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Author: Vick, Jacqueline
Cozy Animal Mystery
A murdered woman, a frightened dog, and a fake pet psychic who is in for the surprise of her life.
Frankie Chandler is a charlatan. Though she promotes herself as a pet psychic, her profound revelations come from animal behavior books and her ability to interpret the owner’s body language. Then an appointment with a new client goes horribly wrong and leaves her with images of a woman’s murder. Images that came from her canine client. Images that match the description of a body discovered in the Arizona desert. Being a real pet psychic doesn’t come with a manual. Frankie’s overwhelmed by messages from every passing pooch and cranky cat. If she doesn’t figure out how to control her new ability, she’ll go mad. She’ll also miss additional clues that could help catch the killer, and catch the killer she must because the skeptical detective in charge of the case doesn’t believe she can communicate with the crime’s only witness. But the killer does, and Frankie must convince the frightened dog to reveal the whole story before it’s too late…for both of them.
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Author: De Maria, Lawrence
Private Investigator Mysteries
Private eye Alton Rhode has been shot by the Taliban, tortured by sadistic thugs, betrayed by a woman he loved, found people in witness protection and been poisoned by a serial killer. His best friend is a dapper mobster, and on more than one occasion he has found common ground with cold-blooded assassins whose codes of honor, though warped, merged with his. The police are often exasperated by his tactics (not to mention his sense of humor), but they trust his instincts.
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Author: Kazmierczak, Pamela
Breakfast Cooking

If you are looking for quick yet tasty recipes for breakfast, this might be the cookbook you have been searching for! Many people are looking for quick and easy recipes online and in books – this cookbook will cover recipes for tasty and delicious breakfast crepes – what a great way to start off your day!

Some Examples of the recipes include:

Banana Crepes
Caramel Crepes
Chocolate Crepes
Strawberry Crepes
Crepes Florentine
Fruit and Cream Crepes
Spinach Crepes
Lilac Cream Crepes
Salmon Crepes
Shrimp Crepes
Strawberry Mascarpone Crepes
Tiramisu Crepes
Zucchini Crepes
Chocolate Mint Crepes
Dark Chocolate Crepes
Lemon Crepes
Red Velvet Crepes
Vanilla Crepes

… and many more …

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Author: Taylor, Tanya R.
Supernatural Mysteries

Who murdered Glenda Risdal?

A professional woman with alarming intel on the upper echelons of society is found dead at the side of the road.

Dozens of potential suspects include: an Amish man, a mayor and the reverend of a mega church!
Will Lucille and Nilla be able to crack the case? And will their attempt to do so put their lives in jeopardy? Only time will tell if this is a job too big and too dangerous for one blind woman and her fearless, little Shih Tzu.

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Author: Anderson, Mamie
Craft & Hobby Stuffed Animals

Discover the world of Amigurumi and start creating adorable dolls for your friends & family!

Featuring step-by-step instructions, beginner-friendly advice, and tons of wonderful designs to try, this comprehensive guide to Amigurumi helps readers of all backgrounds learn to master this fun and rewarding Japanese art. Inside, you’ll join crochet expert and home crafts fanatic Mamie Anderson as she reveals the best ways to dive into the world of Amigurumi and start amazing your loved ones with cute and cuddly creations.

With handy tips & techniques to help you get started, how you can begin designing Amigurumi dolls on any budget, and all the fundamental knots and patterns to master, Amigurumi for Absolute Beginners arms you with the must-have knowledge to begin creating your very own dolls!

Forty Favours The Brave (affiliate link)

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Author: Carlaw & Wills, Lise & Sarah
Regularly $12.99, Today $1.99
How can I be nearing middle age when twenty-six feels like yesterday? After the craziness of my twenties and hard work of my thirties, what’s next? Who am I now that youth is behind me?
These were the questions Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills (aka ‘Those Two Girls’) asked themselves as they entered a milestone decade – their forties. And they’re not alone. The second phase of life can seem daunting. But it’s so much more than declining collagen, hormonal upheavals, and a supposed descent into invisibility. There is power in knowing who you are, ditching ‘nice’ for what’s important, and arriving at the stage in your life when you decide rather than ‘slide’.
In Forty Favours the Brave, Lise and Sarah, along with women from all walks of life, share insightful tales about entering their forties and beyond: the lessons learned, heartbreaks survived, things they wish they’d known, relationship changes, confidence gained … and the surprising, wondrous joy of life in its second act.
Brimming with wit, honesty and relatable ‘aha!’ moments, Forty Favours the Brave is the ultimate coming-of-age reading for any woman approaching (or in) her forties.
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Author: Jones, Ginger
Regularly $3.50, Today $1.99
Romantic Comedy

When it comes to love, its feta late than never . . .

Freya Butterly has always dreamed of being a Head Chef but despite running every service at the Mediterranean restaurant, she still doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. Craving adventure and a real taste of the Mediterranean, Freya takes matters into her own hands, ditching both her job and unsupportive boyfriend, she packs her bags for sunny Cyprus in pursuit of the prestigious Golden Spoon culinary award.

As one of the seven competitors, Freya is determined to clinch the trophy and rediscover her passion for food, but what she doesn’t expect to discover is Xanthos. As gorgeous as he is charming – he’s quite the dish. Freya is instantly attracted to him, but this trip was about Cypriot cuisine, not cypriot sausage (ahem, romance) and she knows she must not let Xanthos distract her from the competition.

The Pre-Loved Club (affiliate link)

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Author: Teddern, Sue
Regularly $11.99, Today $2.99
Romantic Comedy

Ned is in IKEA with his wife, Tanya, when she breaks the news that their marriage is over.

For Gemma, it’s when she opens the glove compartment of her husband’s car to find a pair of women’s sunglasses that aren’t hers.

When Ned and Gemma meet at a support group for single parents, they don’t exactly hit it off. Ned thinks Gemma is rude and unsympathetic; Gemma thinks Ned is entitled and self-pitying.

But as they’ve both learned from bitter experience, life is full of surprises. And maybe they have more in common than they think . . .

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Author: Nelson, Sue
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Aviation & Nautical Biographies & Memoirs
Wally Funk was among the Mercury 13, the first group of American pilots to complete NASA’s 1961 Women in Space program. Funk breezed through the rigorous physical and mental tests, her scores beating those of many of the male candidates—even John Glenn. Just one week before Funk was to enter the final phase of training, the entire program was abruptly cancelled. Politics and prejudice meant that none of the more-than-qualified women ever went to space. Undeterred, Funk went on to become one of America’s first female aviation inspectors and civilian flight instructors, though her dream of being an astronaut never dimmed.
In this offbeat odyssey, journalist and fellow space buff Sue Nelson travels with Wally Funk, now approaching her eightieth birthday, as she races to make her giant leap. Covering their travels across the United States and Europe—taking in NASA’s mission control in Houston and Spaceport America in New Mexico, where Funk’s ride to space awaits—this is a uniquely intimate and entertaining portrait of a true aviation trailblazer.
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Author: Blastland, Michael
Regularly $11.99, Today $2.99
Popular Applied Psychology
Why does one smoker die of lung cancer but another live to 100? The answer is “The Hidden Half”—those random, unknowable variables that mess up our attempts to comprehend the world. We humans are very clever creatures—but we’re idiots about how clever we really are. This entertaining and ingenious book reveals how in our quest to make the world more understandable, we lose sight of how unexplainable it often is. The result, from GDP figures to medicine, is that experts know a lot less than they think. Filled with compelling stories from economics, genetics, business, and science, The Hidden Half is a warning that an explanation which works in one arena may not work in another. Entertaining and provocative, it will change how you view the world.

Salvaging Love (Rescue Me) (affiliate link)

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Author: Ohlin, Sara
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Contemporary Romance

When a sexy veterinarian rescues a brooding attorney, the temperature rises…

Perfectly content saving animals at her clinic in a charming but run-down neighborhood, veterinarian Ellie Blevins slams into new landlord Jackson Kincaid, who plans to turn the local buildings into condos.

Hotshot defense attorney Jackson is intrigued by the feisty Ellie and gives her one month to convince him not to put his gentrification plans into progress. Attraction soon sizzles between them, but when Jackson makes his desires known, Ellie’s vulnerable heart doesn’t know what to think.

She wants to trust the sinfully handsome Jackson, just as he wants to gain her trust, but finding their way to love isn’t easy when her traumatic past and his criminal clients threaten to sabotage their relationship for good.

Can the enchanting veterinarian and the guarded attorney fight the ghosts of the past and build a new future?

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