the UK. 55 black and white original photographs accompany the text.
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Author: Beckmann, Dan
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Humor & Entertainment

A rollicking collection of uproariously funny, improbably true stories by a man who believes living life to the fullest makes life unbelievably fun.

Dan Beckmann appears to be an average guy living an average life—until you get him talking. In this extraordinary collection of remarkable tales, you’ll see that Dan finds adventure the way he finds friends—everywhere he goes, and under some of the most unexpected circumstances.

Through his witty, lighthearted, and entertaining tales, he reminds us that the best things in life are free, that a new adventure is always just around the corner—and that it’s never too late to laugh your way to the finish line.

M is for Mummy (affiliate link)

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Author: Cox, Katy
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Humorous Fiction
Heart-warming and hysterical, a musician Mum juggles the demands of family life, showbiz and autism. Perfect for fans of Why Mummy Drinks and The Unmumsy Mum, and TV shows such as The A Word and Atypical.Your family doesn’t fit the mould. So what?Since giving birth to her second child, Lucy’s life is totally unrecognisable: the romance in her marriage is officially dead and so is the career it took her years to build.Instead of playing the cello behind superstars at packed-out arenas, Lucy now spends most days mopping up broccoli vomit whilst listening to her four-year-old recite facts about the gallbladder. Something needs to change.With a little help from her friends, Lucy comes up with a plan to get her life on track, claw back her career and help her extraordinary son to find his place in an ordinary world.

How to Attract Good Luck (affiliate link)

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Author: Carr, Albert H. Z.
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Motivational Self-Help

Why do some people always seem to have good luck? Is it chance or can luck be learned?
This easy-to-read original classic edition with an afterword by historian and New Thought scholar Mitch Horowitz will teach you a workable, practical program for increasing luck in all areas of your life and show you that luck is not chance—it can be cultivated.

In How to Attract Good Luck, author A.H.Z. Carr shows you how to develop your character and choose the right opportunities available to all, but which most unthinkingly pass right by. Whether in your career or your relationships, this practical program will guide you to happiness and success as you adjust your mindset to living a life of good fortune.

You will learn:
To spot chance events that will bring luck
The personality traits that attract good luck
How to select lucky friends and acquaintances that bring good fortune
To read cycles of luck and take advantage of them
The way to attract lucky breaks and make the most of them
How to avoid bad luck
To place yourself in the path of fate
Immediate steps to increase your luck in all areas of life
How you can align your mind with patterns of behavior that attract luck

Wake Up and Live! (affiliate link)

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Author: Brande, Dorothea
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Born in Chicago, Dorothea Brande (1893-1948) was a widely respected journalist, lecturer, editor, fiction writer and writing instructor. Brande is widely known for her enduring guide to the creative process, Becoming a Writer, originally published in 1934 and still popular today. In 1936, Brande published an inspirational masterwork of practical psychology, Wake Up and Live! which she wrote during the Great Depression.

Wake Up and Live! opened the eyes of thousands of people to a whole new idea of living, as it taught them how to concentrate on the things that really matter. Her most successful book, with more than 34 printings and over 1 million copies sold, it was an inspiration and lesson to all that success is within reach of everyone.

For many years, Wake Up and Live!, with its simple and sound advice for personal excellence, rivaled the popularity of popular works such as Think and Grow Rich and How to Win Friends and Influence People. It is considered one of the greatest success guides ever written. Now, this beautifully designed classic of self-improvement, can help you revolutionize your existence and lead you to find the success you desire and so rightly deserve. In this remarkable work you will learn:
Why Do We Fail?
The Will to Fail
Victims of the Will to Fail
The Rewards of Failure
Righting the Direction
The System in Operation
Warnings and Qualifications
On Saving Breath
The Task of the Imagination

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